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  1. The software currently does not track or handle "bounces". This is something you may be able to do at the email provider level (whether you use Sendgrid or your own email server).
  2. If you run a dump then yes you should specify the charset when running MySQL dump.
  3. We'll take a look at why the ability to manage entry categories is not showing up where you'd expect for a group blog.
  4. We do not follow TDD and there are no automated unit tests available at this time.
  5. AdminCP > System > Settings > Email Settings Make sure the "Log Statistics" setting is off and there won't be any "trackers" in emails. Note that any tracking done with the setting on is anonymized (you can't tell who received what email and so on).
  6. You probably need to also clear the datastore folder via FTP to clear caches.
  7. That last error is the result of a custom plugin it looks like. You could try renaming /plugins/hooks.php temporarily to see if this allows you access to the AdminCP.
  8. The user goes to Manage Purchases (/clients/purchases/ which is linked under the Store tab by default), manages the purchase, and chooses to reactivate it.
  9. Sell the product for $50 and allow the license key to be generated. On your site (I assume this is outside of Invision Community), you then use the license key API I pointed to in order to validate the license key that the user provides. You would have a form where the user inputs the license key, that form would call to our API and verify the key is valid, then you would do whatever you need to do once verified.
  10. Firstly to be clear, are you asking for this in Blog or in Pages? I ask because you mention Blog, and Blog already has this. Blog itself: Individual blog entry:
  11. No specific event is triggered when a drawer is opened or closed. You could look for the element in question becoming visible or not.
  12. I've raised your concern internally for further investigation. Thanks!
  13. As above, what specific changes would make it easier for you to accomplish your task? For instance, you can monitor the "Unread Content" activity stream to see all new content as it comes in (the stream will auto-update as well to show you new content as it posts), which might be a tool that you have overlooked based on what you've described?
  14. No, the only "default" hooks are for our first party applications, which would not populate the plugin column but rather the application column. That said, the issue could also be caused by an out of date template. You may need to revert the template in question if it is modified.
  15. We do not rebuild any post content through the upgrade process. All rebuilding occurs by background tasks.
  16. You can create an account used for such things, but it's not treated as a "bot account". The profile is still visible, the user could still be included on the leaderboard, etc.
  17. I'm not sure I follow. There is no "redemption" for the license key. You would use the license key API to validate the license key externally. Perhaps it would be helpful to know more about what you are trying to accomplish? For what/how are you using the license key? You edit the user in the AdminCP and adjust their account credit.
  18. You can follow an item by calling to POST /core/members/{id}/follows. You can do this manually after posting the content item. I'll raise a suggestion internally to allow automatic following during posting.
  19. Custom bbcode should be converted upon upgrade to 4.x. You do need to whitelist custom CSS classes as mentioned, however, if you are using them.
  20. When you disable archiving, topics get flagged to be unarchived, and then an unarchive task runs periodically to remove the topics from the archive. This can take some time.
  21. It's going to be trickier on cloud where you can't access the files, but one thing you can do in templates is {{var_dump( $event );exit;}} If you use double curly brackets like above, the code is executed as PHP (there's some special shortcuts for if/foreach statements but otherwise it basically means "execute as PHP"). By editing templates and adding things like the above you should be able to print out vars in most situations.
  22. Create an Anti-Fraud Rule with "Hold for manual approval" as the action to take and leave all of the settings on the defaults. This should accomplish what you are after.
  23. I would recommend blocking unwanted traffic at the server level. By the time the request makes it to PHP, a lot of unnecessary overhead has already occurred if your intention is to block the traffic. You can already ban by IP address if you wish, and most legitimate spiders will advertise the IP address ranges used by their bots if you wish to do that, but again...this is better served at the server/firewall level.
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