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  1. Tom S.

    4.4: AdminCP Notifications

    First! (Sorry just got excited 😄 ). Now let's have a read...
  2. What does square have that stripe doesn't? (When using it with the Commerce app)
  3. Tom S.

    Statistics for Blogs

    Could you not use Google Analytics for that?
  4. Excellent guide, Joe. You cover a lot of important aspects that people might over look. Would love to start using the Subscription Manager. Desperately waiting for it to be able to use coupons and offer multiple renewal options per subscription.
  5. Bump. This is currently still happening.
  6. When I first looked into how it all worked, that was my initial reaction. Seemed so restrictive and complicated. Especially when a website already runs pretty quick it’s hard to justify implementing it.
  7. Tom S.

    patch notes?

    Mark posted those details in this thread
  8. It's not a feature I'm very familiar with. But doesn't this option do what you are after? It seems to me that you can change secondary groups without affecting the primary group. I have not tested this.
  9. Yes, this solution is quite horrible. Offering a $0 plan to get around the "Force Subscription purchase when registering?" is not a viable option. As you've already pointed out: Signing up for a free product and getting asked to fill in billing information? What the hell.... Exactly. They are shown the subscription plan options or the option to register without buying one. So something like this: Which is what you can currently do with normal products.
  10. Subscription plans are missing the following setting that store products have: I would say that this setting is very relevant for subscriptions as you want to offer members the opportunity to buy a subscription plan as they register. This would allow us to keep the "Force Subscription purchase when registering?" setting to off. We just need members to be given the option. Thank you.
  11. Tom S.

    override bulk email opt out

    I don't see why giving the option for administrators to ignore the opt out setting is a bad thing. As others have pointed to above, it has its important use. If there is a security issue, how do I inform all my members about it? The only argument I can see to not having that option is to prevent administrators from "being bad/unethical" so to speak. However, I don't believe IPS should police the ethics of their clients at the expense of necessary features. If an administrator were to abuse that feature they would pay the price for it themselves in the long run. Besides, this doesn't really stop them as a simple script could just work through the database table changing all the opt outs to opt ins. Am I missing another reason why this feature was discontinued? Otherwise, it's silly that it's missing.
  12. What if you are the “vocal minority”?
  13. Tom S.

    Guest Terms issue

    Are you trying to achieve the Guiness World Record for fastest ever loading website? 😄
  14. Tom S.

    One cannot start community online quickly

    I would be more patient before coming here to complain.
  15. Tom S.

    Forum on mobile phones

    It's not full size because of .ipsLayout_container #ipsLayout_header header > .ipsLayout_container { max-width: unset; padding: 0; }