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  1. Bitcoin Support for Commerce

    It would be a decimal value, example, 140.00 would equal 0.00859188 BTC with a value of $15,669.45 per BTC
  2. FTP Clients

  3. FTP Clients

    Do not reply, Do not pass go, until you have done the above.
  4. FTP Clients

    You're overthinking it, boot to safe mode, be sure it's uninstalled, and if so, delete the folder. = done.
  5. FTP Clients

    I'm saying, if you can't figure it out, and kill the processes accessing that folder yourself, then take it to a technician who can take care of it for you. You can also try restarting in safe mode if killing off processes doesn't do it. It's not really rocket science though, so don't over think it.
  6. FTP Clients

    Take your computer to a doctor
  7. FTP Clients

    The folder is not an issue, just delete it.
  8. FTP Clients

    No you cannot do that in this case, I would uninstall it, restart, then install normally.
  9. FTP Clients

    Uninstall it filezilla in that case
  10. FTP Clients

    CRTL+ALT+DEL kill the process, then try again.
  11. FTP Clients

    I have been using it for many years without issue, so I would give it a try, it works well and imo the best simple client available.
  12. FTP Clients

    Just download it from the right place and you have nothing to worry about. https://filezilla-project.org/download.php?platform=win64 During the setup, if another options are selected to install anything else, uncheck this, this is common and normal with free software though.
  13. Mechanical Keyboard

  14. Sales Tax (Commerce Module)

    That would be great if quickbooks supported such a feature as importing from a csv, they don't however, and the only way to import data into quickbooks is with an IIF file (Intuit Interchange Format), or a qbXML file (quickbooks version of an XML) you can convert a csv to IIF in excel, but not directly import from a CSV. There are some fancy add ons to quickbooks that do this for you for a price, but it would be pretty intensive to create such an item on our end though.
  15. Sales Tax (Commerce Module)

    Manually, depending on the volume, some customers print each invoice from online sales, then process it internally.