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  1. You just need to give it a few minutes to complete the install and setup is all. 🙂
  2. Please submit a support ticket on your account, thank you
  3. Here is the old support topic for it, longer ago than I thought, 2012.
  4. There was a third party item for this a while back, it died I think, google authenticator has pretty much taken over the top spot and is fully supported.
  5. It really is already, and you can limit access via admin restrictions to only allow the support system as needed to admins/staff.
  6. Please keep this topic on topic for support only for this item, any ranting or complaining should be taken to private message, please.
  7. Yes, if you take USA only, IOS is still the leader.
  8. I'm an Apple guy myself, but global stats do show Android/Google with a 75% marketshare.
  9. If you see this, then you are on the cloud, and it's best to use our mail services we have setup for just this, and it's free! it's been there for about 1.5 years give or take.
  10. 👍 Merry Christmas Everyone!
  11. It's all in your control... for instance, you can use this setting to prevent this. Typically I have only seen this happen on slower hosting setups where posting is slow, so they click submit again thinking it didn't go through. This setting/restriction below will prevent this in that case.
  12. The good thing about a Ford is there isn't much left after they burn.
  13. I agree, The King of Queens was much better.
  14. It would depend on how old you are, I used to watch The King of Queens, good show, that was many many years ago though, 1998-2007, that was his most known show, and unless you are 30+ years old you likely haven't heard of him. He does have a new show called "Kevin Can Wait" it only lasted 2 seasons and was canceled recently. (2016-2018)
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