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  1. Hello, I've been testing out your latest update 1.4.0 (final) of this application and have run into a problem trying to delete any answers from questions in a multi-correct quiz type. I cannot get this function to work at all. Here is how I finally tested it in the most simple way: Create a new quiz of type: Graded Mode: Multiple Right Answers Added "Test" for Title, and "Test1" for description. Click "Submit Quiz". Click "Manage Questions & Answers". Click "Add the first questions". Enter "Test" for the text of the question". Click "+ Add Answer" and "Save". Click
  2. It would just be so that guests to the site can play a quiz for fun without registering. It would just enable unregistered visitors to play. They would just need to see their quiz score once when the finish the quiz and that's it.
  3. Would you ever consider making it so Guests can play quizzes? Or is this not really possible with how it's designed? If this would be difficult, I wonder if having a "guest player" quiz account might be a work-around? And to have a feature where this app could let you specify a single Admin-created registered "guest player" account that could ALWAYS replay quizzes?
    This is really a great feature add-on. It creates great-looking marked up messages and handles fonts, alignments, bullets, etc. fairly well. My users really love this plugin. No problem working still on 4.4.x.
  4. Thanks, I wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something obvious!
  5. Is there a way for a user to view and download all their posts? If it's not built-in, is there any paid plugin that has been written for this? Or is there a way even for a Moderator or Admin to do this for them?
  6. I do love your quizzes app and have had a really solid experience with it. It's definitely worth the money! Do you ever plan to add weighted answers / more advanced scoring though? That's the one thing I've really been wishing it has.
    This app allows you to specify which user group(s) [in which Forum(s)] can create an "Event" tied to a particular forum and allow a certain number of people to sign up (with just a single click) for that "Event". People who click to sign up receive an SMS text message through integration with the Twilio SMS-gateway service on the back-end. (Note: these events are not related to the IPS Calendar/event system) A user's phone number must be defined with a pre-existing custom profile field as a telephone number that does need to be pre-populated (i.e. it won't ask you for a number if your pro
  7. Hey again, so I did have a chance to test it and I have to apologize as I think the problem was on my end and I think you're all good! I think there may have been some formatting in my Notes App that I was using to copy and paste to/from. The bottom line is that your plugin has no problem embedding pasted links, whether they are plain text or rich text, so long as there is no additional formatting within the URL (like the URL is bolded or some such). This is the same functionality level as the built-in embedding, such as Youtube links. Thanks for jumping on this, even though it
  8. Here's the one I uploaded as a test: https://streamable.com/s/ruo04/rojzrk https://streamable.com/ruo04 I tried using both the main URL and the "embedded" link URL it provided and both had the same results.
  9. I'm on a Mac as well, using Safari and Mojave. So if I do a normal "rich" paste of a URL using CMD+V it doesn't get converted, but if I do a plain-text paste using CMD+OPT+SHIFT+V it does get converted properly. The built-in processor for Youtube URLs in IPS handles this fine (works either way) but your processor I could only get when force-pasting plain text. So for example, take a streamable URL and paste it into the Notes App and press enter. It gets underlined and converted to rich text. Copy and paste that into IPS and it won't work with your processor (for me anyway!) but
  10. Sure. I'm just trying to provide a consistent and streamlined user experience (including the creation of usage/help tutorials for my site) and hate having to double-up on everything for both styles of interfaces.
  11. I had the same issue after upgrading to 4.4.4 (from 4.3.x). In my case I had to + Add Theme / Easy Mode to create a new updated 4.4.4 theme and used that as my AdminCP default.
  12. Is there an easy way to force all users (including desktop computer browser users) to only have the mobile navigation bar only?
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