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  1. When I ran it manually, it still didn't work. The logs are empty unfortunately. In the table you mentioned, I did find it... member_registration_complete and the details are the account I just tried to create. However, the status is "pending"... In fact, all of them are pending... So they're kind of stuck (?)
  2. That's quite strange, I'd assume it was my fault if it wasn't because not even Zapier worked. I'm trying to run member_registration_complete I think my webhooks may be broken. Can you test if member_registration_complete works on your end?
  3. @Daniel F I'm afraid the webhook is not being triggered at all 😅 ... it just won't be fired... I've tried with three different platforms (so three distinct webhook listeners), and even Zapier. The webhook is never fired.
  4. I wonder when do you think this release would be made?
  5. Awesome, thank you! hopefully it will be fixed... soon 🙈 this one is critical for me as I sync my members with the CRM, and right now I have to manually export and import over there 😅 Regards.
  6. Hello there, I already contacted support over this but they told me I should post it here. Creating a webhook with the following triggers: member_create and member_registration_complete will return incomplete data. Happens with both json or x-www-form: { "slug": "23-webhook-listener", "token": "dVA0Oa1", "{\"id\":null,\"name\":\"Invitado_danfelbm12345\",\"title\":null,\"timeZone\":\"UTC\",\"formattedName\":\"Invitado_danfelbm12345\",\"primaryGroup\":{\"id\":9,\"name\":\"Miembros\",\"formattedName\":\"Miembros\"},\"secondaryGroups\":": [ "" ] } another attempt: { "slug": "23-webhook-listener", "token": "dVA0Oa1", "{\"id\":189269,\"name\":\"danfelbm12345\",\"title\":null,\"timeZone\":\"UTC\",\"formattedName\":\"danfelbm12345\",\"primaryGroup\":{\"id\":9,\"name\":\"Miembros\",\"formattedName\":\"Miembros\"},\"secondaryGroups\":": [ "" ] } another attempt: { "slug": "23-webhook-listener", "token": "dVA0Oa1", "id": "", "name": "Invitado danfelbm1235", "title": "", "timeZone": "UTC", "formattedName": "Invitado danfelbm1235", "primaryGroup": { "id": "9", "name": "Miembros", "formattedName": "Miembros" }, "secondaryGroups": [], "email": "danfelbm1235@gmail.com", "joined": "2023-05-31T03:34:24Z", "registrationIpAddress": "2800:484:e97e:3826:d091:9e2:699d:7127", "warningPoints": "0", "reputationPoints": "0", "photoUrl": "\/\/content.invisioncic.com\/u325521\/set_resources_4\/84c1e40ea0e759e3f1505eb1788ddf3c_default_photo.png", "photoUrlIsDefault": "", "coverPhotoUrl": "", "profileUrl": "", "validating": "", "posts": "0", "lastActivity": "", "lastVisit": "2023-05-31T03:34:24Z", "lastPost": "", "birthday": "", "profileViews": "", "customFields": [], "rank": { "id": "3", "name": "Newbie", "icon": "\/\/content.invisioncic.com\/u325521\/monthly_2021_07\/1_Newbie.svg", "points": "0" }, "achievements_points": "", "allowAdminEmails": "", "completed": "1" } All custom fields are missing, actually ton of information is missing. In fact, if you see the "name" key/value, it says "Invitado" which means "Guest" ... And that "prefix" should not exist. The triggers are faulty. I'm a Cloud customer, so there isn't much I can do beyond reporting this...
  7. Sorry @Martin A. I don't think I got it... What is "plain file content"? If it's a PDF, what should I do?
  8. Hi there, According to the documentation https://invisioncommunity.com/developers/rest-api?endpoint=downloads/files/POSTindex I have to send the files as key being the name and value being the file contents... Does it mean base64? Kind regards.
  9. @Stuart Silvester Would that be related to the oauth error message I'm receiving?
  10. I opened a ticket as well @Stuart Silvester please help us. Today we are holding a very important event and people login via oauth, and it's broken unfortunately: People cannot login to participate and are really mad at us...
  11. Hello there, Is it safe to allow accents in Display Names? From a technical point of view: á, é, í, ó, ú, ñ... and its uppercase versions. Regards.
  12. 😞 "this site can't be reached", it may be Cloudfront! I'll try again in a few minutes...
  13. Hi there, I think it may be a DNS issue, but the website seems to be offline. (I'm on Cloud, so I can't really do anything to troubleshoot but simply report) Any advise?
  14. Hi there, https://invisioncommunity.com/developers/rest-api?endpoint=core/members/POSTitem How can I register the birthday date? I've tested rawProperties[]=birthday:12/1/1980 But it doesn't work... Any advise?
  15. Hi Gary, I need help 🙈 I sent an email 4 days ago, and another one today; but I may need to migrate asap. 🙈
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