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  1. Try opening the MySQL console and running TRUNCATE TABLE ipbcore_output_cache See if you get an error.
  2. Behind the scenes we flag if it's a search engine, but we do not expose this in the interface.
  3. Open your browser developer tools and see if any errors are registered.
  4. This table would hold entire cached pages, and be pruned periodically by a background task. You can alternatively store these caches in Redis or in a remote database, and you can change how long the pages are cached for with the CACHE_PAGE_TIMEOUT constant.
  5. I would second running a one-time REPLACE SQL statement for this specific purpose. Back up the database, then run something like UPDATE forums_posts SET post=REPLACE(post,'http://wrongDomain.com/','http://correctDomain.com/'); Note that you may wish to check other similar tables (blog entries, status updates, personal conversations, etc.) but the method is the same, just the table name and column will vary.
  6. There is no way to force this, no. It's done automatically based on the device that views the site. https://html.com/attributes/img-srcset/ We specify a 2x density image (what you are referring to as the "HD emoticon") and the user agent/browser will automatically use this if the device has a high density display.
  7. Unfortunately what you are after is not built in and would require either some manual work (i.e. credits can be issued, and can be used to sign up for a subscription), or a custom plugin.
  8. As has been mentioned, IPS Connect used to allow sharing of membership databases between sites, however that was removed and you should use OAuth to connect your sites instead for login integration. Note that this does not share groups, account configurations, etc. - it simply allows you to share your account login credentials between sites (much like logging in to a site using Facebook).
  9. article.cCmsCategoryFeaturedEntry ul.ipsList_inline li.ipsType_light { display: none; } Add this to your CSS
  10. There is no geotargeting functionality built in for ads I'm afraid.
  11. Third party developers are welcome to share their work through private exchanges if they wish to. That is up to the developer.
  12. You should be able to upgrade and downgrade between subscription packages if configured to allow it in the Subscription Settings. If that's not working correctly I'd recommend submitting a ticket.
  13. We are using 4.15 CKEditor. You should be able to install the plugin in the AdminCP under Customization > Editor > Toolbars
  14. Generally if you have a fully blank page, you are running in to a PHP error. You may wish to check your PHP error logs to see what's there. If you submit a ticket as suggested we can help guide you through this.
  15. Are you experiencing or reproducing a specific issue that we can investigate?
  16. Edit your theme and adjust the height values on the "Custom" tab.
  17. We migrated support requests from Zendesk to Helpscout when we moved, so your ticket should still exist (complete with attachments).
  18. Thanks for reporting your findings - we'll take a look at the suggested change. 🙂
  19. For some reason you are exceeding the maximum number of allowed MySQL connections. Are any other portions of your site or server using the same MySQL details which may be consuming the resources? If your site was working fine, you didn't make any changes, and suddenly things started going haywire like this I'd tend to think either (1) your site is being attacked, or (2) something has changed on the server side.
  20. In the AdminCP visit Members > Profiles and add a custom profile field. Likewise if you have such a field set up there already, you can control who it displays to, and whether it displays next to member posts within topics.
  21. There is a duplicate accounts detector addon in the marketplace that may help.
  22. You can't move a blog from one club to another through the interface I'm afraid.
  23. I believe there's a "Member map" application in the marketplace that does something like this.
  24. In order to embed Facebook and Instagram photos, videos and posts, you will need to set up an application in Facebook's developer portal with the "Oembed" product added. Creating a Facebook App 1. Go to the Facebook for Developers site and sign in with your Facebook account. 2. If you have not already registered with Facebook for Developers, click Register Now and follow the instructions to register 3. when prompted, enter your community name as the name for your first app. If you have previously registered, click Add a New App Click to create a new app 4. Enter your community name when prompted Enter your community name here 5. You will be taken to the dashboard for the app you have just created. In the left hand column click the + symbol next to Products and then find the product named oEmbed. Click the Set Up button and confirm you understand the terms and conditions of using this product. Add the oEmbed product 6. Your application will need to be switched to Live mode before embeds will work on your community. Switch to live Set Up Invision Community Go to Settings > Basic from the left sidebar. You will see your App ID and a button to reveal the App Secret. Back in your ACP, fill in the form, using these details. App ID and Secret Next, visit your Invision Community AdminCP and navigate to System > Settings > Posting. On the General tab scroll down to find the Embeds section and populate the details. Configure Invision Community with the details you previously copied Save the form, and that's all you need to do. You should now be able to embed appropriate Facebook and Instagram content on your community. * Note that certain posts, images and videos may have privacy settings specified that prevent Facebook from returning embed HTML for these specific pieces of content. Users may make posts or images "Private" for instance, which prevents them from being embeddable. These URLs will not embed on your community. as Facebook does not return details for these URLs.
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