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  1. Bitcoin Support for Commerce

    Oh I see, you can own part of a bitcoin. Got it. Thanks.
  2. Bitcoin Support for Commerce

    I'm confused and probably completely miss the point . But how does someone pay with something worth $4,666. (it's much higher now too I believe) To me bitcoin is less a currency and more a commodity. People buy it for its potential value rather than a means to purchase things with. If someone could explain to me how it works I would be thankful.
  3. I'm not sure what your definition of small is, but maybe posting it here might be a good option? Have you tried your script with PHP 7 or are you assuming it needs modifying?
  4. Downloads basket?

    I think one way of doing it is for each paid file in downloads to be automatically treated as a commerce product. So, then when a user adds a download file to the cart it goes in the Commerce cart. Then check out as normal. Because as far as I know, currently, the only link Downloads has with Commerce is associated files.
  5. November Wrap Up

    I really like the articles that discuss best practices and ideas on how to use your community. Keep those coming
  6. FTP Clients

    What malware?
  7. It is currently not possible to give your customers the option to manually pay an invoice early or wait for the automatic renewal to kick in once the product expires. If you set the option "Customer can renew" for something like 7 days. If they have a card saved it will automatically bill them immediately once the invoice is generated. (so 7 days before the product expires) It's not a good experience for the customer to be automatically billed a week before their renewal (if they have auto renew on). Yet, I still want to give the option for members who don't have their card saved to pay the invoice early so that their product doesn't run the risk of expiring. So, I'm left in a position where I would like to set it to 7 days but I can't set it to more than 1 day because automatic renewals should always happen as the expiry date is reached. I hope I was able to make myself clear and that the importance of this feature be taken into account.
  8. 4.2.6 - Is Redis now the better option?

    It's very easy to have a placebo effect with these kind of things unless there really was a big change. When we are talking milliseconds someone needs to run more scientific tests. Any volunteers?
  9. A Lot Of Typing

    Best advice I can give is make sure you stretch all the muscles in your hands and forearms regularly. And not just when you type. Do it when you sit at traffic lights, etc. Also, the stretches shouldn't hurt. Just pull enough so that you feel a comfortable stretch. You will feel the benefits over time.
  10. Mobile app?

    Totally agree. One idea is to go down some kind of SDK route, and just charge for access to the kit. However, it might only be useful for users with the technical know-how. So, maybe not financially viable. On the other hand, if I was IPS, the thought of being able to market my product as mobile app compatible would give me butterflies. Pretty sure that would be a game changer for providers of this type of software. Or has someone else managed it that I'm not aware of? IPS has always struck me an innovative bunch
  11. Mobile app?

    I think not only should it be white label, it should be freely customisable too. Similar to the product they currently sell. They give you the framework and you can mould it to your needs. I see very little value in a "generic IPS App". You would have to tell your users to: 1. download an app from a brand they don't know 2. tell them to search for our community among the many thousands on there 3. and still only receive very limited features that are predefined I suppose I have a different point of view on these things because the primary use of the IPS software for me is to provide a product/service and the forum/community aspect is a side thing that's nice to have. So a mobile app where they can't access all the services would be redundant. I don't just want them to get a notification because someone replied to a post. I want the ability to send a custom push notification that "this service needs your attention". I want them to be able to buy things, interact with custom pages, etc. Essentially the same as when they are in mobile view in a web browser. I would pay a lot of money for a mobile app framework that can be branded and edited like we can do with the current suite, and that would communicate with the desktop version seamlessly. I guess you would have to submit it to places like the app store yourself for approval. I realise that practically speaking this is probably not possible and has an uncountable number of complications, and would be best created independently. I thought I'd mention it anyway
  12. Show us your IPB 4 sites!

    Just checked again, and doesn't seem to be doing it anymore. The 3rd level menu was appearing way off to the right. Anyway, nice website!
  13. Show us your IPB 4 sites!

    Your 'Forums' drop down menu seems to not be working correctly.
  14. Mail Bouncer

    I use SparkPost to send emails. I installed this file a few weeks ago and it's completely blank. I just sent out a bulk mailing and it still shows: There are no results to display. What am I doing wrong? Please advise.
  15. Pages is an excellent application. After learning it's core functionality, I can see the possibilities of what you can create are endless (or by the limits of your coding knowledge). I think you got discouraged too quickly. I agree that it has a longer learning curve than some of the other applications. But, that's a result of (in my opinion) being the most powerful app IPS offers. Also, I don't think you should perceived the quote from IPS that you shared as negative. All they have said is that you have the freedom to do whatever you want and that if you break the site it's on you, which, is totally fair. The alternative is they limit what you can do with Pages and in that scenario everybody loses. (note: if you use correct practices that IPS outline in their guides, you won't run into trouble) I have a feeling Pages is one of the more popular applications. However, I can agree that to inexperienced people, Pages can be a bit overwhelming to begin with. Maybe more pre-made templates would help with that.