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  1. To clarify how this works, the ACP live search only returns a value for a keyword if we enter it, it's not searching in this case, but locating the tags we set in the acp. If you feel we should add more, please provide a list of tags, and the urls you would like to see them go to, we can review these and add some more as needed. It's a difficult item to keep updated as everyone thinks a little differently, and some often get missed when new items are added. Thank you
  2. This topic was from 2011 and about 100+ versions ago, nothing here would apply to anything today. You can post a new topic if needed with any questions you may have for the current version.
  3. It has always worked with IPS, and works now too. Google auto ads isn't very good at this point no matter what software you use though.
  4. Just in case you didn't notice, users can hover over the time to get the exact date and time to display if needed.
  5. We do not support nor should you ever edit a core file. So it cannot be done following the rules in stock form as noted in your ticket.
  6. Glad to help and it was a pleasure working with you on this as well. Enjoy the site!
  7. Intel from Q1 2018 - approx 450 todays price - rating of approx 15000 on benchmark testing. AMD from Q2 2013, approx 45 todays price - rating of 9000 on benchmark testing. Clear winner is the Intel.
  8. Just build it, this has run it's course!
  9. Since you have posted this topic, they have introduced two new generations of processors, so if you keep pondering, you may as well wait for the 10th gen from Intel. You're better off making a decision, sticking with it, taking this long to make a decision is causing you to be pondering outdated hardware. 🤣 Keep in mind that each generation of processor will require different memory, motherboard etc. 🤪
  10. You just need to give it a few minutes to complete the install and setup is all. 🙂
  11. Please submit a support ticket on your account, thank you
  12. Here is the old support topic for it, longer ago than I thought, 2012.
  13. There was a third party item for this a while back, it died I think, google authenticator has pretty much taken over the top spot and is fully supported.
  14. It really is already, and you can limit access via admin restrictions to only allow the support system as needed to admins/staff.
  15. Please keep this topic on topic for support only for this item, any ranting or complaining should be taken to private message, please.
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