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  1. This does not work because users or robots exclude the Piwik script. What to do?
  2. I also have this problem because depending on the duration of the project the URLs can change or I have to rephrase the title of the project.
  3. We have enabled DNSSEC + SSL to reduce the problems, but many members (admin/modo) request that the private messages they receive by email be encrypted (PGP), since to restore the password we use SMS.
  4. It's a very good idea <FilesMatch "^(sitemap\.php)$"> AuthType basic AuthName "Unauthorised For Legal Reasons" AuthUserFile /path/to/.htpasswd Require valid-user </FilesMatch>
  5. I don't need a CDN. My members exchange photos that are sometimes confidential. It is abnormal that search engines exploit this security flaw by making public, private photos. Then to have lawyers claiming compensation because internal subjects are accessible to unauthorized third parties.
  6. Hello, I have many search engines that do not respect the rules of the robots.txt . Google suggests to place the sitemap file(s) in a subfolder and to protect it with a htpasswd, which is a very good idea with this method only authorized search engines can exploit the file sitemap. I did not manage to move the sitemap.php file to a subfolder.
  7. Hello, Many search engines or robots suck up information without respecting the rules defined in the robots.txt . When a member connects to the community with their HUAWEI product, after I see in logs petal search engine downloads pictures using the direct URL. In case the Hot Link Protect is activated the petal search robots generate thousands of HTTP errors, because it keeps trying to download the photos or files that the user has viewed. The fact that the photos are directly accessible via a URL whether you are a member or not, make problems of copyright. This means that I have to block the possibility of members to send pictures, because I can't guarantee them that the copyright will be respected. I hope that in version 4.6 this flaw will be closed.
  8. I am against installing external modules, we had too many problems.
  9. The contact module has become the joke with spammers. When a member is banned or an email address is missing, the contact module does not take it into account, would it be possible to modify its behavior: For example if the email address is black listed in the forum, then the message will be sent directly to the webmaster email address, otherwise it opens a ticket in the support.
  10. The idea is that you can save in your profile VIP subjects that you could classify in personal categories. Because for the moment I have to create bookmarks in my internet explorer. Example: tips, bug, fun, ... I had seen this feature on other forum that I find very practical.
  11. it would also be good if the profile could no longer be indexed in public in addition to being displayed in "black and white".
  12. Hello, I don't know if it's a bug, but it's not possible to finish a specific account for donations when there are several payment methods.
  13. It would be cool if the user could choose Telegram for two-factor identification, instead of Google and other paid services.
  14. In piwik and co it is complex to make the distinction between a member and a non member. Allowing google to track members in non-public sections is problematic because I then have robots that generate errors "HTTP Errors 40x" and make it difficult to read the logs, to identify possible intrusion attempts. The CP-Admin should be able to be hidden from the statistics or have another tracking code to guarantee the confidentiality of interactions, as well as for some sections of the forum that use a password there should be an option to say not to include it in the statistics or even have a menu to choose Piwik or Google... I would like to have more flexibility to say that the forum is with piwik while pages are Google, or choose to base me on members if he connects then he will no longer be followed by Google. But administrators and moderators should have a feature to be able to be excluded from this tracking because it distorts the statistics if they are very active.
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