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  1. Hope you feel better, and I wouldn't stress about a test, it does nothing to help you, and any treatment will be the same if it gets bad enough to go to the Doctor. Hope for the best though.
  2. Locally they started converting our two high school gyms into temporary hospitals for the overflow, it's a bit surreal when you see that happening. 30 Miles south of here they are also converting a basketball arena into the same. They are a step ahead of things and hopefully they won't have to be used, but they are getting ready for it.
  3. @tonyv We get the fact you don't believe any of this, you think it's no big deal, however you have stated your opinion over and over, leave it at that and go post in another topic! All you're doing is looking for confrontation and arguing with other users, that isn't productive, needed or wanted. You are entitled of course to your opinion, however, if you keep up the back and forth, in this topic, you too will have your posting privileges removed, enough is enough of your drama and back and forth on this. Please everyone keep in mind this is a business forum, it's not a general off topic forum on the internet, we have allowed this topic as we are all affected by this pandemic, and it's good to discuss things in a mature manner to help everyone cope in this unprecedented time. However, we would all appreciate it's done in a respectful manner, I don't care what you believe, but this is not the place for arguing, bickering, hating on each other because you may not agree on something. So once again, please be respectful, and move on if you cannot post here without the drama. Thank you in advance!
  4. This is actually built into almost all browsers by default, CMD + on mac and ALT + on windows, it retains memory based on the site as well, so you can have your users adjust this as needed for their sites they use. Mac - Cmd' + '+' (plus) to zoom in Win - Ctrl' + '+' (plus) to zoom in You can manually edit the theme, however there would be many areas to edit as there is different text size in many places.
  5. Please stop guys and gals, you are being ridiculous. Please be respectful, and if you have nothing nice to say, listen to your mother and don't say anything at all. Is it really worth being banned over? Let me answer that for you, no it's not. 🙂 Please be respectful and be safe!
  6. I am going to say this with all the respect in the world to you, but if you are not seeing the issue here in the US, (it's just starting to get ugly, and will only worsen in the next days, weeks and months), then you must have your head buried in the sand. If you really think that it will be over with a normal flu season, then you are clearly not following the situation going on. This isn't the flu in this case, it won't come to a magical halt, and it won't be over anytime soon. We are preparing for what will be a mass overrun of our care system, for example in California, every business that is not an essential business is shut down, all state parks, all local parks, all govt offices and functions that are not critical are all closed. Streets are pretty much empty, and it's going to be like this for a while. While your area may have it's head in the sand on this one, or you do, I'm not sure which, I would highly recommend you take a look outside your box or windows to see the gravity of this situation.
  7. I can't say I have ever been happy someone has the Flu, but in this case I'm very happy to hear this, get well! that's great news!
  8. Please stay respectful during this time and in this topic, if those of you who continue to ignore our request to remain civil and keep this on topic cannot do it, we may not close this topic, we may just remove your ability to post at all for the time being. So please respect one another and before you hit submit, please remind yourself, if you have nothing nice to say, please don't say anything at all. Stay safe everyone!
  9. Good point, I'm confused by that as well, they have more cases that others banned. Has to be political/economy related as a best guess. Rumor has it all sporting events will follow what the NBA just did. 😞
  10. You're very welcome, I'm glad it all worked out for you! 🙂
  11. Fast forward three years and you will still be deciding, we locked the old topic as it went on for many years, which made the topic irrelevant as the hardware you were still pondering was obsolete. I'm seeing a pattern here perhaps 😂😇
  12. It's not going anywhere, you are safe to use it as Aiwa mentioned above.
  13. I wasn't talking about the file size in mb, I was referring to the file itself, it's very large and difficult for any image processing utility to handle 93 images, some do it more efficiently than others, in this case GD handles this better. I was just explaining why you are seeing issues with such images. Just looking at disk space size doesn't provide all the info though.
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