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  1. Rhett

    @Admin @Moderators

    This isn't currently a feature I'm afraid.
  2. Rhett

    Discord Integration

    No, see above.
  3. Rhett

    4.3 Search Changes

    There isn't any new requirements from 4.x to 4.3. You can use the same test script of you are on an older 3.x version still though
  4. You can't I'm afraid.
  5. You could set your outgoing email address to noreply@yourdomain.com or edit the email template and remove the content of the message reply. Most users would not want to expose their email address to anyone that messages them though.
  6. Rhett

    Xenforo 2x to latest IPB?

    We don't have an ETA for the final release, the beta version should be available soon though.
  7. Rhett

    New Self Hosted Site Questions

    Yes that would be fine
  8. I'm afraid there isn't a method to test the converter with a demo, a demo is a temporary site to test/demo the core software and features, you cannot perform a conversion on a demo though. Since you are referring to moving to a cloud package, we will have to assist you in the conversion process and import your old database for you in order for you to process the conversion. I can ensure you it works fine though, and no real need to test, we do these very often in our cloud. If you would like to proceed, please submit a sales ticket here, refer to this ticket and ask them to assign this to me and I will handle this for you personally and get you set up with the proper cloud account and set up the conversion process for you. Thank you
  9. Yes, you would simply set the forum settings for that forum section, to allow users to only see their topics, then admins and the users who posted the topic can see and reply to the topic. Our test section is setup like this here for you to play around with if needed https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/forum/15-test-posting-messages/
  10. Rhett

    IPS in the Cloud storage

    You're very welcome, just reach out if needed as needed and we can assist too! Thank you
  11. Rhett

    IPS in the Cloud storage

    No problem at all, "S3" is referring to an AWS S3 bucket, which is used to store data, in our cloud packages, we use this internally, and included with the cloud packages, you are allowed the quota of disk space per plan for your total storage. At this time there aren't any pending increases currently. You can, however, setup your own S3 Bucket under your own AWS account to add more storage if needed, then set up a second file storage location to use, and move any items needed, attachments, gallery images, etc, to use your own S3 in order to increase your storage options. The AWS system and our file storage options are very flexible for this. Here is a guide of needed, and we are also available in a support ticket if needed
  12. Rhett

    IPS in the Cloud storage

    What would you like an update on? You can use the built-in cloud storage options and the quota's with each plan, you can also add your own storage options of another personal S3 account to the storage configurations, then move any items you would like to your own S3 storage, this allows you unlimited storage on your own S3. Please clarify