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  1. This sounds like a character set encoding issue. I would encourage you to submit a support ticket so our staff can assist and take a look at what might have happened.
  2. You didn't see this snippet from our 4.6 changelog from me shhhhh
  3. Do you have an example feed you can show us to better illustrate what you mean?
  4. It's far easier for us to advise if we can get in and see your configuration. That said, the legacy handler is never "automatically" used. It was set during a 3.x upgrade in the file storage handler configuration, and if the /screenshots folder (in your case) is web accessible, it should not be necessary. You should be able to edit the storage handler and adjust the "Custom URL" option to remove the PHP loader.
  5. This means your file storage handler is configured to use the legacy loader (which was necessary when moving to 4.x from 3.x if you were storing the screenshots outside of your web root directory). If those files are now web accessible, you can adjust the file storage handler custom URL option approriately.
  6. Gift cards point to /store/redeem (not just /redeem). I suspect what you are looking at may be something custom but without a link to the site it's hard to tell. You could also try reaching out to the site owner to confirm.
  7. The topic title is not a WYSIWYG field so I'm unclear what you are referring to. I'd be interested in hearing the exact steps you are taking, and the exact result you are seeing after.
  8. (Emphasis added) For those looking for a larger viewport or having trouble with attachments and so on, have you tried just emailing us instead? It all ends up in the same place on our end and might mitigate the concerns you're expressing interacting with a "quick chat message" style interface.
  9. This means the rewriting is not applying to your /api folder. You'll either need to continue adding the path after ? as you see in Matt's example, or you'll need to get URL rewriting applying to the /api folder (which may require the assistance of your host).
  10. In your constants.php add this define( 'DEV_USE_WHOOPS', false ); Refresh the page. Typically the error you are seeing is indicative of something occurring low-level triggering a PHP error (I've hit it locally before attempting to use an unsupported version of PHP for instance, as I have to switch around between different versions of things frequently). I recommend removing the above constant after confirming the underlying error.
  11. I expect the next release he was alluding to is 4.6, given that his post was in November and we haven't put out a major maintenance release since then.
  12. There is no requirement for Redis to persist data if restarted. Redis is used as a temporary cache. Any data lost does not represent a problem for the community software with a very minor exception not worth worrying about - you have the option to store "topic views" in Redis that are accumulated for a short period of time, and then they are saved to the MySQL database by a task periodically. If data does not persist, you might lose out on some topic views being recorded. This is probably not a concern if you are looking at fine tuning Redis persistance for performance in 99% of cases.
  13. I would submit a ticket - it looks like the image URL hasn't been "parsed" to set the correct base of the URL correctly. We'll need to take a look to determine why that is.
  14. You can restart Redis at any time - this should not log users out.
  15. Top 10 posts as per comments/reactions/voteups These are different metrics, so are you looking to create three different reports (in this case)? "Posts" won't have comments (unless you are looking at quotes of the post, but this isn't something easily query-able). For "voteups" are you referring to the ability in Q&A forums to vote a post up/down? Trending last month/year What is "trending" to you? You'll need to define this more specifically. Top 10 active users How do you determine "active"? Most recently logged in to the community? Most number of posts? Most reactions, most followers? You get what I mean. First you'll need to clearly outline the definitions for what you want to report on and then I'm sure someone can help point in a more specific direction.
  16. If you are using 4.5 and experiencing this issue I'd recommend submitting a ticket.
  17. Uploads have been redesigned for 4.6 to address this quirk which can happen with longer filenames.
  18. Times are shown in your local time automatically - there is no timezone setting as such, it's all automatic. Are you encountering a specific issue?
  19. Out of the box you cannot use raw HTML in topic titles.
  20. We do not have a planned maintenance release at this time.
  21. Not exactly, however 1) You could register MySQL Triggers directly if you wanted. 2) You could create a hook which hooks in at a low level, e.g. to the active record save() method, or even to the database class directly. It really depends on what you are after.
  22. If you're not seeing the option to reactivate I would recommend submitting a ticket at this time. Per your screenshot, when you cancel a product you can either "remove renewals" (which will let the product expire on its original expiry date), or you can truly "cancel" it (which cancels the product immediately).
  23. Just to be clear, we don't generally take an approach of downplaying ideas here. We simply have an internal roadmap and existing ideas we intend to explore and a finite amount of resources to do so with, so every thought has to be gauged and "ranked" (for lack of a better term) against our existing plans and other things we'd like to explore. Over time, an idea may gain more traction or prove more necessary, which is where it might seem we "embrace them in the end".
  24. Caching changes in an upcoming release mean that when a page is generated for a guest, that page will continue to be served to all guest visits for a period of time. That means a user could cause the page to be generated, and then 100 bots visit the page and see a cached image. Or a bot could cause a page to be generated and 100 regular guest visitors then view the page. Guest session tracking is not reliable due to caching and performance optimizations, and all bots are treated as guests, so what you are after simply isn't reliably tracked.
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