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  1. Thank you for your replies. Where does Invision Power Services Inc. stand on the matter?
  2. Hello, I noticed that Amazon S3 has been supported by IPS for quite a while now. Google's offering is argued to be cheaper and faster. Will IPS support Google Cloud Storage / Google Cloud CDN in the near future?
  3. Nice find Chetan, I hope that IPS sees the same potential as we board administrators see in this feature.
  4. File Name: (CES) Wall Street Journal Media Tag File Submitter: Cogito ergo sum File Submitted: 21 Aug 2011 File Category: Miscellaneous XML Files Description: Enables you to embed Wall Street Journal videos on your forum. Install Instruction: Logon to your ACP Navigate to: Look and Feel > Post Content > Manage Media Tag Navigate to: Import New Media Tags > Upload XML Media Tags > Choose file Hit Import Installation Complete Click here to download this file
  5. File Name: (CES) Attention Message File Submitter: Cogito ergo sum File Submitted: 11 Aug 2011 File Updated: 12 Aug 2011 File Category: Miscellaneous XML Files Add the <div class="message"> from your forum css to your BB code list. Click here to download this file
  6. Thank you for your guys input. Furthermore, I believe that there is a bigger demand for this feature than is currently being indicated in this topic therefore I decided to 'bump' this topic.
  7. Hello, I would like to request an "Linkedin Connect" component to supplement the current Facebook and Twitter social media connectivity features within the IP. product suite. Why? I believe that this can benefit various communities, especially professional oriented communities. Note that as of 22 March 2011 Linkedin surpassed 100M users (Source: http://blog.linkedin...in-100-million/) and has a different demographic compared to Facebook and Twitter. Therefore I hope that you will consider adding this social media network to the the IPS software infrastructure. Kind Regards, Cogito ergo sum.
  8. Hello Mat B, My apologies, I missed that post as I used different keywords to search a for a related topic. Thank you for your reply and offered solution.
  9. Hello, I am impressed with the improvements/innovations IPS made to the overall core system. Moreover, I am looking forward to see how new versions of IP.Nexus, IP.Content, and IP. Downloads will enhance the overall developer and user experience. However, I do have some feedback in regard to the current "License Key Missing" message. In fact it is quite obnoxious for us licensed/legitimate users when it is obstructing system generated messages (often one cannot read system generated notifications due to the red banner that is overlaying the actual message). Especially when one is developing on a development board which is fully compliant with the TOS/ License agreement. I hope that IPS could incorporate a less intrusive method to combat piracy without taking away with usability of fully licensed users. Kind Regards, Cogito ergo sum
  10. What is the staff''s stance on the current friend system? I would like to know their vision is in regard to connectivity and functions of ip board that revolve around social networking? Does IPS search to integrate the bigger social networks or does IPS intend to develop their own social networking features?
  11. Imho the current friend system is pretty useless. It is all about (finding, sharing, and creating) content. If members want to connect, pm's and the forums should suffice. I am however for "following" content which is already readily available in 3.2, why not follow content from specific members? On a last note, let the members connect trough other channels if they deem necessary. Work your niche there is no need to try to monopolise every aspect.
  12. Hello, Can a staff member confirm that the preview forum at: http://internal32.invisionpower.com/ will be "reopened" this week as stated at IPS's official twitter account "@invisionps"? I am looking forward to read your reply.
  13. The original poster's argument has validity, however it is ultimately the developers choice. If one does not like something about a product the user can do three things: accept, modify, or discontinue the use of the product at hand.
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