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  1. What were you doing wrong? I am having the same issue! Thanks, ~Lindsay
  2. My calendar block has gone missing. I cannot put on any events for my members! Forget Cinco de Mayo or Mother's Day! I have IPS 4.1.11 !!!! I cannot get it back it works fine on my Test Forums which is also 4.1.11 and both sites use the same plug ins and themes! Yes, I have tried disabling all third party plug ins and using a defalt IPS theme and it still does not work! If someone could explain this I would be eternally grateful! ~Lindsay
  3. D'oh! It was actually a .htaccess issue! I thought I'd already checked that out but I obviously accidentally replaced the file at some point which is what caused the communication issue. Thanks for making me do another check
  4. I thought that the error displayed for reusing a key inappropriately was something along that line ("already registered" or "invalid"). I've checked and we aren't blocking anything from invisionpower.com. It's very strange that the upgrade worked up until a couple of days ago. Obviously I've tried restoring the database and files from prior to the last successful upgrade (and I haven't made any changes to the server in that period) but now I receive the message above.The message does suggest that it's a comms issue, but I can't figure where/why.
  5. I'm aware of this, but this is the only test (repeated on the same sub-domain) and surely if that was the issue then the error would be something other than: "There was an error communicating with the IPS License Server...?" Also, wouldn't the upgrade from IPS 3.4.7 > 3.4.8 also fail due to a license issue? And surely I wouldn't have been able to perform this several times already with success? That's what's confusing me -- that this has been successful already, and it is now failing with the communication error message.
  6. Hello, I've run into the following problem installing IPS4: "Your license has not been provided. Please supply your license key in order to continue.... There was an error communicating with the IPS License Server...." I've installed IPS4 previously and successfully but I now receive this message. I can roll back to v3.47 and upgrade to v3.48 without even being asked for my license key. When I supply the license key with or without the "-TESTINSTALL" suffix and simply receive the same error (understandable if it's a "communication" error). I've tried using previous v4 releases that I know were successful and still encounter this problem. Does anybody have any suggestions how to resolve this issue because this is now holding up development of our site? All of the pre-install checks are passed, and as I say, I've done this a few times without any problems until now. Thanks in advance
  7. When upgrading to IPB v4 from 3.48 I continue to have an issue with the query for altering the prefix_core_sessions table. My IPB v3.48 DB doesn't contain a prefix_core_sessions table -- only a prefix_sessions table -- so I cannot run the first ALTER query successfully. Does anybody have suggestions regarding why this would be the case or how to address it?
  8. My server gave me the details to contact IPS. That is the message they received. There is a problem with IPB. Obviously it is Sunday and I cannot contact them. I don,t know what to do. There are thousands of members and guests trying to get on my sight! I have been a client for over a decade. I cannot get a hold of my Technician! ~Lindsay
  9. I use google Apps for one of my email accounts. I'm not familiar with BouncyMail(yet) but with google apps, it's acutally the google mail servers that process your email. Due to this, the email piping normally used for things like bouncymail will not work, as the piping would have to be enabled on the google servers. But, google apps mail does allow you to enable the pop3 email settings (you can enable it from settings->Forwarding and POP/IMAP in your gmail account). You could then use the POP3 settings of your gmail account with bouncyMail to get your incoming email. Hope that helps.
  10. This mod also conflicts with some other hooks. I found that another hook wouldn't work properly after installing this mod. I tracked the cause down to using include_once statements instead of loadLibrary, which means it will not load other hooks at that point, disabling any hooks that attach to classPostForms. The fix is easy, in the xml file, change this: require_once( IPSLib::getAppDir( 'forums' ) . '/sources/classes/post/classPost.php' ); require_once( IPSLib::getAppDir( 'forums' ) . '/sources/classes/post/classPostForms.php' ); $this->_postClass = new classPostForms( $registry ); to this: require_once( IPSLib::getAppDir( 'forums' ) . '/sources/classes/post/classPost.php' ); $classToLoad = IPSLib::loadLibrary( IPSLib::getAppDir( 'forums' ) . '/sources/classes/post/classPostForms.php', 'classPostForms', 'forums' ); $this->_postClass = new $classToLoad( $this->registry ); The reason for this fix is that IPSLib::loadLibrary is the method that overloads classes to install library hooks for the forum. Without this fix, any library hook on classPostForms will not work correctly.
  11. File Name: CCS HTML Field File Submitter: LindsayFL File Submitted: 29 Aug 2010 File Category: IP.Content Modifications This is my first modification for CCS and consists of a new field type and associated files to allow the use of a proper WYSIWYG editor within IP.Content databases and the article system. HTML can then be inserted into the articles database and edited either directly in the ACP or from the public side using one of the standard editors supplied with IPB (CK Editor, Code Press, Edit Area or Tiny MCE). The editor used is configurable from inside the ACP. Note that this is the first version of this modification. The code does work and all HTML entered into the database is filtered using HTML Purifier to avoid problems with XSS attacks. Please report any problems found in the discussion topic. Click here to download this file
  12. This seems to basically work, but there is a problem with the AJAX code to lookup member names. The problem is that the secure_hash value is missing from the URL. To fix it directly in the hook XML, before import, look for this code: var url = ipb.vars['base_url'] + 'app=core&module=ajax&section=findnames&do=get-member-names&name='; Replace it with this: var url = ipb.vars['base_url'] + 'app=core&module=ajax&section=findnames&do=get-member-names&secure_key=' + ipb.vars[ 'secure_hash' ] + '&name='; Now remove the old hook and import it again from the original file. Alternatively, after installation, apply the same change to the hookpostIndexNewTopicAuthor template bit in the 'Post Screen' section from the ACP. Note that you will need to make this change in all skins if using this method to fix the mod.
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