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  1. I recently installed Quizzes on a fresh 4.5 install before then upgrading to 4.6. Generally it seems to work fine.
  2. I really like this on a desktop browser, but on a mobile browser it's way too much of a screen hog. On the desktop version it fits in nicely with the Start New Topic sharing just 1 single line, but taking up 3 lines it becomes a burden to swipe past each time. Would it be easy for you to provide a modification to shrink this down to 2 lines, or ideally 1? Or to be able to place it at the bottom of the forums, not at the top? Are you planning any update to 4.6 soon? I'd honestly rather turn it off until an update because of how much it affects the mobile users of my site at the moment. I did end up modifying the buttons for Customize / Peek All buttons to be split buttons to combine them into one line instead of two lines. I think most people would appreciate if a future update did that as well. I also removed entirely the "Start new topic" button from the regular and mobile view. For anyone else that wants to do this here is the code you can add to custom.css to remove the desktop view "Start new topic" and the mobile view of the "Start new topic" without disabling the header entirely (which would block this plugin's buttons as well): body[data-pagemodule="forums"][data-pagecontroller="index"] .ipsPageHeader .ipsToolList_primaryAction{display: none;} body[data-pagemodule="forums"][data-pagecontroller="index"] .ipsResponsive_hideTablet .ipsToolList_primaryAction{display: none;} Also, the language reference for the mouse-over label for the Peek All tooltip has a typo.
  3. Has anyone been able to confirm if this will work after upgrading to 4.6?
  4. For those wondering, this doesn't work in 4.6 based on my testing. Even though 4.6 has an anonymous posting feature, this plugin was much much better. In fact, now that this 4.6 feature is more mainstream but SO basic, maybe your plugin would have an even greater audience (as an improvement of a base feature) versus previously being a rather niche and unique idea? Just a thought! The fact that it could force anonymous posting for specific groups or not, and for specified forums was always so important to me. The worry was people "accidentally" posting as themselves meaning to be anonymous but forgetting to toggle the switch which this plugin handles, but 4.6 does not. Also, keeping mods and even admin-level people from easily unmasking users, and logging who HAS unmasked made me love this plugin even more. Part of reasonably anonymity is making it not too easy for staff to unmask, which yours handled quite nicely. And I loved the option of either creating a dedicated dummy account to ascribe authorship to, or just letting it do a guest hash. Seriously, 4.6's ability is SO BASIC compared to yours. 😞
  5. Brainy S.


    I had this exact question as well. Do you think there any potential ways this could be handled in the future? Perhaps an ability to highlight, favorite, or feature one or more particular episodes from a series? Just wondering, thanks!
  6. I am wondering if my conversion speed results into a new IPS 4.5 install are typical or not, and if anything can be optimized to speed up the converting process. I will need to be doing several tests before doing a "live" conversion where I take the old system down, so I am trying to do everything I can to optimize the total process and by far and away the speed of the conversion (specifically of the volume of posts) seems to be the biggest bottleneck. The linux server itself is only hitting about 600 MB of RAM usage (with 15GB+ free), Only a couple CPU cores are at about 25% CPU usage during conversion, I am getting about 800 posts a minute converted, but that comes to a max of only 1.1 million post conversions per 24-hour period. My expectations were that something like this should only take a couple hours at most. Is it just me, or is this extremely and conspicuously slow? Can anyone share their experience in terms of conversion times? Are there any significant IPS settings (Or MySQL, or PHP, etc.) from the default that could be drastically reducing my speed, or any changes from the default that could noticeably speed this up and better utilize my resources? In my case, the conversion is taking place from a local MySQL 5.7 database from a local copy of a MyBB install (the live being on a whole other server) on Ubuntu 20.04 on a brand new VPS. My testing plans involve doing a couple test conversions before doing this on the live site, but at these speeds the site would have to be taken down for much, much, longer than I planned.
  7. Is there a demo site currently available for the latest version? Does it still require control-enter when adding a message to the chat? Are mobile users able to view the Live Stream while still being able to chat or does it take the full screen? Have the problems been worked out and believe it should all be working well now? Or are some people still experiencing problems?
  8. Does it allow different members to have different things they are quitting? If so, is this set by the member themselves, or are the options set in ACP the member can choose from, or something else?
  9. Hello, I've been testing out your latest update 1.4.0 (final) of this application and have run into a problem trying to delete any answers from questions in a multi-correct quiz type. I cannot get this function to work at all. Here is how I finally tested it in the most simple way: Create a new quiz of type: Graded Mode: Multiple Right Answers Added "Test" for Title, and "Test1" for description. Click "Submit Quiz". Click "Manage Questions & Answers". Click "Add the first questions". Enter "Test" for the text of the question". Click "+ Add Answer" and "Save". Click "Delete Answer" and "OK". I get the error: Page Not Found. Error code: 2S136/B The URL it tries to open is (where I removed the first part of the URL) .../index.php?/quizzes/quiz/22-test-2/&do=deleteAnswer&q_id=5&a_id=10&wasConfirmed=1 To be clear I've not been able to delete any answer from a multiple right answer quiz at all. I've tried with multiple correct/incorrect answers, just the correct answer, just an incorrect answer, and even changing an answer from correct to incorrect. I believe the issue is something with the URL it tries to use.
  10. It would just be so that guests to the site can play a quiz for fun without registering. It would just enable unregistered visitors to play. They would just need to see their quiz score once when the finish the quiz and that's it.
  11. Would you ever consider making it so Guests can play quizzes? Or is this not really possible with how it's designed? If this would be difficult, I wonder if having a "guest player" quiz account might be a work-around? And to have a feature where this app could let you specify a single Admin-created registered "guest player" account that could ALWAYS replay quizzes?
    This is really a great feature add-on. It creates great-looking marked up messages and handles fonts, alignments, bullets, etc. fairly well. My users really love this plugin. No problem working still on 4.4.x.
  12. Thanks, I wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something obvious!
  13. Is there a way for a user to view and download all their posts? If it's not built-in, is there any paid plugin that has been written for this? Or is there a way even for a Moderator or Admin to do this for them?
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