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  1. "Not to mention, there is a significant update to Pages underway." Oh God no, our applications are closely ingrained with pages xD might be time to move our databases to azure/AWS O.o One thing one of our admins can't seem to let go of: Version 5 will be available to all cloud customers correct? Including the ones still on a legacy plan?
  2. So again, we haven't changed how we handle Rest API requests in a long while now. The library performing said requests hasn't been recompiled in nearly a year as it's been stable until 7 days ago. This seems to be the most common error our users get (Again, we have not changed the type or frequency of calls) Like sure we've had a small influx of new users this month, but it's just replacing users that have already left our community. I would like some clarification on what classifies as "Too many requests" and "Short Time" please. We hardly ever have 65 unique users online on the website / making requests via oAuth at any given moment. Nor do I see any immediate indication of our site hitting our user cap in admin panel. According to admin panel: "Active user" graph Bandwidth usage: I don't see anything in system or error logs to indicate my users having connection issues, nor are Rest API requests made with an oAuth token actually logged in our logs (they're supposed to when checked no?) so I don't get to see what the users actually doing/experiencing. Could it be they're hitting a node that's under attack and therefore can't connect to the site properly? (they do report slow connection speeds via browser as well). Majority of users are fine, but it's the one's affected that complain the loudest 🤷‍♀️
  3. Also getting this issue, tons of 4XX errors on my RestAPI calls in the last hour or so. Couldn't connect to here via PC but had no issue via mobile however 🤷‍♂️ Some of my users have been having issues since December 24/25 at this point, and at least 1 of the sites mentioned above by @David have shown multiple servers offline the whole week while Invision status tracker shows no problem.
  4. I'll admit one use case was my fault.. Was trying to use 'ExecuteAsync' instead of 'PostAsync' to generate an oAuth token (whoops) However (and we have tested with multiple users): ever since December 25/26 once a user connects to our site on their 3rd -5th account -> ALL of their connected tokens start throwing 403 exceptions and wind up crashing their active sessions. Upon login we should only be calling oAuth/token for the token-> /core/me for user id/email -> nexus/purchases for users purchases, then query every active license for its custom fields (1-10 license) + it's corresponding records DB entry, as well as periodic heartbeat to /core/hello to verify token validity/site connection which doesn't seem like an "excessive" amount of rest API calls to me. Keeping in mind we haven't touched and/or made changes to the client side of the API calls in over a year.
  5. So has this problem since been fixed? While I noticed no "slowing" of our cloud community, suddenly users randomly get a 403 "Request could not be satisfied" error randomly while utilizing our sites rest API.
  6. https://status.invisioncommunity.com/ Tbf, does say systems under maintenance..
  7. My thread (while not 1:1, follows the same gist): Then I made a post ~ a year after because posting an image to a database records upload field would also not work, but I stopped getting responses on that thread. 🤷‍♂️ Either way, excited to see this change coming. Really need to go over the updates as I also just noticed new options for OAuth tokens 🙂
  8. Shameless Necro 🤷‍♂️ So any news on this? 🤔 I would LOVE to be able to set a records image (either via the code above, or externally via rest API on an upload custom field or something.) and have been waiting since 2021 on direct news about this kinda stuff 😅
  9. Nice to know I'm not the only one experiencing connectivity issues with their community. 🤣😅
  10. Rest API is also still unavailable on my end after multiple refreshes.
  11. My databases section has also gone *poof* 🙃 This is concerning.
  12. I'm not sure what has happened to my api tab all of a sudden? I am running the Super65 cloud managed plan and have made no significant changes to the site in the last 24 hours. This issue appeared out of no-where ~ 3 hours ago and is affecting my users. License key also seems to be having some issues? (possible root cause?) Attempting to take my license from this site, and pop it in my admin panel results in this message: (key deleted for safety)
  13. Thanks Marc! Email chain is ongoing. Though it was mentioned that the reason we're suddenly at 400gb of storage used is due to us logging every single api call we use externally. Afaik we've been using the same api keys for over a year at this point with no change in how logging is done (that I've performed anyway) and have never seen usage this high 😂 I even have a message where I point out to my partner our site is only at ~1.5gb/7.5gb, which means we've generated 493 gb of logs in 2 months?
  14. That'd be great! Anything you need me to do/provide on my end? And after some thought, I did install and alter a couple themes, and did enable download logs, though I don't think either of those would explain my 494gb/7.5gb storage issue I see in the client area. 😅
  15. Has happened again... Site was down for about 15 minutes.... Haven't changed anything of significance lately that I remember so not sure wtf is going on ?
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