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  1. well its Ips downfall making a front page is limited iv gone with Wordpress and beaver builder you cant go wrong 😛 you can customize everything as many rows row sizes side bars etc without needing to know how to code 😛
    Love veilon themes you cant beat them plus there customer support is out of this world iv asked to have custom colour on my theme and within 24 hours they do it with no problem at all there always willing to help and always open to suggestions
  2. I hope they add something like Beaver Builder or visual composer type page builder where you can drag and drop Rows create layouts that is all ips are missing
  3. yh but its still very basic look like with wordpress i can have a homepage like the screenshot as ips lacks in homepage ability unless u know html/css ect
  4. Love the Updates but would of like a page Builder to make a decent home page so i wouldn't have to use wordpress anymore
  5. @Matt we need a solution to pages in 4.4 i dont want to use wordpress when ips4 could do it all for me :(((( (((
  6. i like the visual composer well now called wp bakery page builder
  7. yh i have had a look at that before just isnt the type of look im wanting and also i would love to learn coding ect but finding a way for me to learn it is a pain in the arse due to dyslexia and other issues but im still looking to learn
  8. dont get me wrong ips4 is amazing its just having a nice homepage is the issue everything else ips4 has is perfect it just lacks badly the homepage
  9. I know it just sucks to have to use WordPress and ips4 when all I would like to do is use ips4 but if you have no knowledge about HTML etc your kinda screwed thing I love about WordPress is wpbakery I can make my own homepage to look slick and stunning as its page building is just easy and has a wide range of rows modules etc I can use as for ips4 its limited and ugly but the rest of ips4 like store forums etc is just easier for myself I was just hoping they might having something up there sleeves so we can just use the one system (IPS4}
  10. just wondering as at the moment I'm having to use wordpress as a landing page due to the ugly and simple layout you can only get with ips pages obvious other people with coding and the ability to create an HTML or something along those lines is fine I'm just hoping and suggesting that there is some improvement to the page builder or maybe make something like wpbakery where you can drag-drop create rows ect
  11. hey is there any other way to display the image feed like tiles view or anything like that
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