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  1. i am registrating at this moment im sry for late response Edit: added a support request
  2. would be nice thx Ok i understand I will do this asap thx for the reply
  3. hi, i have a suggestion for your application forms maybe add a function to decline applications also here https://gyazo.com/fa7f04eb3ef7d01c0ccba0730b6741df so you can decline and approve applications maybe also that posts if you decline or approve they get moved to a specific forum ? e.g: If you decline an application they get moved automaticly to declined applications also i think there is a small bug im not sure but if i i upload images to instructions or submit i cant remove them anymore they keep coming back is this normal or am i doing something wrong grtz
    Like Darktven says lost of time and money i think i just gonna ask refund for my money very bad support and server list not totaly working like it should
  4. hi i bought your server list but how can i fix this so mapname and server etc are on top because i cant see nowhere how to change this plss help and the installation manual isnt that much to see i dont even know if i have to add it to a page or ???
    widget isnt showing up plss fix this
  5. sTaTiiCz

    Magnum Theme

    Very great theme and fast support !
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