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  1. When you add the new quiz type that supports multiple right answers, would it possible to have weighted answers such as: A. Correct (1 pt) B. Correct (1 pt) C. Incorrect (0 pt) D. Incorrect (0 pt) E. Partial Credit (0.5 pts) F. Partial Credit (0.25 pts) If that is not the plan, would you consider adding this feature?
    I have gotten so much use out of this! I have never been able to get PHP working with it though, at all. Not even a basic "hello world". So I don't know if that's just me, or if that's long been broken, but being able to add custom HTML while using the following has been a huge benefit to my site: Try using one of these: <div class='ipsMessage ipsMessage_info'>Info-style message</div> <div class='ipsMessage ipsMessage_error'>error-style message</div> <div class='ipsMessage ipsMessage_warning'>warning-style message</div> <div class='ipsMessage ipsMessage_success'>success-style message</div> <div class='ipsMessage ipsMessage_general'>general-style message</div>
  2. Great! The nav menu link is working and the new description feature is great. Thanks so much! Note: I did have to fully remove and reinstall the app, otherwise it would give me an error...which is not entirely unexpected in this situation. INSERT INTO `videodirectory_videos` ( `title`, `video_url`, `video_description`, `author`, `entry_date`, `c_id` )... So if anyone else had already installed the 1.0 version, keep in mind you'll need to uninstall it from what I can tell.
  3. One more thing...this should hopefully be it!!! 🙂 It looks like the "Categories" sidebar does not display properly on a mobile view/mobile-width sized device. On a normal desktop browser view, of course it is fine, but when you shrink the window width to go into mobile-nav mode, things are still good at "tablet"-ish width...but shrink it down further to the minimum "phone"-ish width the specific categories disappear. This was tested on the default IPS theme as well. And as you can see, my categories are not particularly long or anything either. I verified this on an actual mobile device as well, just to be sure. This is definitely an important bug I hope gets corrected soon. Also, I would suggest that the categories list be put above the video content in mobile-menu view, if at all possible. With a lot of videos on a mobile, before you can select the category you would have to go down through a huge amount of videos first to choose the category. I think even if you have to do this for both desktop+mobile view instead of leaving the sidebar categories in desktop view, it would be worth it. It's great if you can have the desktop/sidebar categories and a separate "above the videos" area for mobile, but if not...it's better they both be up there if you cannot easily make it desktop/mobile view specific.
  4. This should help: Note: These settings are what you should have for an Admin/Moderator, by the way.
  5. Thanks so much! Obviously everyone has a laundry list of ideas, but the description will help a lot. There is one more thing I wanted to point out specifically. It only took me 5 minutes to run into this, and 2 minutes for the other admin to run into this: If you click on the Nav link you get a "page not found" error, which looks really bad from the user experience perspective. So the main menu goes to: mysite.com/index.php?app=videodirectory&amp;module=videos&amp;controller=videos <-- (works as expected via menu tab) mysite/index.php?app=videodirectory&amp;module=videos&amp;controller= <---- (page not found using the nav menu)
  6. I think something right below would work well for most people, and have it be something entirely optional. And I could not resist and had to add rating stars as well. 🙂 My understanding though is that would take some work to add as there is a whole system for programming in rating-ability I think? But maybe for a future release I hope you will consider that!!! For now, the descriptions alone would be very helpful!!!
  7. I would like user-comments, video descriptions and star-ratings as well! And of these, I assume that adding a description feature would be really easy to implement?
    (to the other reviewer) You have to add permissions by Group (under the standard AdminCP Member/Groups) in order to access this. Note: even Administrators will need to have permission turned on to access application, that's what you're seeing. Please post in the Support Topic to at least give the author a reasonable chance to reply before posting a negative review. ____ My Review (running on 4.3.5) This is a really nice application!!! It's great for creating a page of embedded Youtube videos. I consider it very nice that if you add a non-Youtube video it will still add it, and the user can click the link to it...it just won't embed it...however it does leave a blank space for a picture. Now maybe (probably?) being able to do this was an unintentional feature, but I definitely am glad it's there...and if it would show a generic video icon that would be really nice. Please add support for the star-rating system at least, and ideally "comments" as well. That would really take it over the top!!! Also, I think on the programming side it's very easy to add "Vimeo" support in addition to Youtube (something to consider). Tips: Aside from adding Group permissions in Member/Groups, for those who've not had the experience (just like all the other YouTube embeds in any plugin/app for IPS I've seen) you do need to change the YouTube URL into the "embed" style URL. And, you'll need to add this application to your menu (it doesn't get added automatically).
  8. I've discovered that if you turn off "Cache page output for guests" in Advance settings, it will no longer show any Clubs for guests! However, the plugin still behaves inconsistently and unreliably with the ""Only Forums from Clubs that I am member" option, even aside from the Guest situation. It's also worth noting I already had caching set to "none" in the first place (Even before disabling guest caching). I'm wondering if anyone does have the "Only Forums from Clubs that I am member" 100% working for them?
    Nice Widget! Works great.
  9. Having continued to test this, my description of the issue is totally holding up. I should clarify though that it's not just Guests who see all clubs that anyone has checked out since the last cache refresh, but even a regular user who signs out and back in will also see any open/public clubs belongs to if that person has longed in. I'm not sure to what extent this can be totally fixed or not... all users seeing any other open/public clubs that another use has joined who has longed in since the last cache fresh, or if something can be done to the cache settings to mitigate this behavior. But personally I'd be perfectly fine with a hard coded kill switch the keeps guest accounts from seeing club forums through this plugin, if nothing else.
  10. I have determined this is apparently an IPS cache-related issue. After much experimenting reading the other comments above + my own inconsistent experiences with this I tried the following test: 1. Clear IPS cache. 2. Log in with an account belonging to an open or public club. It shows up fine as it should... only that club shows up in the forums list. 3. Log out of that account. As a Guest that previous club is still showing up. 4. Even trying a new private browser window, that previous club still shows up to the guest. 5. Clear IPS cache. 6. That club goes away as a Guest. Conclusion: It seems like anyone who logs in as a member who has joined any open/public clubs, those clubs become visible to Guests until the cache is cleared.
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