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  1. Hi. Have you tried this way? Restore previous and working backup. Open administration and disable all plugins, applications and themes you have added. Rename all innodb tables, and use dynamic row format. Go to client area and download the latest version of the forum. Send with ftp the files and folders to your space, making sure to overwrite all files and folders. This is a manual update. See this guide to learn more Open the browser and proceed with upgrade from your-site/admin/upgrade If you can log into admin when finished, clear all the cache using the support option in the upper right corner
  2. Hi. Is it possible to update this? Thank you
  3. I apologize I confused the path with the sql path. Very sorry 🤐
  4. Hi. Yes in the conf_global.php- Change and restart upgrade
  5. Hi Marc. I don't have any plugins related to this problem. I think it is a problem caused by the system. I think the rss management was changed from Forum to System, but the keys were not removed with the next update. I contacted the other Italian translator and the problem is also present by him. Probably checking the translations in other languages would confirm this. A check from other users with the live forum from past updates would also be helpful. With the clean version the problem in the original language is not present. In my case I solved everything with this method I opened the database table core_sys_lang_words I followed the id of the two languages present (original and Italian) I manually removed all the rss key involved. Only the ones that were appearing with Forums app. The ones used by app system are correct. These are the tables I removed from the two languages. Following id of the original language and id of the Italian language Forums - rss_import Forums - rss_import_auth_pass Forums - rss_import_auth_pass_desc Forums - rss_import_auth_user_desc Forums - rss_import_details Forums - rss_import_invalid Forums - rss_import_preview Forums - rss_import_showlink_default Forums - rss_import_topic_hide Forums - rss_import_topic_pre Forums - rss_import_topic_pre_desc Forums - rss_import_url Forums - rss_import_mid Forums - rss_run The languages are now correct and the translation works well.
  6. I'm sorry for all this confusion. I am trying to figure out what is going on with these keys. Actually the ones sengalated above are correct. The problem arises with some rss keys that result in system and forum. One empty and one translated. Is this a problem, or is it voluntary? The keys with this problem are rss_import rss_import_auth_pass rss_import_auth_pass_desc rss_import_auth_user_desc rss_import_details rss_import_invalid rss_import_preview rss_import_showlink_default rss_import_topic_hide rss_import_topic_pre rss_import_topic_pre_desc rss_import_url rss_run
  7. Sorry the list of keys is not correct. Some were corrected when the new language was created. Please delete this and the post above this one so there is no confusion.
  8. We translators cannot know which tables may be wrong in this way. Wouldn't it be more useful to eliminate these useless keys?
  9. I apologize for the language. I try to explain myself and will do it again if needed with more examples topic_poll acp_notifications_name core_theme_set_logo_remove They are keys that we translate, they don't have the example translation, they are empty and we don't know how to translate. I found what two keys translate to give you the place where they appear in the forum
  10. During a check I found some keys without the translation example for a different language. This Translates the title of the content into the creation of the survey This Translates the title in the notification settings in administration. Those by pressing the bell to understand. This I can't find the exact point, but it is a function of the theme to remove the logo
  11. Hello. Have you tried clearing the cache in administration? Press on support and you will find the button to do it
  12. Hi. Did you previously have a constant.php file in your server? If the file was already there, you just need to add this code to the existing one. \define( 'CP_DIRECTORY', 'my new admin name' );
  13. For others with the same desire 1 2 3
  14. Hello. In administration you will find the notifications bell. Press there and you can change the settings
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