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  1. Hello, I'm interested, new customer. My version is 4.5. Is it working properly?
  2. Is there a way to delete our own quote and revert to stage zero? Seems like the best I can do is enter a space, because the system won't accept 0 character. And then the box is still visible for everyone. Thank you.
  3. There you go, I've put it back. DEPOTOIR.CA - Forum de discussions mêlant bêtise et génie Check for red or green member name in the users list. Thanks for your quick response.
  4. Annnd, if the user is online it doesn't show what he is doing. The default usercard does.
  5. Hello, I just bought it and something isn't working fine. The More options... button is broken. If you click on it, the little windows is invisible (if you look closely you'll see a fine horizontal line). Also, about the content counter. It says 9546 sujets. Sujets is a french word for topics. It should be posts. Thank you for helping me.
  6. I still don't see the point of that new topic summary sidebar. It's not really useful to know who is the biggest spammer.
  7. We just upgraded to or whatever the latest version is. Le Dépotoir - that's the site name - stands for Dumping Ground. Trashy but elegant at the same time. Not much visual clutter despite its theme. Sections are called containers. Topics are called bins. And posts are called waste. A French Canadian community. I have created many many custom emojis. Unique reactions too. etc. (Damn now I look like a spammer which I am sometimes )
    Works as advertised. No hassle. Many options so it's highly customisable. I've decided to show only one reaction. That way, it kinda acts as a topic randomizer. You can visit my board for a demo. The creator of this plugin was available and responded quickly to my questions before purchase. Many thanks !
  8. Wham, bam, done. It works as advertised. I've decided to show only one reaction. That way, it kinda acts as a topic randomizer. I like it. Check out the result. Le Dépotoir - forum (depotoir.ca) Thank you man.
  9. This is exactly what I need. Compatible with 4.5 ? Thank you.
  10. My community has rather large topics with much much attachments. Way more than 100 per topics. Your plugin shows the first 100, right? Can it shows the last 100? Can we randomize it? Thank you.
  11. Me again. I bought it. It looks and runs nice. Thank you. Any way to add infos about each image? Author + link to original post?
  12. Hi, I'm interested. But unsure how this plugin works. Will it show images from ONE topic or from current topic? Thank you.
  13. It does indeed. We had some fun with this plugin on our community, creating a ubuesque collective user, but it's no longer working now on Invision, please bring to your platform the key features of this plugin. Make it so only selected groups can post anonymously. Make it so posts can appear as posted by a selected user. Pleeeease. Estimate time or arrival?
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