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  1. Step 3 finally. Now I'm having trouble with the general role... Dunno what to do.
  2. Just bought it. I'm stuck on the second page of configuration. Can't go pass that. It takes me back to step 1. Think it has something to do with the bot which isn't on top of the list. I have no idea how to bump him. Do I need to check any of these boxes?
    Works perfectly. No complaints.
  3. Just deal with it. People will always find a way to faeces on each other.
  4. I'm really interested. Is the system working properly now? I've read some salty comments. All I want to do, really, is create unique reactions for my premium members, that all low-class members will be able to receive and see and envy. :- )
  5. It has something to do with the newsletter box. https://www.depotoir.ca/topic/19517-cest-quoi-ce-délire/?tab=comments#comment-578601 One of my user is seing it, otherwise it's invisible.
  6. I've removed the guess widget AND the ''popular now'' blocks. Didn't solved the issue. All I can say is that we've never encountered this problem before updating from 4..2.x to 4.3.4.
  7. DEPOTOIR.CA Dépotoir - french word for Dump or Landfill. Minimal rules. I've worked pretty hard on the banner, illustrations, group icons, etc. Members are called Éboueuses and Éboueurs (garbage men). Moderators are EcoModos. Administrateurs are Déchiqueteurs (Shredders). A topic is a trash bag. A post is a trash. It's only a facade. My users are actually articulated and have some interesting things to say. Artists, etc. Take a look.
  8. Hi, I'm curious to see what others are doing with the Invision's platform. There must be a thread where everyone shows off their work/community?
  9. Hi, We've just upgraded to 4.3.x and I've noticed something irritating (first world problem, lol). It occurs on this board, too. On Microsoft Edge, when opening the Leaderboard or the Who's online page, the table acts like there is a sidebar, then one second later realises that there's no sidebar, and fully deploys to cover the whole page. It's hard to explain. Do you understand? Here's a video : 20180622_003611.mp4
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