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  1. How does it work? I've activated "Yes, allow categories[...]" in two existing databases but there is no "articles" in dropdown "Manage Club" to choose!?
  2. I sincerly hope for self hosting customers too!? We can't switch to self hosting...
  3. First (black) screenshot is REST API Second (white) Screenshot is frontend. Here another screenshot from ACP - record#3108 was crated originally 18.10.23:
  4. When I edit a record in a Pages database, the "started" date is overwritten by the "updated" date. This is a new behavior since v4.7.14
  5. Since 4.7.9 apostrophes in user names are not allowed any more!? Also when renaming the long existing members "Jack O'Hara" or "Nils van't Jansen" there is no way back...
  6. I did before I made this post!? Did you try them?
  7. The "Group"-filter in "Member Search" (front-end) should honor secondary groups also (like in AdminCP).
  8. Thank you. Please put this feature in your enhancement list for further updates!
  9. Please check the "access information" in client area: https://domain.tld/search/?&type=core_members&joinedDate=any&group[60]=1 only shows one member who has group#60 as primary group and not the other 10 which have this group as secondary.
  10. Is there something I can check or do? Or do you need some details? It's quite important for us to get this function running... 😉
  11. Unfortunately not: We have groups which are used as secondary groups only (filtering is allowed of course). Group search over them find nothing. When I set on of these groups as primary for a member, only this one will be found.
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