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  1. MEVi

    What's new in 4.6.0?

    How to upgrade to 4.6.2?
  2. MEVi

    What's new in 4.6.0?

    The fact that you have confirmed that it works on PHP 8 we have checked settings of server and we found that it is related to the functionality of PHP associated with the database that was not activated.
  3. MEVi

    What's new in 4.6.0?

    When I activate PHP 8.0 I get a blank page with version 4.6.1 is a special setting required ?
  4. I will make an example: I created a database-pages (Mendeleiev) without categories with the terms of the Mendeleiev table. In another database-pages (english) with caterogies, I have defined a field that is relational with the Mendeleiev database and work fine. Now I want create and another database-pages (french) and use field that is relational with the Mendeleiev it's not possible because it was already used...
  5. Hello, I see a problem in the Pages module. I have created relational headings to avoid using TAGs which simplifies the keywords but I realize that it is not possible to assign several times the page in relational mode.
  6. I discover the Wiki features and realize that it is not possible to define a unique author in the page module. This would avoid having to edit thousands of articles to assign them to a fictitious member.
  7. Hello, In CP-Admin it's possible purge after x day(s), but it's not possible export to CSV file. Can you add feature to download files CSV of logs errors, please.
  8. Can you add a history of IPs that brute force attack members' accounts in addition to temporarily blocking them like what exists on Matomo?
  9. Hello, Could you add a downloads tab in the user profile ?
  10. Hello, I use the club module a lot to create work groups. But I see a problem it is not possible to put a download area that is common to two clubs, this would avoid having duplicate files. The idea is to allow you to create an alias that displays the content of a section like for example the space for downloads. We can also imagine wanting to post in another club (private), a blog to avoid duplication. The member would not see the difference between the origin and the alias while the moderator and administrators would be informed.
  11. Hello, I have members who would like to create spreadsheets like with excel but do not know if this is possible on the forum.
  12. This does not work because users or robots exclude the Piwik script. What to do?
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