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  1. Scratch my last two posts. I figured it out, but where does it pull the image from? Is there a way to have a static image?
  2. I created a block from a topic feed and used the legend horizontal topic card 2 and tried to implement and it did not show anything.
  3. Purchased this, but silly question - do I create a block from the templates? And can this render designated topics? I want 3 topics to be highlighted at the top of my forum. Thank you for your assistance
  4. Is there Is there a new update? I'm running 4.2.6
  5. Taman, Any idea why the toolbar is showing like this? Looks like there are letter "B" s covering over each icon item. Thanks for your assistance.
  6. Do I need to do anything to enable the plugin after installing it? It appears everything is installed and enabled - just not seeing a difference on my board. Thanks.
  7. Purchased this yesterday for ip.b 3.4. Installed and it doesn't work. Am I doing something wrong or should I request a refund?
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