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  1. If you have a forum set as "Discussions" type, on the "Display Settings" tab you can enable the following setting:
  2. IIRC, Stripe virtually always sides with the buyer where-as PayPal actually mediates between the buyer and seller, but again as I stated before I'm not 100% certain. I'm not intimately involved with that side of things. I could be way off base here too so please don't accept my response as gospel either on this subject. 😉
  3. This is an intended change designed to help boost income for sites using free trials. A lot of users will provide a credit card when offered a free trial, and then allow their subscription to continue without cancelling it, but may never come back to provide their credit card if not required to up front. It's a pretty common sales tactic. Ultimately, as mentioned, this is intended, but I could see a desire for a setting perhaps to control the behavior. Either way, I'm not sure this is really an ideal topic for the development gateway forum here. Would you like me to move this to the feedb
  4. I've been experimenting with some options that should help improve the behavior in an upcoming release. 👍
  5. Our support system was migrated yesterday to a new provider
  6. If I'm not mistaken there are differences in how chargebacks are handled that mean accepting payments through Stripe is cost-prohibitive for marketplace purchases, but unfortunately I'm not 100% certain.
  7. We have to do a pseudo-random ordering for sites with large galleries, because MySQL's "ORDER BY RAND()" is extremely expensive from a performance angle. That said, it is possible we can improve our pseudo-random selections a bit - I'll take a look.
  8. An alternative might be to use clubs for your purposes. Clubs can contain download categories and you can explicitly control who has access to individual clubs.
  9. We have a general SEO audit/review planned and this is on the list.
  10. The reality is it's pretty rare that a "corrupted" file occurs with software like ours, outside of when someone is manually uploading files and they have connection issues (i.e. the connection drops mid-upload). That said, if this is something that actually comes up we could look at a "reapply files" button for applications in the marketplace. We wouldn't likely do that unless we see material instances of this happening outside of hypothetical situations mind you, but it's not something that's a blanket "no". It is, however, something completely separate from what was originally requested
  11. If you make the request within the client/browser, you need to content with CORS which is designed to allow cross-domain requests to work but also provide protection against javascript-based attacks. Essentially, you'll need to add a few response headers for these requests which is typically done at the server level. Postman doesn't run in the browser context which is why it works without an error. One word of caution - running any sort of API requests via javascript exposes the API credentials. We'd only recommend using an OAuth-based client for API requests if javascript is going t
  12. For the record since this was bumped, this is a current feature (the original topic is 5 years old). This can be enabled in the AdminCP settings for Calendar.
  13. Add your Google adsense code to a widget then embed the widget on the page(s) you want it displayed (you wouldn't do every article, just one article and it will display on every article page inherently). You can then delete the block or adjust permissions for the block later if needed.
  14. Anecdotally I will say that IN_DEV locally feels a lot faster to me on PHP 8 than it does on PHP 7. I haven't measured speeds for both, however.
  15. You can restrict categories by member group, and then assign those groups to the members you wish to give access.
  16. I'd recommend submitting a ticket.
  17. JIT isn't something the application explicitly uses - it's a feature of the language that can be enabled or disabled in php.ini. It will be used if you enable it in your PHP configuration, in other words. Whether it will improve performance or not remains to be seen.
  18. Just to note, I can't think of anywhere the user's signature would show if they don't have any content submitted. That said, I've come around to the suggestion after the explanations and have raised it internally for further consideration.
  19. (1) You can make this change yourself, as noted above. (2) This is a recommendation, not a requirement.
  20. We have been testing PHP 8 compatibility locally and it will be included in a future release, however I can't say exactly when that will be. I can say that certain third party libraries we use will also need updates before we can fully support PHP 8.
  21. What is wrong with a member following someone/something? What is there to report? We wouldn't take action on that anyways.
  22. I'm not seeing this issue. When I upload 3 images I get 33.33%, 66.66% and then it finishes (we round to two decimal places).
  23. and notifications of someone liking your content is linked to something besides "following" already (it's the "Mentions & My Content" section).
  24. No, we don't track click areas on your community with that option. I think it's fairly obvious what the average user is doing when browsing a forum and using it. The vast majority of users are reading, and perhaps replying, not using auxiliary features like marking a forum as read.
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