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  1. I am unable to upgrade to version 4.5.0 because I am getting this error could you advise me how to solve the problem? Thank you
  2. Version 105115


    Italiano La traduzione è completa versione 4.5.3 e per completa intendo nessuna voce in Inglese. Per ogni problema, potete contattarmi all'indirizzo omeka_1@yahoo.it Inglese The translation is complete version 4.5.3. For any problem, you can contact me at omeka_1@yahoo.it
  3. It would be useful if the Staff took note of these changes and I will add another. The string 'cal_month_day_noyear %s %s' would change it to' '%1$s %2$s' at least for other languages it would be simpler.
  4. Thank you, thank you and thanks again, I wish you a good day.
  5. I found the other key, but "cal_month_day" cannot be changed.
  6. Ryan, I saw your image attached, but if you click on Calendar->Week you will see that the date is not correct in Italian.
  7. Ryan, everything is well set up, I have changed the other dates and months, this is the original sentence "{! 1 # [1: Jan] [2: Feb] [3: Mar] [4: Apr] [5: May] [6: Jun] [7: Jul] [8: Aug] [9: Sep] [10: Oct] [11: Nov] [12: Dec]} {0 #}, %s, in Italian it is modified this way " {! 1 # [1: Jan] [2: Feb] [3: Mar] [4: Apr] [5: May] [6: Jun] [7: Jul] [8: Aug] [9 : set] [10: oct] [11: nov] [12: dic]} %s "and that's fine, the problem is that you from Staff Invision, you should know where those two variables that interest me are located.
  8. As per the attached image, I would like to transform these dates (indicated with arrows) into Italian, I state that in English they are fine, but in Italian it should be 25 Mar 2019 - 31 Mar 2019 and I found this variable "% s% s% s - % s% s% s ", but you can't change the other should be 25 MARCH, 2019. Thanks to all those who will reply. Good day.
  9. ACP->System->Terms & Privacy Policy, everything is ready in English, but not in your language. I hope I understand your problem.
  10. Thanks Ryan, I thought it was my mistake.
  11. In practice, instead of displaying the IP address, I see a symbol as ::1 is normal? Thanks to these, they will answer me.
  12. Ah, ok, then you should have understood my problem. Thanks for the compliments, ours is a beautiful country, but believe me, not because you live at a political level and not only.
  13. Translating over a thousand sentences for you is nothing, but for me it's a lot of work. You know what we say in Italy, "Not even the dog moves its tail for nothing" and if you don't understand it I'll explain it to you. Once I did the translations for free, and many users showed no gratitude, in the end I decided to make it pay and both criticism and gradualness began. However, you can't expect all translators to do the same as you, if you make it free you can do it, but you can't recommend it to others, since there is so much work to do. Just make small talk, fbarber wrote that the t
  14. You're really great, it's my own thought.
  15. But as a complex string, I simply asked to modify this string from {!#[?:%s commented on]}% s to %s {! # [1: commented on] [?: commented on]} in% s. You are definitely right. This is just your personal thought and you can't bring it back for others. I started with the translation of version 3 and if you don't care about the translation in ACP to others it might be interesting, in fact I didn't pretend to have the solution only for us Italians, but most possible users and all nationalities. I hope you have acapito too, otherwise I can explain it to you.
  16. I repeat it once again, it is no longer important to import Russian or Italian, it is more important to make the translations as simple as possible for all languages, now you understand, otherwise I will reply to you.
  17. Listen, I suggested to change the string so that the translation is easier, Fbarber replied that it would be the same thing, so why don't they put my suggestion into practice? It would be the simplest thing instead of making so many useless controversies. You have to understand that with the various %s & C. variables, sometimes it is not easy to go and understand how to translate if you do not happen to be able to visualize the sentence, remember again that there are over a thousand sentences, but if you encounter problems like this it becomes hard to make a translation. I think the proble
  18. Your problem is that if they tell you the truth, for you it is an insult, you are touchy, the truth hurts, especially when they say it to your face, I don't change my mind, I wrote how I thought and I remain of my idea, if IPS wants to meet us well, otherwise sooner or later I will change type of forum.
  19. is what I wrote, that IPS is not only sold to users of English language and apparently, also the Russians and the Dutch have translations that approach grammar to Italian. I would like you to explain to me why users buy the languages of their nationality, because maybe they don't speak or write in English, not because they don't want to do the translation, otherwise they would leave it in English, I hope you understood what I wanted to say.
  20. You should print in your head, that the IPS application is not only sold to English-speaking users, but you will never understand this, you live in your world, with blinkers like horses. Remember, the world is not of the English, it's time to wake up there is something else and respect for all, this is commerce, otherwise those who are not English speakers are not allowed to buy IPS applications, or adapt.
  21. Perhaps it would be better to abandon IPS and go to the competition, save money as well, licenses are for life without paying every six months. You do not care about your customers' problems, just your earnings
  22. If it's the same thing, why not edit the string so that it is understandable in all languages? The undersigned is a few words, if this discussion has been prolonged, it is for the fact to explain well what was the problem, if you have established that pè the same thing, then it is better not to make controversy, change the sentence and the problem is Resolved. Maybe you do not know that there is a lot of work to adapt your language to the Italian language and it is not a justification that most of your clients are English speaking, this is your affirmation, just because nobody protests. I aske
  23. You're right, but not all nations have evolved like the Netherlands, so IPS, if you want to market your application, should adapt. I am convinced that here in Italy, if we do not do the translation, would drastically decrease potential customers, I think this also applies to other countries. I think that in any language can not be said: "X, Y, Z saw the discussion, but it must be said, X, Y, Z have seen", am I wrong?
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