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  1. How many is a "large number"? If there are 50 or less (remembering off the top of my head here) we send the notifications immediately, but if there are more we queue the notifications to be sent by a background task. If we are sending notifications immediately, the speed of your email server will make a difference, but if we queue them then emailing is not likely going to be the problem. Do you use Elasticsearch? It's possible this is slowing down posting if the newly posted content has to be pushed across the internet to a slow ES instance. Any custom applications or plugins? Many are designed to do X when Y happens, which often includes submitting a new post or topic.
  2. I saw this topic and was waiting to see the same thing basically.
  3. A fix for the issues reported here is pending developer and QA review. Thanks for raising it!
  4. This issue is resolved for our upcoming 4.6 release.
  5. This may help: https://stackoverflow.com/a/24648506
  6. Yes if your permission setup isn't working as you think it should, I would recommend submitting a ticket so we can help you review it.
  7. PHP 7.3 should work with 4.4. I would double check that your server meets the requirements with 7.3 installed (perhaps you're missing a necessary PHP module in that build).
  8. Is that only for clicking on a member result when performing an IP address search? Anywhere else you've noticed this?
  9. No this is not managed in the groups area, it is managed by editing the module permissions as Daniel mentioned. 🙂
  10. Your moderators must have permission to see the draft in that case. You can edit moderator permissions in the AdminCP under Members > Moderators by editing the respective member/group moderator records.
  11. No, the intention is that for all intents and purposes these posts "don't exist" unless the guest completes their registration. They should be deleted automatically on their own via a task already.
  12. Verify in the Fields page which field is set as the title field. Then edit the records and make sure that field has a value.
  13. Someone ( @CodingJungle I believe) has a tool which helps support IDE autocomplete, however I'm not certain it helps with templates parameters and syntax.
  14. Sometimes our system will hold payments for approval. This is usually completed within 24 hours.
  15. Yes if you have a Yes/No field then it makes sense if "No" is selected we honor that in the search. We'd essentially need a checkbox next to the toggle that says "Ignore this" or similar to accomplish what you are after without limiting the current available functionality.
  16. CSS is pretty powerful but moving things around can be a little hacky if you're unwilling to edit the template (or create a plugin that does so). Hiding stuff is generally pretty easy (CSS display:none).
  17. If you sort by rating, then we sort by rating (so 5 stars would come before 4 1/2 stars). I understand what you're describing as a human but this is how the software works I'm afraid.
  18. You'll need to be a bit more specific. Does this template you are editing accept a user parameter, and if so what is the variable? Or are you looking to show this information for the current logged in user?
  19. Might be worth running some checks here as well: https://mxtoolbox.com/blacklists.aspx
  20. If this is for all themes, a plugin which imports your JS is your best bet. If this is for a specific theme, go to the themes management area in the AdminCP and click the dropdown arrow next to your theme, then choose Manage Resources. Upload the javascript file, and then the table will show you the resource tag to use to point to that file's URL. You can then import this into your template using something like <script src='{resource...}'></script>
  21. That error would make me think you have a "Non-registerable name" set incorrectly (maybe a blank value or something was added during the upgrade), or you have the display name character limitations configured incorrectly. Check both of those areas in the ACP.
  22. Indeed as has been mentioned, word expansion changes are not retroactive. Your changes apply from that point moving forward.
  23. As noted above, it's probably best if you submit a ticket so we can take a look directly.
  24. This is for attachments and will not apply to things like Gallery images or Pages record images (but would apply to attachments in either application, e.g. to comments or the body of a Pages article). Within Gallery if you change the dimensions of the images to store you will be prompted to rebuild Gallery images Changes to a Pages record image are not retroactive - there is no tool to rebuild the existing thumbnails.
  25. Go into phpmyadmin in your cpanel control panel and sort the database tables by size. There may be cached page outputs stored that are consuming a lot of space, or the log table may have grown large in size. Both of these tables are fairly safe to purge if so.
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