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  1. well its Ips downfall making a front page is limited iv gone with Wordpress and beaver builder you cant go wrong 😛 you can customize everything as many rows row sizes side bars etc without needing to know how to code 😛
  2. hmm Usually its fine when I use 1920 x 1080 and shows up fine in the Thumbnail so I don't get why its so blurry Iv tried firefox google chrome and Edge SOLVED: Using 2560 x 1440 Now there Clear
  3. Having Slight issue with the Images looking Blurry when looking at the news feed images are 1920 x 1080 cant figure out why
  4. Just Wondering do I Layout the Page like you have
  5. with this Can they Have a Subscription? to the site?
  6. me definitely i help run a gaming community and have been looking for an form both for joing the community which urs does but also one that i can create a hall of shame which shows players banned and why from our servers
  7. question can this be used as a submit and display so my admin can put details of somone they banned and submit it to a page like a hall of shame ect
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