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  1. When KitchenSink is active every click on a topic creates a dump.txt in root directory. I found more then 4k of topicXXX.txt since installed 1.1.0
  2. When "do not display guests ..." this declaration doesn't fit no more: html[dir="ltr"] .ipsGrid_span12:nth-child( 1n ), html[dir="ltr"] .ipsGrid_span12 + [class*="ipsGrid_span"], html[dir="ltr"] .ipsGrid_span6:nth-child( odd ), html[dir="ltr"] .ipsGrid_span4:nth-child( 3n+1 ), html[dir="ltr"] .ipsGrid_span3:nth-child( 4n+1 ), html[dir="ltr"] .ipsGrid_span2:nth-child( 6n+1 ), html[dir="ltr"] .ipsGrid_span1:nth-child( 12n+1 ) { margin-left: 0; }
  3. Nice, thx! Found a CSS-issue for forum statistics in mobile view: When "do not show statistics in mobile/tablet-view" is active ther should be a min-hight o.ä. for cForumRow:
  4. Määäh... What about real (DB-driven) Pages in Clubs? https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/450035-pages-in-clubs/
  5. Any news? I didn't saw this as an issue in your tracker!? We still have to deactivate this app before editing mod-rights...
  6. @Makoto Thx for the nice app! Finally a replacement für AT&P... But I have to disable your app before editing moderator permissions - otherwise:
  7. I was just a little bit confused when configuring the app because I've expected out of the screenshot an "alias"-group for the manually added users. My fault - sry for the trouble! PS English isn't my first language, too... 😉
  8. Thx! From a view of a technical writer it`s not foolproof... 😉
  9. I see. So what should this screenshot in marketplace telling me?
  10. Although I've added users in "Author Permissions" there is no usergroup "Autogenerated Members" - neither in the database nor in the category permissions. What can I do?
  11. After upgrading to 2.0.3 Media Uploader ist totally broken. IPS is 4.4.3... In category-view: When trying upload a file:
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