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  1. Is there going to be an update for 4.2 please
  2. May I please congratulate Invision Power Services on their kindness in helping me with my board, as a registered blind person IPB 4.1 is an absolute godsend to me, nice to work with, and the staff and help are brilliant. You have made the suite that I can now use myself, or its very easy now to get help, and members really want to help. Its nice to still be able to do things myself and 4.1 allows me to do that, for how long I dont know, but for now I can and its a joy at last. Once again congratulations and thank you. Gerry & Calvin (my Guidedog)
    Just two small words that mean a lot " Bloody Brilliant "
  3. Thank you I cant read your post because it is too small and I am almost totally blind, I guess you told me off for posting but I could not see where you replied prior to me posting for that I am extremely sorry.
  4. I just paid for this downloaded the file and there is nothing in it but a _txt files what gives. please reply in large print as I can see very little. Would anyone be willing to install this for me.
  5. No mate I have deleted it, dont worry about it mate. This IPB 4 board is just driving me mad, just to old now to try and learn how to use it, and it is so difficult to get around. I am thinking of closing my board down mate its just too hard and expensive to maintain to the standards we always had. The marketplace has just gone way out of our reach. Thanks anyway for the help.
  6. Good man thats what my wife needed to know thank you very much.
  7. What I need to know Tom is exactly what I need to put and where, in otherwords the files into what directory you know the exact structure. In your instructions you put copy /UPLOADS directory but I cant make head or tail of what it is you want me to do mate. Many thanks Gerry
  8. Yes mate 1.0.5 Tom to be deadly honest to you mate, I have very limited vision and I have to use a very large magnifying glass to see a small amount and I am registered blind, my wife tries to help me. It seems to me that there is an awful lot of 3.4.5 files have been left behind when IPB updatede me to IPB 4 as I am having a lot of problems. I could just about get round the code in 3 but know nothing about 4 at all so I am stumped. Gerry
  9. I would love this, it is much needed, please please please
  10. hello Tom I am having a great deal of trouble with this buddy 1 No licence 2 It has no icons mate 3 When I input anything it just shows (please see snapshot), 4.The buttons wont appear, and as there are no instructions mate I just cant get this to work, can you help me please.
    Very hard for a novice, mine looks nothing like the screen shots, they must have been from a simpler version, and with no instructions I can not use it. Followed what little instructions there was but I just cannot get it to work at all. Not for a novice.
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