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  1. No, I didn't miss your point. You, however, entirely missed mine. It wasn't until your most recent post that you partially discarded general hyperbole in favor of qualifying your own, personal experiences. I am more than happy to acknowledge that there are some people who hold ridiculous views on autism. What I was pointing out to you is that when you paint everyone with the same brush, even in an emotionally honest statement, you alienate those within your readership who take offense at being treated so. This should sound familiar enough to you from another angle, shouldn't it? Wolfie beat the rest to death with a stick, so I'm going to leave it at that.
  2. Try not throwing such wide sweeping statements out if you want to engage your readership. I'm not sure what kind of "general public" you're dealing with on a daily basis, but the one in my neck of woods certainly does not bear out the description you gave them. To me, (being a member of the "general public",) your statement reads as nothing more than you projecting your own outlook upon other people, with the further kicker of that outlook being pretty offensive. A chip on your own shoulder does not make for a good, factual argument.
  3. If the EU (a jurisdiction that I do not reside in, pay taxes in andor vote in) wants me to obey their law, then they can come right over and attempt to make me do so. While they're at it, they can also bring China along to make sure I properly filter content, and North Korea too, so that praises of whatever Kim is ruling right now are properly displayed every other paragraph. Give me a break the size of Hancock's signature on the Declaration of Independence. May the EU need not reach for its spectacles.
  4. Try ordering a skin from a certain web template company. If you're not a well established customer, your order automatically goes into the fraud prevention queue and they will call you to verify it. They also spot check established customers, especially if an incoming order is larger than average. IPS is not instituting checks like those just because they like tormenting their own customers. There's a significant amount of loss to fraudulent software orders, and it's not limited to someone walking away with a download they didn't really pay for themselves.There's loss prevention measures that have to be taken - that's time, $$$ and manpower. Then there's the joy of dealing with credit card processors - those can be so merchant unfriendly that they make Paypal look like an oasis of peace, quiet and honorable conduct. Chargebacks, be it "I changed my mind" or "my credit card was used without my permission" cost the merchant a lot more money than you'd think. The law itself (in the US, at least) is not merchant friendly either, and it often allows customers to pull off some rather jaw dropping stunts. Yeah, it's a pain in the bum to wait. Sometimes, however, it helps to consider the "why" from the merchant angle. Businesses want to do, well, business and make a profit. No company will be able to sustain itself when their losses due to fraud beign to exceed a certain threshold. Waiting is the price we all pay for all the miscreants out there wanting to get stuff for free.
  5. Jesus saves. Buddha does incremental backups.

  6. It's kind of circular to have a "download all content" feature for banned members, isn't it? I mean, they're banned, off the site, with massively restricted permissions, right? I do see value in a download facility for PMs, however, if not anything else than for the convenience of being able to dump all the data there into a separate file for personal storage. I do doubt that IPS is going to implement something like this site wide, though. This would likely be a rather server intensive process (imagine a user with thousands of postsPMsblogs dloading the whole nine yards at once), plus it could potentially be an admin nightmare waiting to happen (Marcher's example up there.) Perhaps try hitting up the gang at the Modification Requests forum?
  7. This would be a resource hog for the "little guys", but perhaps there's a solution for it. Make the "personalized VNC" a feature that can be turned onoff. Server can't handle it? Set to "off" and keep plodding along. Hell, sell it as a separate module for all I care, I'd pay for it.
  8. I have had enough .css drama this morning to last me for three websites. Bleh.

  9. PHP and cold medicine don't mix well. Bleh.

  10. There is no smiley on this board that can express my happiness at seeing these changes. I'd go have a celebratory beer, but it's 6AM...
  11. Come join the Mummified Geeks group. We have single malt scotch, cigars, cookies and an awesome fundraiser around Halloween. On topic - Frankly, if IPS communicated any more between blogs, forum responses and Twitter, I'd start having a hard time catching up. I quite like the current system.
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