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  1. Would be fantastic if you could update to FA5.
    Great App. Would be 5 stars if compatible with FA 5
  2. shyest


    Ok so I was messing around with the config and removed the line return 404; and it works so I guess I will run it without that line. Thanks @bfarber for the suggestions.
  3. shyest


    Thank you for the response @bfarber however I am running Nginx instead of Apache.
  4. shyest


    So I have my test site all setup and works like a charm however when restricting it to just my ip it breaks and have to add /index.php to see the site and the acp is non-existent. Is there a way to resolve this or will I have to install it on a local machine to get it working? Any help/advice would be appreciated. Running: Nginx: 1.17.6 PHP: 7.2.24 Message me if you need any other info.
  5. I've been talking with @Theme Tent UK behind the scenes and he plans on updating it to 4.2 but does not know a specific timeframe. Plus 4.2 is still in beta.
  6. shyest

    Member Map

    I have required my customers to fill out a profile field with their address which is only there for the map. The map is only accessable by myself and the other employees so not accessible for regular users. I have used the settings to profile sync but it doesn't seem to work.
  7. shyest

    Member Map

    So I sell an electrical unit that allows emergency vehicles to open an electronic gate just by using their sirens. The question is since I sell online and request their address to whom buys these units, Can I automatically plot where these people are located on a map without their entry as well as I am just wanting to see the map. I have tried the profile sync but it seems to not add any new address/buyer. Am I missing something?
  8. I'm more so looking for a free something since I don't have anything than just a few mp3 and mp4's that I use.
  9. I've been also having some issues finding the right way to play/download mp3 files. Found that Downloads link can be used but it times out if not used so have been hosting it off site. Has been working ok but would like to also know how to have it play when hosted in CiC as well.
  10. @Theme Tent UK Any further update on the api 3 issue and upgrading the plugin?
  11. So can this include commerce registration fields?
  12. @GriefCode Thanks for what you did. It is now working.
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