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  1. Thanks guys. Stuart, it was another timeout issue like you said. I got it finished by increasing the timeout to 3000. Appreciate all the support.
  2. I've converted several databases before from WordPress but once I initiated the conversion for the current one I am working on, it seemed to have finished but ended up with the following: When I look at the converter again, there is an X underneath the "Finished" column which means it didn't work. Anyone ever seen this or have any ideas why it is not finishing?
  3. NM. Created a copy of database and changed the db name. Reimported and worked fine.
  4. One more question for you guys. I need to redo my import because I messed something up. Deleted the database that was created as a result, but now when I try and run it again it gives me a message that the migration has already been done before. How can I get rid of this message so that it allows me to run it again? Thanks
  5. Sure Ryan. Thanks Got it all moved over successfully. The issue was with my .htaccess file having superfluous settings for memory limits, etc. Thanks to all!
  6. For some reason It quit on me after around 5 minutes of running and gave me an error code that said: The CSRF protection key did not match Looks like it pulled in around 310 of the almost 4000 posts and pages I had in my WP file. Anyone have any idea what caused the error or how to fix? Much appreciated.
  7. Stuart, will categories in Wordpress migrate into Pages and create same categories there? And will WP users be migrated into IPB? I'm worried they may overwrite what's already in IPB. Thanks for your help!
  8. Anyone know if the current converter will accomplish this (including featured images)? Thanks for your help.
  9. Scratch my last two posts. I figured it out, but where does it pull the image from? Is there a way to have a static image?
  10. I created a block from a topic feed and used the legend horizontal topic card 2 and tried to implement and it did not show anything.
  11. Purchased this, but silly question - do I create a block from the templates? And can this render designated topics? I want 3 topics to be highlighted at the top of my forum. Thank you for your assistance
  12. Is there Is there a new update? I'm running 4.2.6
  13. Taman, Any idea why the toolbar is showing like this? Looks like there are letter "B" s covering over each icon item. Thanks for your assistance.
  14. Silly question here, but how do I find out the number of threads and posts in my forum? I assume this is somewhere in my admin cp. Any help is much appreciated.
  15. Do I need to do anything to enable the plugin after installing it? It appears everything is installed and enabled - just not seeing a difference on my board. Thanks.
  16. Purchased this yesterday for ip.b 3.4. Installed and it doesn't work. Am I doing something wrong or should I request a refund?
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