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  1. Thx Bro! it works...
  2. The feed just doesn't show feeds anymore - facebook is still working.
  3. Twitter-Feed isn't working any more from one day to another. Any ideas?
  4. New: Clubs

    +1 for Pages in Clubs!
  5. what's your dream IPB feature?

    External search engine > ElasticSearch
  6. Advanced Tags & Prefixes - IPS 4.x

    Got this in when trying to rebuild tag cache:
  7. why is search so bad?

    Full ack! We combine tags with search terms all the time and create links on these searches making them accessible from 3rd party applications... Btw: It would be nice to have autocomplete in "Search by tags"-field...
  8. I could but have to silence you afterwards! Sry - it's strictly internal...
  9. Task tracker for project management Shift Scheduler FAQs for worktools Data- and featuresheets Bug tracker ...
  10. Indeed - we're waiting desperately years now!
  11. Pages for us. It's a powerful tool for building / integrating applications for workflow and knowldege management in our company...
  12. why is search so bad?

    Tags working quite good for us - of course you have to type tags in the "Search By tags"-field instead of the "Search term"-field. What really sucks is that theres no AND-search when searching for two or more tags...
  13. why is search so bad?

    Since v4.1.19 searching with wildcard doesn't work anymore. With or without * - the results are the same. Why making a bad search even worser?
  14. Who Was Online

    Nice plugin, but localization doesn't work...
  15. removing sphinx hurts...

    Finally there is a solution on the horizon. And this would be the best one!