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  1. This would be extremely helpful.
  2. That would be amazing. Should I message you, or do you want to message me? You make the single checkbox required, then they can't submit the form without that box being checked.
  3. Thanks, @opentype! This helped get me on the right track.
  4. You can't unselect a radio option; this is why you can't make that field type required. Why not use a checkbox?
  5. Can this replace the "new entry" form for a Pages database?
  6. I'm using a Pages database to integrate with CloudFlare so our clients can make simple edits to their DNS. All of that is working great. Right now I have the title field hidden from all groups. It defaults to "DNS update in progress" so that the user doesn't need to enter anything when creating an entry, and I'm updating that title field with data I get from the CloudFlare API response (to something like [A] record.domain.com => My problem is that the URL slug doesn't update when the title updates, so it's always something like /dns-update-in-progres-r15/... Which looks sketchy to the client. Is there a way to have this particular database ONLY use the entry ID in the URL? Is there a better way to set the title up so that it pulls the content of the other fields right away rather than waiting for the API to provide the response that triggers the entry update?
  7. What's preventing you from doing this now with RSS?
  8. Yes, it's only happening within a thread that I've changed post dates in.
  9. I've had it disabled for a couple hours already and it's still occurring. I've also tried marking the entire site as read.
  10. I agree with this, would be nice to see this change.
  11. I'm seeing the exact same thing on my site. Any suggestions?
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