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  1. If you run the support tool in the admincp > system > support, there should be a patch available for this issue.
  2. Yes it was a big change, and no there isn't an ETA at this time I'm afraid.
  3. You can run the support tool and apply the latest patch to remove this error on facebook/instagram embeds. Due to some large changes on their end, facebook/instagram embed no longer work at this time. The patch will prevent any errors and post the link as a normal link for now. We hope to revisit this in feature with facebook/Instagram in a future version.
  4. Your site is up and running without issue currently, if you are having any issues please response to the support request you have, we have replied with no response from you at this point. Thank you
  5. MariaDB is the preferred solution, and default on many Linux distros for the last few years, no issues at all, nothing to worry about.
  6. To clarify you have two licenses that showing on your account, one is self hosted and one in our cloud, sorry for any confusion, but those files do not exist in the cloud site as Brandon mentioned.
  7. Via FTP or a hosting side control panel normally has a file manager as well you can use.
  8. If you have uninstalled the app, then delete the folder for it also. /applications/fbfinfusionsoft/
  9. This ^ mysqldump and restore via SSH is the only way I would recommend! (outside of a 20MB database, if it's that small phpmyadmin works fine)
  10. I have brought this up internally for further review, I can't promise anything at this point, but it's being considered for a future version. Thank you for all of your feedback on this item.
  11. Because, as with most things, there is much more to the picture that users don't see or understand, we have to ensure image processing software can handle these extensions, and often case build in support for them. It's not as simple as saying allow xwz etc.
  12. Our team is working on this, I don't have an exact ETA at this point, but we will update any info we have as soon as we have it. I would refrain from the "lying in your face" comments though, that isn't very nice, nor appreciated. p.s. you shouldn't have a blue banner on your site, if you are not up to date, then please upgrade! 😛 Edit/Add > the best estimate we have right now on this being approved is 3-4 weeks or sooner, sooner being the goal! 🙂
  13. If a users selects to run the support tool, then proceed in the support tool to create a ticket, and selects the option to create a temp admin account for support access.
  14. Hello, this account should not exist for more than a few hours up to 48 hours, so it shouldn't be an issue. If you are using this account as an access account for support and leaving the account on your site, then you can use an email address of your own perhaps if needed. We used to use our support email, however our ticket system would get flooded with notifications from many many sites, so this is why this has changed. You can also create an admin account in your site, add those details to our client area, then if you are using the support tool, select the option not to create that temp account.
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