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  1. Oh it's in Moderator CP. I was looking all over ACP. Thanks for your guidance.
  2. I realise this is a total noob question, but how do I create an announcement on my site (banner at the top of the page)? Thanks.
  3. I've made a topic about this before but I feel it's something that is severely lacking yet so useful and probably a fairly easy feature to implement. We need better statics about how our site is performing with relation to customers. Right now all we have are general overview of what was purchased and revenue. There is also some markets data which is nice, but we really should be able to see things along the line of: How long are users staying subscribed to renewal products (churn rates) How much are users spending on average per month What is the average revenue per customer What is the conversion rate of trial to paying etc etc... All this info should already be available within the database in some kind of form, we just need a nice visual way to interpret it and create reports. On a side note, Stripe has some reporting tools already on their platform but when I go there, it's empty. So I wonder could the API be better setup so that stripe can use the sales data coming from IPS? That would already be a big win. Thanks
  4. Hi, I wanted to know if IPS uses any kind of solution such a kafka to listen/react to database changes and trigger events. Basically, I want to trigger certain actions when particular changes in the DB occur. But it's much cleaner to use a system like kafka to just wait for the changes, rather than have to manually trigger them all over the place in code. Does IPS have such a functionality in place? Thanks
  5. I couldn't figure out from reading this article: I created a simple dropdown menu using this format: <!-- The trigger --> <a href='#elMyMenu_menu' id='elMyMenu' data-ipsMenu>Open Menu</a> <!-- The menu --> <ul id='elMyMenu_menu' class='ipsMenu'> ... </ul> But I want to be able the listen to open and close events. How can I create an event listener using ips.ui.menu? As a side note, a lot of these articles lack an actual example which would save people from having to post to the forum.
  6. They should do a similar approach to how Slack does it's reactions. You can react with any available emoji as well as add multiple reactions, and this works really well.
  7. What's the way to do that? Like so? \IPS\Dispatcher\Front::i()->run()
  8. Hello, When I run this line: ($tab has the value of 'comments') $record->commentReviews( $tab ); I get the following error: My guess is it throws the error when it hits this line in Records.php: return \IPS\cms\Theme::i()->getTemplate( static::database()->template_display, 'cms', 'database' )->comments( $this ); Can't figure out why this is happening though. Am I missing a step? I do run init.php already beforehand.
  9. Inside a record in pages, I've allowed ratings (out of 5). But once a user has entered a rating, it's fixed and they cannot change it. Why is that? I can maybe understand keeping it fixed for reviews. But it doesn't make sense for simple 5 star ratings. So my feedback is, please allow people to change their star rating. It's especially a problem if a user misclicks.
  10. Thanks Daniel! Looks to be working now 🙇‍♂️
  11. Hello, I'm trying to get a CMS record in a custom PHP script using: \IPS\cms\Records::loadFromSlug($id, false); But I am getting the following error: The problem seems to be when this gets executed: $this->container()->forum_override I don't know what the issue could be. Any ideas?
  12. Hello, I'm trying to create an extension following this guide: It says: But I don't fully understand it (maybe providing a quick example of setting one up might help 🙂 ). Am I suppose to create an extension as part of a plugin? And if so does that mean I have to create it as a hook? But I thought those are different so I'm confused. I want to create an extension for MemberSync so that I can run custom code when a user is created/deleted etc. Any guidance would be appreciated, thanks!
  13. Hi, I would like to execute some custom PHP after a new user registers. What would be the best way to implement that? It's important that it covers any new kind of signup. So whether they: 1. signup with usual flow 2. signup with social media 3. signup through checkout etc... I have no reservations to editing source code if that would yield the best result. Thanks
  14. Hello, It's great that there is a statics section in the ACP that shows some useful info regarding sales and income on a basic level. But it would be great if it could give you deeper information about members buying products with renewals: What is the average number of months users renew a particular product What percentage of users that churn after 1 month, 2 months etc... If a product offers multiple renewal options. What is the percentage split between the different renewals options that people choose. Thank you for your consideration.
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