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  1. This will do absolutely nothing to stop copying images from your site. All it takes is Ctrl-U to see the page source including the image link, or a screen shot, a setting in some browsers to block right-click disabling, or using a browser extension. More than stopping anyone, what you will accomplish is annoying people trying to use the back/forward/print/paste controls. Also, because many screen readers require right-click, you're possibly running afoul of disability laws. 3 decades of failed blocking right clicks as "protection", yet it still persist! You're better off watermarking/digital fingering printing them then filing DMCA requests if they show up elsewhere.
  2. Unfortunately, Tapatalk does not provide exports. Their entire model is based around locking you into their platform and their support forums have countless complaints about it. I've been able to successfully extract Tapatalk forums including email addresses (which are not public facing) with an admin logged in scrapper in an MySQL database, which I then import into a destination forum. This includes pulling images into the forum attachment store. It took some work, but it's doable.
  3. There's not a one size fits all answer. Drive Fsync speed, available ram, database size, other programs, MySQL (or MariaDB) version, number of CPU cores, if Query cache is available what the cache's fragmentation rate is, whether full ACID compliance is needed or if they can live with a second or so of loss if a crash occurs, and so many more variables. There are many items that need to be tested, and benchmarked to do it properly. I don't suggest tools like mysqltuner - it will often give very bad advice and I've seen outrageous settings it recommended that people used which hurt performance. Its okay for getting an idea of a few basic stats.
  4. I agree with Marc on this. Out of the box MySQL, PHP-FPM, and opcache settings, in my experience, are rarely optimal. I've gotten an order of magnitude better speed from MySQL alone with proper tuning.
  5. The /tmp directory is often a partition set to a limited site, or a limited size RAM disk.
  6. Yes, you need to purchase a license. With that, you get a test installation location, and a live installation location.
  7. If it's a VPS or dedicated server, In the /var/log directory there should be a cron log. Its usually "cron" or "cron.log". It will list each cron job's run time and possibly error output. If it's not, and you're running this from something like cPanel cron screen, I've found that sometimes you need to replace the entire php "path/php" with just "php". If you get stuck, worst case let it run based on traffic.
  8. Google Analytics lets you setup events to track. I suggest reading Google Analytics documentation and using their UI? Setting URL tracking goals is one of several prominent features they have. Don't know what you mean about tracking purchases through Google Ads. Once someone leaves your site via an ad, they are on someone else's site to track, not yours. ?????
  9. What version of MySQL is the server running? That's very odd (and old) to not have UTFMB4 available.
  10. If you're still having issues, please add as much detail about the problem as possible. This may be something which does not require someone to go hands-on with your website, with help here in these forums. Hopefully saving you some money.
  11. Redirects are cached by browsers, so try a cache flush and restart.
  12. Based on this, I'm inclined to think that even if you have fast transfer rates for your wireless connection with 4G or 5G speeds, there's probably a lot of latency on the connection. Sometimes this is from many people sharing the same local tower. One thing that can help is making sure your web server supports HTTP/2 connections. One of the goals with HTTP/2 was reducing latency with wireless connections. Brotli compression will help somewhat as well. If these settings are not available to you (generally you need a dedicated server or VPS), then if you're not using Cloudflare I highly recommend considering it. The free tier is more than sufficient for most forums, and includes HTTP/2 as well as Brotli.
  13. Go into the Xenforo admin panel. From there go Users -> Custom User Fields Click each custom field, and make sure the display order is between 0 and 65535. Invision uses a smallint value for the display order, which means the maximum value it can hold is 65535. Xenforo uses a regular int, which can hold a value up to 4,294,967,295.
  14. There are so many different reasons a mobile version might be slower. Try this on desktop Chrome: Menu -> More Tools -> Developer Tools -> Network tab Change the throttle to Fast 3G. Put the view into a phone view. Now load your site. Is the menuing slow? Turn off throttling, reload and try the menu again. Is it fast?
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