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  1. Marcher Technologies's post in Log in as + IN_DEV = Can I get a constant or something? was marked as the answer   
    It bothered me enough i just hooked it in. If you wanted to add this for your own sanity in developing and testing things, I've attached what i did. cheers.
    Dev Login As.xml
    Pretty sure the root cause of it not sticking while IN_DEV is the constant regeneration of the data store, which is entirely intended while IN_DEV.
  2. Marcher Technologies's post in Use eager loading to generate the Currently Online list was marked as the answer   
    isn't that what this kb is for? :unsure:
  3. Marcher Technologies's post in Documentation on building form elements was marked as the answer   
    No, those methods are defined in adminOutput, and are undefined in publicOutput.

    Checkbox Dropdown Multi-Select YesNo Upload Textarea Input
  4. Marcher Technologies's post in Vanishing buttons (like on the blog) was marked as the answer   

    .post_block .post_controls li a.ipsButton_secondary { opacity: 1; } comment the opacity ala so:

    .post_block .post_controls li a.ipsButton_secondary { //opacity: 1; }
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