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  1. Any eta on the update for this theme? :3 I saw you started rolling out some updates for other themes and got uber excited ❤️😉
  2. Any updates after 2 hours? My clients need to be able to connect to our site in order to use their software... Not looking forward to having to manually extend a ton of licenses ...
  3. Any info on if/when this will be coming to 4.6? or if its okay to use on 4.6? ❤️ Scared to update and break the theme.. heh 😅
  4. Are we able to post images to a custom database via rest API yet? 🙃
  5. I'm assuming solution in the meantime would to be use some sort of external file storage, and post urls between that api and the rest api for our site? The end goal here is to have software running on a users PC that will broadcast an image of said software, and some basic data to a database where users can only see their own posts. This would allow users to keep track of the software while on the go using a "Remove Viewer" page on the site. Though this has been a tad bit of a struggle due to this issue 😅
  6. Hey guys, I've created a database with a field labeled Image & have set the field type to Upload The goal is to upload images to this field using the API : YourSite.com/api/cms/records/{database_id}/{record_id} Although I am not entirely sure how to correctly attach the file to the POST request, I've tried : Sending the base64 information of the picture through the body of the request with the key fields[67] (the same field as mentioned previously) Sending the physical file through the body as under the key fields[67] Sending both the Base64 info or just the attached file as raw binary. All of my tests have been down via Postman. Please if anyone has any suggestions on where I may find some more info, That would help a lot thanks.
  7. I feel that. The pandemic has made things crazy! O.o One more thing I noticed: "too much" text in the slider causes the title and bottom part of the text to cut off in mobile view (possibly something on my end)🤔 ** Edit** and maybe an auto scroll function for the slider? 😉 I was able to drop a JS snippet that changes the slide every 10seconds in the slider text boxes, but would be neat to see native support for it if possible 🙂 Thanks for all you do mate! Even with a bug here and there this is still one of the best looking themes we've used 😉
  8. Any chance this update is going to fix any of the issues i mentioned above? 🙂 Love this theme, but my users are constantly ragging on it due to various visual bugs that make it difficult for them to use the site while it's in a smaller view, or even on mobile.
  9. Hey @doc! First off just have to say we purchased this theme not even 12 hours ago, and we're LOVING it. 🙂 Just a few things we happened to notice while trying to set up some new pages. Most of these issues occur between a window width of around 1400 px to 980 px (maybe fluid width is the culprit? not 100% sure how that works): 1, The div bar text seems to try stacking text, which causes "warns" and eventually "Likes" to be hidden by the blocks below it : 2, Some text seems to spill out of the containers a bit, is perfectly fine below or above the screen widths above 🤔 3, Some blocks don't seem to theme properly using a 2 column setup (can see examples above) . Single column works fine, haven't tried three yet but single works for us at the moment 4, Our Discord login button (Brilliant Discord Integration) is greyed out by default, but looks perfectly fine when you mouse over it. 5, The theme with chat box seems to work great in a single column view, but if you throw it into the sidebar or go to 2+ columns it becomes nearly impossible to use text field.. And lastly I just had a couple questions/requests! - Would it be possible to auto scroll through slider? IE: Go to next slider every 15-30 seconds or so. - Would an option to keep site name up top be a possibility when using an icon? Ours is a small image and I quite like how the theme had our site name displayed up top 🙂 - Is it possible to get user input on bottom of chat box? up top just feels...off 😅 Thanks for all your hard work, and sorry for the wall of text! Another problem I seem to encounter is spilling text while looking at forum sections (mobile view)
  10. MPIQServicePointManager.CheckCertificateRevocationList = true; *sigh* sometimes it really is the simple things that can be missed that have the biggest impacts 😅
  11. Thanks for the response! => "Encoding/obfuscation of source code" Of course, I go through vigorous protection methods including string encryption, method virtualization and packing with even more obfuscation. (plus tamper checks, debug checks, program checks etc) => "Use HTTPS for your API calls" That is what I was doing , here's some sample code : var client = new RestClient("https://HIDDEN.forumflash.com"); var request = new RestRequest("/api/nexus/purchases", DataFormat.Json); request.AddParameter("key", "BlahBlahBlah"); // Enter in Api Key request.AddParameter("customers", MemID); // Pass id from member request request.AddParameter("active", 1); // Check active purchases var response = client.Get(request); if (response.StatusCode == HttpStatusCode.OK) { dynamic resp = JObject.Parse(response.Content); // do stuff with object. } But the user seems to have figured out how to view the request page... and that kinda just returns a page of plain text where as he put it : "are sent to a page where all the info is stored in plain text, allowing you to download a local copy and reroute the api calls to your own server..." and i guess that's where im struggling, and letting him see all this " and ensure that the server's certificate is strictly validated "
  12. Hello Invision community! a couple of points before i get into my topic : - This is our first ever website, so please forgive my "noobness" in this topic (among many others)... - We are subscribed to the cloud service, updated to 4.5.2. - I am not that familiar with SQL, PHP etc.. I am MUCH more comfortable in C# using RestSharp or HttpWebClient. - I am not all to familiar with web requests as a whole, just started using RestSharp and HttpWebClient in february heh... So me and my partner are currently using commerce to sell and generate license keys, which would allow access to specific software within a "Software Launcher" I have built myself. And it seemed everything was going smoothly until one of our users figured out he could re-route the request, and return a JSON string with falsified info (oops 😅), as I've pretty much built it to accept any old json string as a response. I guess the question here is how would I go about preventing something like this, or how do YOU currently do so? (even just tips, i'm not asking for an entire handout.. More than happy to do the "legwork" heh) I can send requests with either an API key, or using an oAuth token (client Credential grant type), but we would like to return some sort of "verification" through the returned content to take a step in preventing this (ie : Real Server IP, ssl cert etc maybe?) but I haven't the slightest clue in where to start to be completely honest, and would like to prevent wasting my time reading on subjects that might not even be supported here 😅 Thanks for taking the time to read (And respond if you choose to do so) Stay safe everyone!
  13. Hey there @TheJackal84 loving the product so far, and will likely be checking out your Code&Voucher add-on in the near future 😉 Just have a few questions! 1, is it possible to set up multiple point values, instead of having one universal "Points" system? ie : User earns "Profile Points" for posting, commenting, reactions, used to purchase "X" Item User earns "Discount Points" for buying items, leaving reviews ets, used as a discount on subsription costs etc etc 2, any news on an accessible API for this? Would be cool to be able to implement some of the fun item purchases in a 3rd party app/launcher, or award points for an amount of time a user opens/launches an application! 🙂 thanks for your hard work so far ❣️
  14. Hmm, toggle seems to be there for me (Also cloud user, also on : 4.5.2)
  15. Yeah! It's definitely a lil weird cause it returns field_##, took me a couple weeks to get used to making RestRequests here 😛 CustomFields on a purchase/member request are similar as well : Request.AddParameter("customField[#]", "StringValue"); 😉
  16. i mean.. in c# using RestSharp it's something along the lines of => var Client = new RestClient("WebsiteUrl"); var Request = new RestRequest("/api/cms/records/{dID}/{rID}" + "/?key=Api Key With perms", DataFormat.Json); Request.AddUrlSegment("dID", 6); Request.AddUrlSegment("rID", 1); Request.AddParameter("fields[24]", "This changes record title"); var Response = Client.Post(Request); if (Response.StatusCode == HttpStatusCode.OK) { // Convert Response.Content and/or Response.Data to class object } else Console.WriteLine(Response.StatusCode);
  17. I'm assuming your not cloud hosted? 🤔
  18. Quite right @RocketStang, the forums here are full of information, and active staff/members help whenever they can. It's great to not have to rely solely on staff support (they need time to eat and sleep too after all 😉 ) Quite honestly, I think my only complain/suggestion is the documentation, which feels strongly focused on self hosting (but let's be real, that is their money maker!), and kinda left me as a cloud subscriber feeling lost when starting out. Specifically in regards to connecting and communicating with the site externally, but we can chalk that up to my lack of SQL experience (c# + RestSharp works perfectly for me now after some initial struggle) . Some cloud hosting specific documentation would be pretty slick
  19. Just gotta throw it out there for any new potential customers, and to let staff know they're appreciated : Support : The few times I have ever needed support from Invision themselves, have always been answered in a timely manner, and "to the point focus", and I love it. Staff has always made a point of answering all my questions in a message, and I find that lacks in alot of other places. A+ support 🥰 Service : Out of 7 months of usage, I think we have experienced 1 "downtime" period, and for only a few hours. I currently use the Cloud package, and I gotta say it works pretty well out of the box, and is surprising what you can do with it 😉 Not to mention not having to worry about running the site it self is a huge relief 😂 Keep up the great work!
  20. What if we're using the cloud community and cant seem to FIND a marketplace tab after updating to 4.5? 😅 Like.. the 4.4 version still seems to work fine for now i guess.. the update notifications just really annoying 😅
  21. Sorry for the delay in response, Busy few days! I will try to install it again sometime tonight.. maybe it was a user error on my end that i'm oblivious to. Is it possible an existing plugin/theme is messing with functionality? I'm still kinda new to invision and all this fun jazz... meaning like a restricted access account that has limited permissions to the admin cockpit eh? ** Update ** uninstall / reinstall # 1 : Plugin would not stay enabled for the life of me 😅 uninstall / re-install # 2 : Plugin would stay enabled, but would not show up on my site theme, or the default Lastly i tried just updating the plugin with a fresh downloaded .xml : Plugin stays enabled and shows up on the default theme!! So i do use the Discord Nitro (Dark) theme on the site, and that seems to be what's blocking the "Allow Edit" text. With discord nitro theme : With default theme :
  22. Is this still usable and up to date? Paid for and installed on 4.4 on cloud, yet nothing shown in pics is actually popping up for me here...
    Honestly a pretty slick theme straight out of the box. Pleasantly surprised at the amount of configuration options compared to other themes i've tried / bought. No issues with it yet, but doubt they will affect the rating at all. Great work!
  23. So i'm using Invision community 4.4.10 on the cloud, and am running into a couple issues that i just cannot seem to grasp properly.. *Disclaimer : I don't usually do this kind of work so am jumping in head first and learning as i go 😉 * So biggest issue that i can't seem to understand : Custom field posting on a license. Why this is needed : First time user uses their purchased license key, we would like to make our launcher send a value that registers with the key, and saves within the customFields of said licence to help identify the user in future uses. (should note that our launcher is built entirely in c# , and i would prefer to keep it that way.) Retrieval of the license info is simple, and ezpz with restsharp : public IRestResponse GetLicense(string licenseKey) { RestClient client = new RestClient(website); var request = new RestRequest("/api/nexus/lkey/" + licenseKey + apiKey, Method.GET); return client.Execute(request); } and to GET the custom fields, i would just load them into a String/String dictionary... But posting the dictionary TO those values has been a tad of a headache. 😣 public IRestResponse PostLicenseFields(string licenseKey) { var dict = new Dictionary<string, object> { {"1" , "6666666"}, {"2" , 0} }; string json = JsonConvert.SerializeObject(dict, Formatting.Indented); var request = new RestRequest("/api/nexus/lkey/" + licenseKey + apiKey, Method.POST); request.AddParameter("customFields", json); return client.Execute(request); } This is what i have tried (among a multitude of other formats including sending a saved .json file, creating a json string from scratch etc etc..) and everything absolutely refuses to update the custom field values. But i can post/delete users, forums and topics no problem using something as simple as : public IRestResponse PostNewMember(string userName, string email, string password, int activation) { var request = new RestRequest("/api/core/members" + apiKey, Method.POST); request.AddParameter("name", userName); request.AddParameter("email", email); request.AddParameter("password", password); request.AddParameter("validated", activation); return client.Execute(request); } public IRestResponse DeleteMemberId(string memberId) { var request = new RestRequest("/api/core/members/" + memberId + apiKey, Method.DELETE); return client.Execute(request); } Am i missing something stupidly obvious.. or just failing hardcore(as is the usual for me 😅) Thanks for taking the time to read and to any responses 🙂
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