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  1. Thanks for the header plugin - much appreciated.

  2. Did you drop your themes?

    1. Tom Christian

      Tom Christian

      @Theme Tent UK is now supporting them.

  3. Any plans for the ideas that weren't implemented in the suggestion topic?
  4. - User authentication (login/register/reset password) - List categories - List forums - PM's (CRUD) On the subject, better marketplace integration e.g. get account credit. I wrote a bot that scrapes this for my own use but would be nicer to have an endpoint.
  5. Hi Tom - I saw your themes in the marketplace today and I liked them. I was wondering if you ever work directly with clients? I have an IPS site that needs to have it's software upgraded (we are running 3.4.7 which will no longer be supported next month so we need to move up to 4). We also need to update the look of our Forum to match the updated look and color palette of the rest of the site.

    Let me know. Thanks! Debbie

  6. Could you please reply to my messages? I think I deserve the support that you promise in your description. I contacted you here and at your site a few days ago. No reply whatsoever. What kind of support is this? can I get a refund?

  7. It's incredibly simple, it will most likely never require an update unless IPS dramatically change the header.
  8. Thanks for the feedback. Much appreciated I've added it to my backlog and hope to get to it soon.
  9. Not officially but I've not seen any compatibility issues locally. So it should be fine to upgrade (be sure to try on a test board first)
  10. No... but I would always recommend downloading a copy of your theme in its current state before upgrading, just in case.
  11. Thanks for explaining Did that fix the issue for you, Gerry?
  12. Hi Gerry, We'll get there soon! With this plugin, due to limitations in the core software, there is a step that requires you to manually upload some assets to your FTP server. Did you complete this step? If you'd like me to do this for you, we can chat via private message? Tom
  13. Hi Gerry, Sorry to hear you're having trouble. You purchased this on the marketplace right? You won't receive a license. (Licenses are only for customers purchasing on ipsthemes.com - http://ipsthemes.com/documentation/find-your-license-key/) It looks like something has gone wrong on the installation. I assume you have seen the readme file inside the download package? This provides basic instructions. Can I also confirm that you're trying to install version 1.0.5 of the plugin?
  14. No license key if you purchased here on the marketplace I'll look into that batch error. Thanks for the report. It's not do with the license
  15. You could apply some css that targets the tabs and adds an image icon as a pseudo element. What's your board url? I'll give you an example
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