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  1. Yes, you can purchase from invisiondomains.com, (it's a sister site), if you do, the name servers come preset also to ours for cloud accounts.
  2. Font awesome 5.0

    @Brian 🌮
  3. Font awesome 5.0

    There is no need to tag anyone really as we all read this feedback section regularly. From what I understand the changes needed for font awesome 5 are pretty large, too large to hold up 4.3, which is already in the stages of internal testing. Thank you
  4. I don't show you purchased this either, please clarify.
  5. Happy Holidays to you and you're family my friend!

    1. Rhett


      Thank you, and you too!  I hope you have a great Holiday Season!  

  6. Net Neutrality

    I stopped reading after 4 words, just an FYI
  7. Net Neutrality

    It's ok, I respect others opinions, I won't be blocking any highways or breaking windows though.
  8. Net Neutrality

    Rule #1, never trust the media or the government, I think that has been proven pretty well this last year.
  9. Net Neutrality

    That's the problem in today's world, people jump on a bandwagon without knowing the facts, join forces to protest, rant, cry, bitch and complain.... all without using common sense or learning about the issue at hand first hand. It's a fair bet that over 50% of the internet is filled with fallacies and untruths, people read these, get pissed, jump on a freeway and hold up traffic, just because they can. This is fueled by people like Bernie Sanders that is claiming doom and gloom, the world is coming to an end and we must stop this in the courts. If you are sharing my road, and you start taking more than you are paying for based on a gentleman's agreement to keep the road open and unrestricted to all, I'm going to ask you to pay your share of upkeep and maintenance. ISP's share costs in a carrier natural environment, when a small handful of people are filling up that highway, they need to step up and pay a fair portion. It's really that simple, it doesn't matter if this is netflix, or tomorrows next big thing, if you use a resource, you should pay for that resource. So if you allow ISP's do to this, and enforce them paying their share, or they will be limited on how many cars they can send down the highway, people are spinning that into having to pay to send a tweet, total nonsense.
  10. Net Neutrality

    This is more about (IPS's) providers owning the roads, and netflix and others are filling them up with heavy traffic for their customers, they are wanting to charge those road hogs a fair price for filling up the roads. In that sense, this is proper and fair, you won't see any impact personally on your end, other than higher costs from netflix and other "road hogs" that will increase their pricing to pay their fair share. Which netflix did yesterday, in sending out a price increase notice to all customers. Forums in comparison would be like a peanut with wheels, meaning there is nothing to worry about. nobody is going to throttle your forum or any other site for that matter, they will ensure they pay a fair price for what they use though on the highway. If they don't, that's on them and the service they provide and how they do business. There is a lot of bad info on this out there, people freaking about throttling a normal business webpage or forum for example, that's not going to happen and not what this is about. It's an ISP thing and about covering the costs of infrastructure on the highway they all provide and share.
  11. Bitcoin Support for Commerce

    Sell any bitcoins now that you may have before it pops...
  12. Bitcoin Support for Commerce

    It would be a decimal value, example, 140.00 would equal 0.00859188 BTC with a value of $15,669.45 per BTC
  13. FTP Clients

  14. FTP Clients

    Do not reply, Do not pass go, until you have done the above.
  15. FTP Clients

    You're overthinking it, boot to safe mode, be sure it's uninstalled, and if so, delete the folder. = done.