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  1. Fast forward three years and you will still be deciding, we locked the old topic as it went on for many years, which made the topic irrelevant as the hardware you were still pondering was obsolete. I'm seeing a pattern here perhaps 😂😇
  2. It's not going anywhere, you are safe to use it as Aiwa mentioned above.
  3. I wasn't talking about the file size in mb, I was referring to the file itself, it's very large and difficult for any image processing utility to handle 93 images, some do it more efficiently than others, in this case GD handles this better. I was just explaining why you are seeing issues with such images. Just looking at disk space size doesn't provide all the info though.
  4. You provided the issue in your reply "Large animated gif's" Other software likely uses a different upload method to be honest, and which may be something we can improve on. That single image you attached is actually 93 images 😂 which is why you are likely seeing issues as it's pretty large to handle, and GD seems to do a more efficient job in this case on that file type.
  5. Make sure you are setting a max image size to save, this helps greatly reduce these errors, as mobile and other devices these days take extremely large images, it's more difficult for web servers to handle such large items. Setting a max image size to save should resolve the issue for you. This is for forum and other attachments, not gallery though.
  6. Without boring you with too many details, the largest issue that impacts payment delays is fraud, yes it's a very big item that costs most online company many tens of thousands of dollars each year. While there are preventions companies can use to help mitigate a large portion of fraud, often times they can be set to a manual review so a payment isn't rejected without a human eye on it. At times these items can take a little while to process. The best advice I can give you is to be patient, setup a card on file to auto renew, and also ensure you are not using a proxy, have proper billing addresses that match the payment info on file and with your bank. I'm glad your payment was processed though and welcome back. 🙂
  7. Believe half of what you see, and none of what you hear! That video is just to gain views, like most media these days. Before freaking out like that video suggest everyone do, I would consult with someone who can explain the details properly without a fear approach. It will be business as usual for most in my personal opinion.
  8. If that is the case, I would first recommend that you disable all third party items and test it.
  9. This topic is from 2016, and was for an older version in which we didn't have this setting. I'll close this up now to avoid any further confusion.
  10. To clarify how this works, the ACP live search only returns a value for a keyword if we enter it, it's not searching in this case, but locating the tags we set in the acp. If you feel we should add more, please provide a list of tags, and the urls you would like to see them go to, we can review these and add some more as needed. It's a difficult item to keep updated as everyone thinks a little differently, and some often get missed when new items are added. Thank you
  11. This topic was from 2011 and about 100+ versions ago, nothing here would apply to anything today. You can post a new topic if needed with any questions you may have for the current version.
  12. It has always worked with IPS, and works now too. Google auto ads isn't very good at this point no matter what software you use though.
  13. Just in case you didn't notice, users can hover over the time to get the exact date and time to display if needed.
  14. We do not support nor should you ever edit a core file. So it cannot be done following the rules in stock form as noted in your ticket.
  15. Glad to help and it was a pleasure working with you on this as well. Enjoy the site!
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