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  1. So, they could remove it by changing it.
  2. Interesting. In the past emojis have been removed if I remember correctly. They must have changed the policy.
  3. 🖕🖕🖕🖕 It will probably be removed eventually anyway due to people getting offended by it. And jquery would be a good catchall way to remove it from future and existing posts. 🖕🖕🖕🖕
  4. Tom S.

    5.0 - A Discussion

    At this stage, any discussion about 5.0 should be about the architecture (dev side) of the product imo. Unless a drastic new feature is planned that would warrant going to 5.0. Nothing the topic starter has suggested would qualify. All these features could be introduced in the 4.x series. (not that they should). Example topic: Should the dependency on PHP be reduced? Many modern websites work in a single page application type format. How about introducing technology such as React.js? What about using the power of Node.js? Could IPS software benefit from having access to npm packages? I think I remember IPS once saying 5.0 would not have a major overall with the architecture of the software. But, seeing how fast the dev world is evolving and changing, it may not be wise decision.
  5. Have you explored the idea of integrating recurly.com with Commerce? Seems like quite a powerful service.
  6. Another point about the Commerce API. It has a lot of Getter end points only. Having the power to post and delete in all these endpoints would be fantastic. Im trying to think from the point of view of creating a custom mobile app that communicates with the master web suite. Currently, I would have to create my own custom API’s to make it possible.
  7. From the point of view of managing subscriptions. So, the ability to disable renewals, upgrade/downgrade. It would be awesome to be able to sell a product/subscription and manage them using the API.
  8. How about more integration with with Commerce? Creating invoices, managing purchases, etc ...
  9. I would agree with this.
  10. If I understand correctly he wants something like what most charities offer. A way for people to create monthly donations of whatever amount they choose.
  11. Tom S.

    add FAQ to ips core

    If you want developement work you could hire a developer.
  12. It would be nice to be able to see a graph showing the browser usages for your site. I see you can currently do it for device type.
  13. Tom S.

    reCAPTCHA v3

    Isn’t “invisible reCAPTCHA” version 3?
  14. Does that include when a category has products but are all hidden from the user?