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  1. My bad, the screenshot is pretty small. I mainly was looking for a quickSearch version instead of the advanced multiple click + page load option to search for members on the frontend
  2. @TheJack Getting the table doesn't exist error (even though it does) on install Deleted the table manually but no profile button shows regardless
  3. Oops returning $val puts us back to square 1 though $table->parsers = array( 'page_seo_name' => function($val, $chars = 20) { if(strlen($val) > $chars) { $val = $val.' '; $val = substr($val, 0, $chars); $val = substr($val, 0, strrpos($val ,' ')); $val = $val .'...'; } return $val; },
  4. @DawPi Actually that was what I tried originally protected function manage() { // This is the default method if no 'do' parameter is specified $table = new \IPS\Helpers\Table\Db( 'cms_pages', \IPS\Http\Url::internal( 'app=appnamehere&module=modulenamehere&controller=testdev' ) ); $table->rowsTemplate = array( \IPS\Theme::i()->getTemplate('whatev', 'whateverrr', 'front'), 'rowssss' ); $table->classes = array('ipsDataList_zebra'); $table->include = array( 'page_id', 'page_seo_name', 'page_type', 'page_theme', 'page_default'); $table->sortBy = $
  5. So I'm trying to truncate text for a datatable connected to a database so that entries that are long don't ruin the styling of the table Example of untruncated text: I found this documentation on a div class inside IPS suite for truncating, so I went ahead and edited my pages template to the following: <div class='ipsDataItem_generic ipsDataItem_custom data-ipsTruncate'> {$row['whatever']} </div> And it had no effect (original 160 chars, new div style still 160) Any help would be appreciated, I'm looking to truncate to 20 characters
  6. Was wondering where to look to find the basic breakdown of a datatable with search functionality such as for example admin logs in the ACP Want to make something similar to display info for an external db on the frontend. Was hoping someone could point me in the directory to look into or even link an existing example app if one exists. Thanks
  7. Example 1 But only for certain people/groups? It isn't in the group settings because I'm able to post the status, the issue is the text is hidden Not a css issue since it also does not show on the default theme, not a plugin issue since I tried disabling all. Should also mention that editing the status fixes this somehow
  8. Would it be advisable to just have an external php page that mimics the IPS suite theme instead for optimization purposes in that case?
  9. Thanks for the reply. Do you know of any templates/online resources that already do something with this table helper class I can work off of?
  10. Hey quick question, How would I go about connecting an mysql database and formatting a datatable within the suite theme? For example: Is there any templates or tutorials on something like this? Thanks!
  11. Does anyone know how to fix this Location bug, instead of reading Location: California, instead it reads LocationCalifornia. This bug is REALLY annoying, and at first I thought it was the theme, but reverting to IPS Classic theme it still has the same issue.
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