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Special characters in Display Name

Colombia Humana
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I don't know about it being a security issue but it sure can make things difficult in some reports or when searching for certain items. Spammers love it too.

We settled on Aa-Zz [0-9] and _  for all names a couple years ago and that alone helped at least on a small scale to cut back on some spammers.


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Just to get all the possible views: I see no problem with it at all. It’s not the early days of the internet or the personal computer where sticking to ASCII was necessary or recommended to avoid technical problems. It’s the Unicode era now. If my user’s names are François, Käthe, Zoë, Carmiña, Åbjørn and so on, I am happy to have them use their correct spelling. The software can deal with it, search engines can deal with it. It’s really not a problem. 

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