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  1. By the way, a translation is a market article or you have not noticed it yet! A proposito, una traduzione è articolo di mercato o non te ne sei accorto ancora!
  2. No ticket, it was better to specify that not only are users of English Linga to buy the software, it is easy to leave the user and say "they are yours, arrange, in English everything is ok", I had already proposed this problem, but the answers were vague. Nessun ticket, era meglio specificare visto che non sono solo utenti di linga Inglese ad acquistare il software, è semplice lasciare l'utente e dire "sono fatti vostri, arrangiatevi, in Inglese è tutto ok", io avevo già proposto questo problema, ma le risposte sono state vaghe. A translation is a market article or you have not noticed it yet!
  3. I had foreseen that the "%s" symbol attached to the word would have been a disaster. I do not know how to read in English, but in Italian it is a piece of rubbish (do not be offended, but it is so). I had to redo everything, a huge job, but the various explanations that you gave me in the other discussion were vague, and I think that in English you will have problems, because the symbol "%s" should be detached from any word, otherwise prove me the opposite. Avevo previsto che il simblo "%s" attaccato alla parola sarebbe stata un disastro. Non so in Inglese come si potrebbe leggere, ma in Italiano è una porcheria (non offendetevi, ma è così). Ho dovuto rifare tutto, un lavoro immane, ma le varie spiegazioni che mi avete dato nell'altra discussione sono state vaghe, e penso che anche in Iglese avrete dei problemi, perché il simbolo "%s" va staccato da qualsiasi parola, altrimenti dimostratemi il contrario. Here is an example: Group manually changed%s from %s to %s. In Italian it would be "Gruppo modificato manualmente da%s da %s ad %s." Gruppo modificato manualmente daEnzo(%s) da utente(%s) ad Ammnistarore (%s). daEnz is not good, it should be "da Enzo". The attachment is another example, which I later corrected to: "Nuova foto del profilo caricara dall'utente" " New profile photo uploaded%s."
  4. Thank you, but it was just my mistake, having two pages open on the same translation. Good day.
  5. Adriano, forget it, mine will not be a great English, but you fau hard to understand my posts, so I'm losing my time with you, all right. From this chin I will not answer anymore, I have other things to do.
  6. I had written Adriano, YOU HAVE NOT HAPPENED NOTHING !!! We want to write a book for this discussion? I simply wrote that the user gave complete the translation, but it is not, 83 pages are missing, then at a later time the user has changed the discussion regarding the translation. If you do not understand, better to let go and not answer this discussion or at least ask for explanations, I will gladly give you, but please, do not write nonsense, thank you !!!
  7. Adriano, you do not understand anything, I do not mark the file, the translation I do it to me and I do not want IPS to delete it, I just pretend that you write the truth when you insert a translation. From the translation of that type, 83 pages are missing and then you control yourself, it was done with your feet, this is the truth that you must tell other than complete. You see, a job or you do it well, otherwise it is better to let it go, a knitting would be ideal and let the translations be lost. Adriano, do you understand now? I hope so!!!
  8. This is just an example: this sentence "single_not_allday_noendtime", On <strong> {{startDate}} </ strong>, at <strong> {{startTime}} </ strong>, translated it "Su <strong> { {startDate}} </ strong>, a <strong> {{startTime}} </ strong>, while translating to "Dal <strong> {{startDate}} </ strong> alle <strong> {{startTime} } </ strong>, but you can cite another 100 of sentences, then take an examination of consciousness, enable the brain and then type on the keyboard.
  9. Learn to write the truth and as you see translations I have sold enough, if you want to take away the curiosity which is the best, you have to buy mine and you will realize that it is like the night and the day. Personally I would not give Invision users a translation like yours, it's worth to say the least. Work either is good or you lose it regardless of whether the translation is paid or not. I forgot ... as soon as you put it online there was complete writing and only after you changed the message, avoid writing balls. ?
  10. Ok, but you do not have to write that the translation is complete, specify the missing parts. The translation of Invision in Italian I do, but paid since the translation of 4.3.1 started from scratch and I'm sure that with all the applications it will take at least three months, and I do not work for free. I do not want IPS to delete the file, but the users can write the truth so as not to forge users who download it.
  11. You should check the free and paid versions that correspond to the truth. I have verified that there is an Italian translation with the words "Complete", but 83 pages are missing. It would be helpful for contributors to write the truth being released.
  12. Marc I intend to have the opportunity to also have the installation and upgrading in various languages, to be chosen during both installation and upgrade. I translated in Italian at 90% the file lang.php eula.txt in folder admin / install and works very well. I hope, this time was clear. Attached, I put the two files in case you want to do a test. eula.txt lang.php
  13. English As soon as it released version 4.1.5, insert the updated Italian translation and as usual there will be a translation FULL with all applications and the various translations, in order to give the opportunity to buy them individually. Italiano Non appena sarà rilasciata la versione 4.1.5, inserirò la traduzione Italiana aggiornata e come al solito ci sarà una traduzione FULL con tutte le applicazioni e tutte le altre traduzioni, in modo da dare la possibilità di poterle acquistare singolarmente.
  14. I Am I to understand that this does not affect IPS.
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