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  1. Hello, It's great that there is a statics section in the ACP that shows some useful info regarding sales and income on a basic level. But it would be great if it could give you deeper information about members buying products with renewals: What is the average number of months users renew a particular product What percentage of users that churn after 1 month, 2 months etc... If a product offers multiple renewal options. What is the percentage split between the different renewals options that people choose. Thank you for your consideration.
  2. Been asking for this for quite a while. It would finally make the subscription system a viable option.
  3. Not sure PayPal supports the option to create multiple billing agreements at once. Have you researched this?
  4. Could you say how and what broke for you with stripe? As it's quite a sensitive part of the app, no one should upgrade if they use stripe based on your warning. But I can't judge how serious the warning is from the information you have provided so far. Maybe someone from IPS can clarify the issue.
  5. Or even better, the dev files get updated automagically
  6. How is it better than stripe? (No agenda, just curious)
  7. Might be the wrong thing or out of date, but this says FF does not support it: https://caniuse.com/#feat=loading-lazy-attr
  8. I have no problems using the new support system except that now all the old tickets I once had are no longer visible. On occasion, they were useful to look back on when I faced a problem I had previously encountered. Also, a confusing or concerning aspect, is that you are opting to use Zendesk over your own software. It doesn't demonstrate much faith in your own product (support feature). This probably isn't a fair statement from me as Zendesk is a pretty big player, but just voicing my initial reaction to seeing the change.
  9. Thank you for the response. Concerning the no modifications part. Why is that not an option? After you build the version of the app locked to my community, could I not then have access to the code to make modifications (similar to the web app version)? And then it would be my responsibility that when you release an update for the app I would incorporate it alongside my modifications? Similar to how I do with the web app currently. (It might get complicated, but that's my problem). Essentially, I think it would be nice if you copied a similar business model that you use for the web version. As for instance, if I could not make any modifications to the web app, I would not be a customer of yours. The same case applies for the mobile app. You posted this as I was typing my question. This probably answers most of the above 😄 Please do consider offering some kind of partnership service for more customizability. I'm sure businesses will be willing to pay a higher fee for it.
  10. Very exciting. Could you explain how a white label system would work? 1. Would we be able to make our own modifications? 2. Would users have to first download the "Invision App"? I love the idea but I can't see how it would play out in my head.
  11. I think service workers are easy to implement (so I've heard)
  12. For those of you who would like to see the public facing site through the years, I put this together a while back: edit: I would add more recent ones, but I can't edit the post 😕
  13. This week I've been trying to implement the built in referrals feature from IPS and I just keep coming across limitation after limitation. It begs the question; does any one actually use this... So, another improvement I would like to suggest is that you add the option to allow referrers to earn commission on renewals of a product and not just the initial sale. Sadly, these limitations are stacking up and I may have to go ahead and build my own system 😕
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