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  1. Hi all, When did IPS remove Linear view of the forums? I was about to make my forums this view and then I can't find it. Last time I remember seeing it was somewhere early in V3 I think, possibly V2. I wanted to make our forums similar to the view of Reddit. Guessing it's removed unless someone can assist making it this view?
  2. AWESOME! I'll try it when it enters BETA, unless you don't get anyone interested bud and you can send the Alpha to us. I'll install it when i've made a successful DB backup Infact i want to help out, send one over =)
  3. Hey mate, apparently this isn't compatible with 4.0 I can't see why not if it's just PNG images. I just want to confirm. Also any chance of lowering the price for some images?
  4. Shame this isn't coming to v4.x!
  5. Like a boss mate good job, keep it up pal.
  6. So the screenshots are stating this is now available or soon to be available? :)
  7. Glad you made it back home safe to your family pal. We'll checkout the new version when your ready with it!
  8. Hi mate, Is it possible to have an option to set a global default ordering mode for each category? I'm currently running 1.1.4 so it may have this feature between this and 1.1.7, will install updated version later today. The mod is awesome, keep up the awesome work
  9. I managed to get this working on 3.x.x by the way - can't remember how. But just wondering if the developer has an ETA of 4.x release? Was a useful gadget to have on the website good job
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