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  1. Rhett

    Forum Signatures

    Signatures are not available to guest currently, nor is there a theme setting to show them on mobile.
  2. LOL people are supposed to use blinkers when turning too! 😘 They should also use the right lane when going slower than traffic... you know how that goes though right? 😛 Thanks for your support though, you are correct, if more people used the automated support tool, it would solve their issues sooner and lessen the load on support staff.
  3. This indicates that you may have two sets of Invision database tables, one without a prefix, and no data on those tables (fresh install) and one using a prefix perhaps which is where your data is? if so set the conf_global.php file to use the prefix of your tables with the data. I would also clear out the duplicate empty tables if that is the case to avoid this confusion and keep things clean.
  4. Rhett

    Trust IP addresses provided by proxies?

    If you enable the setting as you should, it will pass the proper IP to our software as normal and work as it should. If you didn't have this enabled prior, all of your users will have incorrect IP's (all cloudflare IP's)
  5. Rhett

    Website down or UP

    This is not something on our end, anytime you make DNS changes it can take a few hours for DNS propagation. This is dependant on your name servers your ISP is setup to use and your DNS TTL settings prior to your changes. As mentioned above you can try flushing your local DNS cache to speed up the change, or restarting your computer to do so as well. In most cases this is within a few minutes, some users with longer TTL settings on their DNS can take up to 24 hours.
  6. Rhett

    Website down or UP

    It's just dns propagation, give it a little time.
  7. Hi you're awesome Rhett😎

  8. Rhett


    It's due to the guest widget, it loads the site, and the sidebar, then sees you are logged in and hides the guest widget. Since there is nothing else on the sidebar in this case, it then hides the sidebar. The work around/solution is to either remove the guest widget or add another block to the sidebar so it will display all the time to logged in users.
  9. Rhett

    Google Warning

    That's an old link in this case as we changed the url to invisioncommunity from invisionpower.
  10. Rhett

    @Admin @Moderators

    This isn't currently a feature I'm afraid.
  11. Rhett

    Discord Integration

    No, see above.
  12. Rhett

    4.3 Search Changes

    There isn't any new requirements from 4.x to 4.3. You can use the same test script of you are on an older 3.x version still though