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  1. @MIXOH I'm eagerly anticipating the day that you return and update this plugin. Our site just isn't the same without these features that our members have come to love.
  2. I've been testing it out over the weekend and I think it is working correctly now. Thank you!
  3. Do I need to completely delete the plugin before installing it? Because I just updated the plugin with the new download and it still doesn't seem to be working. I created a new reaction with the same settings as in my picture above and I'm getting the same error after trying to use it for the first time: "Sorry, you cannot add anymore reactions today"
  4. Ahh, at first I didn't understand what 'for content' meant, but now I do. Thanks.
  5. Still not working for me. I created a new reaction, gave it a value of 2, and disallowed it for anyone to use other than the Administrator group. This is the error it gives me the first time I use it. What am I doing wrong? Also, what is the difference between 'Exclude these Members' and 'Disallow for Members'?
  6. I will create a new react from scratch and test it out again.
  7. After further testing the updated plugin, it's still not working properly. The next day (or even two or three days later) and I still can't use the reaction a second time. I've only ever been able to use it the first time.
  8. I THINK everything is working okay now, will just need to test it out by waiting a day, haha. What I ended up doing is going through all my reacts and choosing all the options again to reset each react, otherwise the permissions for all my existing ones were also breaking. For example, the react was already set to 'Disallow reaction for selected groups or members', so I chose 'Allow reaction only for selected members', then immediately changed it back to the original setting. That seemed to reset it, so I did the same for all my existing reacts.
  9. I tested it a bit more and these are the results: 1. I started with 'Allow reaction only for selected members' and enabled the Unique Reaction, but I was able to use it multiple times. (I removed each react after the test) 2. I then switched it to 'Disallow reaction for selected groups or members' and tried to make a react, but it told me I was only able to do it once per day and did not let me use it. (I had removed all the reacts, so it must have an internal memory of when it was used). The 'Disallow reaction for selected groups or members' option also has a flaw, which is why I never use it. A user can copy/paste the url to the react and use it, even if they're not supposed to. This is why I ONLY use the 'Allow reaction only for selected members' because it doesn't allow people to use it that are not supposed to. 3. I then TURNED OFF Unique Reaction, but I still can't use the react, now it says 'Sorry, there was a problem reacting to this content' when I try.
  10. @MIXOH I can't seem to get it to work, even when I enable Unique Reaction, I'm able to use it as many times as I want. I also tried to fully remove the plugin before reinstalling it, and that didn't fix it either.
  11. Thank you SOOOOO much! This is going to be an amazing addition to our community!
  12. @MIXOH Any potential update on when you might get around to this?
  13. I found a fix. The problem is when a react has permissions enabled for a single person. Everyone else can use that react by posting that reactid in the url. So I changed it so that the react permission is disabled to everyone except for a single person. When they try to use the react they shouldn't use, they receive an error instead, which is good.
  14. @MIXOH Some of our members found a security flaw. They discovered that if you change the react id in the url, you can give people reacts that you're not supposed to have access to.
  15. That part of it is currently working correctly. I've had some issues with permissions, sometimes they act a bit odd, but if you try the opposite approach, then it works (for example, if you're having trouble allowing one react to a single group and it's not working, try setting it to be DISallowed by all OTHER groups). But after some minor testing, you should have the permissions system figured out. Also careful if you're doing site updates or IPS Support is checking out a problem: if Advanced Reactions is disabled, suddenly EVERYONE has full access to ALL reactions, even if they're some +100 rep reacts that are rarely used and only by admin. To fix this, I temporarily disable the reactions that I don't want anyone to use when site maintenance is being done. Now I'm just waiting for @MIXOH to add the ability to have individual max reacts/day for each reaction and group, that would make a big impact on our site and how it is used.
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