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  1. And considered alternatives to Google in view of all the polemics on the respect of the private sphere. 😶 https://www.dtelepathy.com/blog/design/captcha-alternatives-better-ux
  2. Hello, All my members have migrated to Telegram since the change of WhatsApp policy. So it would be interesting to have two-factor authentication by Telegram SMS code or QRCode.
  3. Hello, In the administrator settings of a club, it is not possible at the moment to make it public only for the community. The goal is that the member has to log in to see the content without necessarily joining the club.
  4. Hello, I would like to know about an additional feature to promote members to the rank of writer or secretary: Member writer: The peculiarity of these members is that they cannot change the settings, but have a right to publish in the club's blog. Member secretary: The peculiarity of these members is that they cannot change the settings, but have a right to publish in the club's blog, event,...
  5. Hello, still alive and well. On Facebook I have a few friends chatting with family members who are no longer alive. Every day they send a little note to their deceased parents. Facebook has added a feature for this scenario that makes it possible to delete the account in case of death, create a time capsule... I'm not a fan of this, I prefer that this choice be given to the user of live sound. Because in case of a mistake like my premature death the member will lose part of his profile. The main reason I opened this topic is a security issue. Not all users use "commercial"
  6. Hello, With COVID I have lost members/friends. I need to close the accounts of these deceased members but I don't want to delete their publications. In this context it would be necessary to have an offline group, which has the specificity that these members do not have an email address, nor a password that could be used except the pseudo. Therefore it is not possible to connect to it without passing through the Admin console and again we could imagine having a blocking option. These default members cannot receive messages. Another application, for RS
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