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  1. where do I find the button to enable image record? I uploaded the image in the article as an attachment
  2. hi, sorry but I set everything but the article does not appear in the attached picture as I have to set? thank you
  3. I'm talking about your theme, in the attachment you find the screenshot. What should I enable to view the attached image as well?
  4. hi, how should I set to see the attached image in the article preview in pages?
  5. I can not find the sharing item, you can send me a screen. Thank you
  6. Hi, creating a plugin block in the image will appear a line what can it be? Thank you
  7. Hi, please, I've done a lot of tests and I can not figure out where I'm wrong, I could not see the pictures ...
  8. Hi, I think I have set everything fine but it does not show me the imagery of the articles, where am I wrong?
  9. Hi, I long ago had an IPB license now i want to renew it but i saw that there are cloud plans you can buy in the old way without the cloud service? Thank you
  10. Hello, has taken steps to fix the skin? Thank you
  11. attached screenshot IP.Board Skin (DISATTIVATA) after clicking on the facebook button, and sceenshot skin CuoreSportivo344 after clicking on facebook button only increases the number of I like it. I insert the attachment well as ticket assistance made ​​IPB IP.Board (DISATTIVATA).bmp CuoreSportivo344.bmp
  12. I tried again, here's the report: on the skin IP.Board (DISATTIVATA) with user connected to facebook share this post on facebook so it works as you can see in the attached image, Skin Cuoresportivo344 with user connected to facebook does not share the post. Please you can see better. infinitely thanks Immagine.bmp
  13. with the default skin of IPB do not need a facebook account, you can not make it like the skin of IPB?
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