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  1. Maybe just me, but I have a really difficult time discounting developers' and IT managers' reviews of this service. I would tend to recommend holding braintree at arms distance, and certainly not as the sole payment gateway on any site. It's not a matter of PEBKAC for all, reading through those reviews. They have pulled some quite apparently less than ethical moves since being acquired by Paypal.
  2. I would strongly suggest not generalizing an entire group of people based on your own worldview and experiences. It never ends well. And I say this as one that shared a similar opinion at one time. Times change, people change. I can't recommend posting things online you will regret years from now. They reflect on you, as a snapshot of a person you won't be in time as you grow and change, for all of time. Try to remember that.
  3. I actually have a further question/feedback on this. Shouldn't this be tied into the 'send me news and information' bulk mail setting? Lack of doing so will definitely lead to negative reactions from end users - it reads like spam, and would be marked as such swiftly for those who have opted out of bulk mails.
  4. Fortunately, you are not. It's a per-database configuration and can be used on any database since 4.0.
  5. Had a client point me at this: http://www.scirocco.ca/downloads/scirocco-take-a-break/ To reiterate what everyone else is saying, take breaks. It makes a world of difference. If you have no need of an app to remind you that's fine - often times I lose track of time in large quantities while coding without using such.
  6. Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 403 () https://dne4i5cb88590.cloudfront.net/invisionpower-com/page_objects/homepage2.css.23f95b3edd9258e7c37d05e34e9f8444.css?v=bf33ac44f2 getting some severely unstyled content on the homepage, dropped caches and checked other browsers to be sure it wasn't a temporary fluke, just thought you should know
  7. A. Poor form to try to publicly shame, and bad choice of move, as B. what you call palpable greed is in actuality offering his time for peanuts, that functionality would run double that in minimum estimate, much less actual cost of the time spent doing it, any pitfalls or IPS bugs hit, or anything else that can and does happen in development of a new mod.
  8. Currently literally stuck on Electro Swing, Swingrowers in particular. Nary a clue why this particular genre helps so much in thought processes while working, but it does loads for me.
  9. Writing BASIC, and as a result telling myself to never be a programmer. Thank goodness the languages got a lot saner to work with over time.
  10. Not everyone falls into that pit. A phone is literally a phone to me, even a smartphone sees no apps installed, is small, and is not allowed to notify me of anything short of an actual call(which are not common, I'm not free with my number). When I leave the house, I unplug, I don't need the annoyance of it all, I can get it at home quite enough. I didn't even have anything but a landline until 6 months ago. Just pointing out many can indeed live without it and refuse to be attached to it. (To answer the question, clearly I'd be quite screwed without internet at home. )
  11. @jair101, please stop being deceptive. No app or plugin to date has done this due to 4.2. Themes have. The large template differences may warrant it, but don't lump app and plugin authors in with themers. Our woes are not equivalent to theirs, and often we can ignore template updates where themers can not. Your wording was designed to lead this topic towards the thought of apps, when in fact this is about themes. Taken in the context of themes, a complex theme may be justified in re-release, there were indeed a LOT of template changes.
  12. .... um.... it's a brand new domain, so of course it wouldn't be in a security database. It will keep doing that until the domain is 'classified' as per the bottom set of instructions. Thanks for the screenshot, that makes more sense.
  13. Maybe for the same reason I did a whois on the domain before trusting it? I actually was convinced i had somehow been directed to a phishing site upon waking.
  14. Please add a 'list' view to streams then? I find the fluid(or even topic listings in a forum) view much easier on the eyes than the 'stream' format in whole. I have primarily avoided AS because the format is not very useful in providing information at a glance. I find the expanded view jumbled and confusing, and the condensed view gives far too little information. Not saying it actually is these things for all users, just that it would really help in AS usage for many, while identifying a potential reason people are asking for this feature in fluid view to begin with.
  15. Over the years working on successful forums, I've found one thing to be an utter constant. Forums that focus on what forums were primarily designed for, the dissemination and discussion of complex concepts, fare extremely well. Rather agreeing with the above posts, I just find it amusing that no matter how many times I see a topic like the one referenced, that constant has held true. If one wants to learn something(I mean actually learn, acquiring knowledge of how to do something, not meaningless factoids that one can't actually do anything with), a forum is the best bet, and no social network can compare. As long as such holds true, forums as a whole aren't going to die.
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