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  1. Thank you, that’s the reason 😄
  2. @Mike John How should the application behave when an item is deleted? In my case, all records remain in the database, moreover, in all widgets including statistics, images and modifications are displayed. Only the topic of discussion is actually deleted
  3. You have duplicated rows in the word table 'core_sys_lang_words'. Either reinstall the plugin with control of extra language strings in the database in the table core_sys_lang_words or manually delete the extra duplicate rows with the value 'word_plugin' = null. There are only 12 words (rows)
  4. My files with discount https://invisioncommunity.com/profile/587248-mixoh/content/?type=downloads_file
  5. Once again, this is not an application problem. This is a Chrome issue under iOS
  6. @Sonya* Ok. Checked on the site for your link, everything opens perfectly. I think your problem is with the settings of the phone itself, or the browser. Incorrectly processed whatsapp: // link, there is no way to check on iOS, but the application has nothing to do with it
  7. К сожалению на iOS проверить нет возможности, но приложение здесь не при чем
  8. Я так понимаю, можно и по русски? Проверил на сайте по вашей ссылке, все превосходно открывается. Я так думаю ваша проблема связана с настройками самого телефона, либо браузера. Некорректно обрабатывается ссылка whatsapp://
  9. @Dayton28 Check again by download overwritten updated version 1.1.6, i'm fixed uniqe reactions
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