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  1. Sadly, it didn't worked. The problem is also present on the default theme.
  2. Hello, I have juste updated my community board. I am somewhat displeased by this change. The emojis now look deformed, rescaled, in the selection box. Any way to revert this and let them keep their original scale? I am using large, high quality png. Mr. Beans doesn't look like himself now. Please help Mr. Beans. Thank you.
  3. If the difference between emojis is too subtle, yes it's not worth adding more. Nine reaction emojis on my board. I have found half of them on Google. The other half, I made them myself. From left to right : - ARGHHH!!! - Meh. - ... - Malaise. (Cringe.) - Navré... (Sorry...) - QU-QUOI?! (WH-WHAT?!) - HAHAHA! - J'ADORE! (I LOVE!) - J'aime! (I like!) The angry one is so agressive it has barely been used serioulsy, mostly for irony. The ''Meh'' () isn't really used either, it makes the giver looks grumpy and it was kinda the point. All the other ones are used regularly. My community is known for its harshness and those emojis fit the overall ambiance. I've created many other original emojis too, come take a look : depotoir.ca
  4. @Olmyster I'm curious. Can I see your board?
  5. Hi, I don't know if that's normal, but I want new users to see signatures. By default, it's off : I can't find any parameter in the ACP that can check this box for all members. Can anyone help me? Thank you !
  6. 15k forums? What the . Please let me see that labyrinth of yours.
  7. Ridiculously large indeed. Narcissists and spammers must be having a field day on that board.
  8. I'm curious. What's your huge gaming site?
  9. Is it possible to reduce the title and adress font size? Thank you again.
  10. Can't recuperate the favicon from those big mainstream sites : http://www.instagram.com http://www.journaldemontreal.com Have any idea? Thank you.
  11. Ok I got it. Unfortunately it doesn't work on Edge. The browser automatically modifies the title of the link when we copy/paste it from the search bar.
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