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  1. Mentioned something similar a while back. Hope they look at it soon...
  2. Where do you get this tool from?
  3. Selling Subscriptions

    Thank you!
  4. Selling Subscriptions

    I agree. I imagine many of their customers would benefit greatly from this.
  5. My request to IPS is to please re-design the system to deal with subscriptions as its own thing. It all feels put together in a make shift way. In other words. When setting the type of product, there should be a 4th option: 1. Hosting Plan 2. Advertisement 3. Normal Product 4. Subscription With this 4th option you have the possibility to create new specialised logic, for example: a. Members moving up and down subscriptions more fluidly. (they currently can upgrade from "manage purchases", but if they go to the store to buy a different subscription level, it just adds a new one, rather than upgrade from the old) b. Members only being able to purchase one subscription at a time. (currently they can add multiple subscription to the cart and purchase them all because they are treated as "normal products". etc... Based on how many topics I see pop up relating to selling and managing subscriptions, it's clear that currently there are flaws and limitations. I believe subscriptions are too complicated to be treated the same as selling a "normal product" and deserve their own settings. Please please, pretty please
  6. IPS 4.2 backwards compatibility

    @steadyoptions I get your frustration but expecting IPS to account for 3rd party/custom modifications is absurd. But more importantly, wether you are right or wrong, things are not going to change. Best thing to do is accept it. Once you've done that, head on over to Theme Assistance and you will get plenty of help there to sort out your issues.
  7. IPS Navigation Menu Feedback

    To me a fixed navbar at the top of a page should not get in the way if coded properly. That must have been just a bad plugin, as you say Are we talking about the same thing? https://cloud.google.com/ What's wrong with how they have done it?
  8. IPS Navigation Menu Feedback

    May I ask Why? Just out of curiosity.
  9. I don't believe the Commerce app has been properly optimised to manage membership subscriptions. It works adequately but on closer inspection many flaws can be found. It seems crazy to me as I would expect many users to have a subscription model in place. I must be wrong as IPS don't seem to prioritise that app at all. Sometimes I feel I'm the only person using the app
  10. Here is a scenario: Step 1. A new user clicks "sign up". Step 2. They are shown items they can purchase. They add one to the cart and click "continue to registration". (ok so far) Step 3. They are taken to a page displaying the cart with the selection they just made and are shown two options: "continue shopping" & "check out" . We went from "continue to registration" to this page? Ok, I guess this step can be useful if they change their mind about what they want in the cart. However, it would be far more practical to deal with this during the previous step. (Let's assume the user then clicks "check out") Step 4: Next, they are taken to this page: WHAT? We have already established they are a new member! So, now they have to click on "Continue as New Member". In summary (current process): Sign up -> Add to cart -> continue to registration -> check out -> continue as new member -> complete forms When it could (should) be: Sign up -> Add to cart -> continue to registration -> complete forms New users should be able to see and manage the cart on the opening sign up page where they make their store item selections. Then when they click "continue to registration", we know they are ready and just go straight to the form! Sorry to go on a bit, but to me a new users sign up experience is so important this needs to be looked at. I hope you take these suggestions on board. Thank you.
  11. I want to sell two membership options. Currently, I can't prevent someone from adding both to the cart and purchasing them at the same time. Of course, It's unlikely a user will do that, but why not allow for that setting. I'm sure there may be other scenarios where you might want a user to purchase either one product or another. (especially ones that move users to a new member group)
  12. When all the items inside a group are hidden from a user in the store, the group itself should be hidden as well. Or at the very least give me the option to hide the group from the user. So, if I have a group called "t-shirts"" and I hide all the items inside that group from guests. They still see the "t-shirt" group in the store, but if they click it, it's empty. An alternative is to enable us to leave a custom message such as "Register to see our t-shirts".
  13. Notification button on mobile

    Putting the search button there wouldn't work well with how it's currently designed. As the search interface appears outside the "hamburger" menu.