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  1. Is there any particular settings I can look at in the ACP to improve the forums performance? or certain features that can be turned off?
  2. Was this posted in the correct section then? Because I've still not got a reply.
  3. All the self hosted packages (which we have been on since 2005) don't appear to have actual technical support available. The packages say: Further down the page it says: When I go to the client area it says our plan doesn't include email support, only the Community forum. But this isn't an issue regarding hosting. How do self hosted customers get technical support about the forum software?
  4. Thank you, are these easy to integrate into IPS?
  5. I find the drop down for the emoticons/emojis quite slow to load. I only have 6 custom ones, there's literally hundreds of default ones by IPB, can I reduce these? Is anyone else having a similar problem? It seems okay on here.
  6. The new topic info side bar in 4.5 that gives a summary of the topic is only displaying on some topics, is there a reason for this? Can I control it at all?
  7. Any help on this please? @Stuart Silvester 💕
  8. It also appears I can no longer make purchases off the marketplace with this other account now?
  9. Thanks. So can I just add this other account onto my licenced account then? And still purchase off the marketplace with the other account like before?
  10. Can I have the commission/fee enabled or different for one user group but not another?
  11. I have a separate account to which I use only to purchase plugins off the marketplace, can I still install these or access them with the account I have purchased/use IPS with?
  12. Hey @opentype, what are your plans with this and 4.5? Will it need any updates?
  13. When this is set to send a user a welcome PM, do they also get the usual e-mail notification of receiving the PM? I'm finding a lot of my new users aren't reading them, I've set it to 1hr after being successfully validated (so it feels more natural) any tips on improving the viewing response? Great plugin, thanks.
  14. I want to create a feed of latest articles from 2 databases in a block, I can see how to do this for one database, or even multiple forums but not for multiple databases. Does anyone know how?
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