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  1. I've been working with Adriano for a couple of years now. I use a lot of Adriano's plug-ins on my site, and I soon realized he is very knowledgeable, super helpful, extremely responsive, and routinely goes out of his way to help me in whatever way I need. Adriano has even responded and assisted me when he was away on vacation - which shows how willing he is to go above and beyond!! So it wasn't long until I decided to ask Adriano if he would help me on an ongoing basis to keep my site updated by handling all of the software updates, including applications and plug-ins. Adriano agreed and I hired him to do all the updates for my site on an ongoing basis. This has been tremendously helpful for me as I don't need to worry about whether any of my existing plug-ins/apps will go haywire with any major software updates. Adriano handles all my site updates monthly and is excellent as far as keeping me in the loop about any major upcoming software update and always lets me know once he's updated my site. Adriano is also my go-to person when it comes to Invision and plug-ins, and I highly recommend any of his services! 🙂
  2. My site was updated to 4.7.5 this past Tuesday. Several hours ago, my site went offline and it seemed to be because of the bug in the most recent update. I was able to get back into the admin cp, install the 4.7.5 patch and that seemed to update okay. But a few minutes later, the site went offline again - just a blank page. The plugins are disabled now and I'm still unable to access the admin cp. I'm getting a 500 error that says site cannot be accessed at this time when I try to access the admin cp, but the site/forum is online and seems fine. please help me fix. thank you
  3. we already uninstalled that plugin and the site was still messed up the author of the plugin says it's not his plugin I just bought this plugin yesterday - what are my options on a refund?
  4. I just updated the information for you. let me know if you need anything else.
  5. this started yesterday afternoon after I installed a new plug-in I manually removed the plugin from the server, and the site was fine. Plug-in was reinstalled this morning and the site was fine for a few hours. Then started having intermittent issues of site going down with various template errors and then it was fine. As I write this, the site is currently down. The plug-in is currently uninstalled. only other thing that's happened today is updating 2 plug-ins I've been using for over a year. No other changes. Flushing the cache didn't work either. here's the errors from the site: any ideas?
  6. apologies as I'm most definitely not tech savvy 🙁 one of my site admins is telling me we will be able to do this as you've outlined above once we take the site down and point the correct url to the new server. Ideally, I would still love nothing to do with tessorexia.com if possible after the fact
  7. the person who owns the url does not have access to my IPS account or license key. I just want to remove it from my account completely.
  8. essentially, I need to make my test url my actual url and delete the current site url
  9. I have a current license. The problem is that the license is tied to a url that isn't mine, I don't own, but still shows up in MY account as having the software that I purchased licensed to that url. ^^ that is not my site domain. My site domain is https://eatingdisordercentral.com so will these steps solve my issue??
  10. I have just migrated my site to a new server/hosting provider. The person who assisted me in migrating my site to IPS last year set up my site on a domain name not registered to me; therefore, I now want the IPS software I purchased to be licensed/connected to the domain name that I own. Please let me know what I need to do in order to make this change.
  11. I'm having a lot of difficulty understanding how this works. I don't understand if there is any direct (hard coded) or functional/organizational/practical relationship between IPS blog "categories", and your "collections". From what I can see they are 100% independent and unrelated. Can you comment on this? I don't understand how one assigns individual blogs to your "collections" or if that's not even the right line of thinking I create several collections (like food, travel, etc.) but it seems that every collection shows all blogs. Do users assign themselves to a certain collection? (like they do with IPS blog categories) Or is this done from AdminCP? Or, is this not done at all and I'm fundamentally misunderstanding things with this plugin. I'm learning towards a complete fundamental misunderstanding at this point on my part.... Fundamentally, I don't understand the use case (let alone "how-to", but let's start with the use case) of having blog "entries" or "comments" as part of specific collections. Wouldn't one generally want to have entires, and comments, wholly tied and associated with a given blog (or groups of related blogs) as opposed to have entires or comments grouped together across differing blogs? I know these are all fundamental questions, and if you want to use your demo site as an example to explain the "logic" behind things and make clear how the IPS categories versus your plugin collections interrelate, that might be really helpful hearing you explain things with your demo site in specific terms of IPS blog functionality versus what yours adds or the different approach it takes.
  12. Running fine on 4.6, although when I try to re-arrange the order of tags in the Manage Tags > Customize area I do get the error: "The CSRF protection key did not match. This may indicate a plugin or theme is out of date. Please contact technical support for more information." However this happened in 4.5 as well.
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