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  1. What if you are the “vocal minority”?
  2. Tom S.

    Guest Terms issue

    Are you trying to achieve the Guiness World Record for fastest ever loading website? 😄
  3. Tom S.

    One cannot start community online quickly

    I would be more patient before coming here to complain.
  4. Tom S.

    Forum on mobile phones

    It's not full size because of .ipsLayout_container #ipsLayout_header header > .ipsLayout_container { max-width: unset; padding: 0; }
  5. I was speaking tongue in cheek. No offence was intended
  6. Learn to code people. Not being able to code in 2018 is more embarrassing than being illiterate. ...I kid, I kid, I kid. However, your statement implies that this app is not groundbreaking, which I think it already is in many ways. This app alone sets IPS apart from other community software providers. But certainly no objections from me to making it more "revolutionary and groundbreaking" 🙂
  7. I may have misunderstood what you are talking about. But it is clear which pages are for databases: I agree with the guys above. You have just used Pages incorrectly. I have done that in the past too. I shied away from the database section because I did not fully understand how it worked and what it was for.
  8. As this subscription feature is new, I am not surprised to see things like this crop up. You should definitely open a ticket!
  9. You should open a support ticket, if you haven't already.
  10. Tom S.

    Mailchimp Alternative

    Have you looked at SendGrid? They might be cheaper. Also, it is possible to set up your suite to send emails using your server. It won’t have the same tracking features though.
  11. Tom S.

    Profile Viewing Privacy

    Maybe something along the lines of... Profile restricted to followers only. This member is currently not accepting any new followers.
  12. Currently the Subscriptions section is lacking the ability to offer multiple renewal terms per plan. i.e. 1 month/6 month/1 year ... The only way to do this is to create multiple identical plans and set different renewal terms for each one, which is a very sub-optimal way of doing it. Ideally, it just needs multiple options like the old version for selling subscriptions had: Also, I'm yet to test this, but what happens if you use the tool "Convert to a subscription package" on a product that has multiple renewal items? Does it create multiple Plans for each renewal option? Does it just take the first one it sees? I wonder if this was an oversight when creating the new (and much improved) subscription system. Unfortunately for me, it's unusable without this feature. Hoping this gets addressed soon 🙏
  13. Imagine being that guy and complaining sites don’t work as intended. Some members are worth losing.
  14. Tom S.

    css errors on mobile

    I see it too on iPhone Safari.
  15. Tom S.

    my grief

    Just turn off Isn't that what you want?