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  1. Hey @doc! First off just have to say we purchased this theme not even 12 hours ago, and we're LOVING it. 🙂 Just a few things we happened to notice while trying to set up some new pages. Most of these issues occur between a window width of around 1400 px to 980 px (maybe fluid width is the culprit? not 100% sure how that works): 1, The div bar text seems to try stacking text, which causes "warns" and eventually "Likes" to be hidden by the blocks below it : 2, Some text seems to spill out of the containers a bit, is perfectly fine below or above the screen widths above 🤔 3, S
  2. MPIQServicePointManager.CheckCertificateRevocationList = true; *sigh* sometimes it really is the simple things that can be missed that have the biggest impacts 😅
  3. Thanks for the response! => "Encoding/obfuscation of source code" Of course, I go through vigorous protection methods including string encryption, method virtualization and packing with even more obfuscation. (plus tamper checks, debug checks, program checks etc) => "Use HTTPS for your API calls" That is what I was doing , here's some sample code : var client = new RestClient("https://HIDDEN.forumflash.com"); var request = new RestRequest("/api/nexus/purchases", DataFormat.Json); request.AddParameter("key", "BlahBlahBlah"); // Enter in Api Key request.AddParameter("custo
  4. Hello Invision community! a couple of points before i get into my topic : - This is our first ever website, so please forgive my "noobness" in this topic (among many others)... - We are subscribed to the cloud service, updated to 4.5.2. - I am not that familiar with SQL, PHP etc.. I am MUCH more comfortable in C# using RestSharp or HttpWebClient. - I am not all to familiar with web requests as a whole, just started using RestSharp and HttpWebClient in february heh... So me and my partner are currently using commerce to sell and generate license keys, which would allow access to s
  5. Hey there @TheJackal84 loving the product so far, and will likely be checking out your Code&Voucher add-on in the near future 😉 Just have a few questions! 1, is it possible to set up multiple point values, instead of having one universal "Points" system? ie : User earns "Profile Points" for posting, commenting, reactions, used to purchase "X" Item User earns "Discount Points" for buying items, leaving reviews ets, used as a discount on subsription costs etc etc 2, any news on an accessible API for this? Would be cool to be able to implement some of the fun item purch
  6. Hmm, toggle seems to be there for me (Also cloud user, also on : 4.5.2)
  7. Yeah! It's definitely a lil weird cause it returns field_##, took me a couple weeks to get used to making RestRequests here 😛 CustomFields on a purchase/member request are similar as well : Request.AddParameter("customField[#]", "StringValue"); 😉
  8. i mean.. in c# using RestSharp it's something along the lines of => var Client = new RestClient("WebsiteUrl"); var Request = new RestRequest("/api/cms/records/{dID}/{rID}" + "/?key=Api Key With perms", DataFormat.Json); Request.AddUrlSegment("dID", 6); Request.AddUrlSegment("rID", 1); Request.AddParameter("fields[24]", "This changes record title"); var Response = Client.Post(Request); if (Response.StatusCode == HttpStatusCode.OK) { // Convert Response.Content and/or Response.Data to class object } else Console.WriteLine(Response.StatusCode);
  9. Quite right @RocketStang, the forums here are full of information, and active staff/members help whenever they can. It's great to not have to rely solely on staff support (they need time to eat and sleep too after all 😉 ) Quite honestly, I think my only complain/suggestion is the documentation, which feels strongly focused on self hosting (but let's be real, that is their money maker!), and kinda left me as a cloud subscriber feeling lost when starting out. Specifically in regards to connecting and communicating with the site externally, but we can chalk that up to my lack of SQL experie
  10. Just gotta throw it out there for any new potential customers, and to let staff know they're appreciated : Support : The few times I have ever needed support from Invision themselves, have always been answered in a timely manner, and "to the point focus", and I love it. Staff has always made a point of answering all my questions in a message, and I find that lacks in alot of other places. A+ support 🥰 Service : Out of 7 months of usage, I think we have experienced 1 "downtime" period, and for only a few hours. I currently use the Cloud package, and I gotta say it works pretty well o
  11. What if we're using the cloud community and cant seem to FIND a marketplace tab after updating to 4.5? 😅 Like.. the 4.4 version still seems to work fine for now i guess.. the update notifications just really annoying 😅
  12. Sorry for the delay in response, Busy few days! I will try to install it again sometime tonight.. maybe it was a user error on my end that i'm oblivious to. Is it possible an existing plugin/theme is messing with functionality? I'm still kinda new to invision and all this fun jazz... meaning like a restricted access account that has limited permissions to the admin cockpit eh? ** Update ** uninstall / reinstall # 1 : Plugin would not stay enabled for the life of me 😅 uninstall / re-install # 2 : Plugin would stay enabled, but would not show up on my site theme, or the
  13. Is this still usable and up to date? Paid for and installed on 4.4 on cloud, yet nothing shown in pics is actually popping up for me here...
    Honestly a pretty slick theme straight out of the box. Pleasantly surprised at the amount of configuration options compared to other themes i've tried / bought. No issues with it yet, but doubt they will affect the rating at all. Great work!
  14. So i'm using Invision community 4.4.10 on the cloud, and am running into a couple issues that i just cannot seem to grasp properly.. *Disclaimer : I don't usually do this kind of work so am jumping in head first and learning as i go 😉 * So biggest issue that i can't seem to understand : Custom field posting on a license. Why this is needed : First time user uses their purchased license key, we would like to make our launcher send a value that registers with the key, and saves within the customFields of said licence to help identify the user in future uses. (should note that our launcher
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