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  1. Hallo, has anyone already implemented a login/autologin in a mobile app or from external website? I need to login/register and save that data on the phone. Are there some examples, where to start?
  2. is this bug fixed yet? i still have 4 notifications then i click on one and all other are no more bold ???
  3. its related to bad and not very userfriendly installation where some choices can not be undone. and this is invision problem.
  4. i give up for now, there is just toooooooo much more work to do ... no time to fix invision problems
  5. running this right now on my live-forums, i tell you when im done :)
  6. im not going to develop, i created a fix for my forums and want to share with others
  7. running this script will not harm anything, it only generates sql-queries that you have to execute on your database. warning: it will create sql-queries to covert to utf8mb4 for ALL TABLES AND COLUMNS that are included in your DATABASE.
  8. I have made a small script that creates some "sql queries" to convert your database from utf8 to utf8mb4. THIS IS A TEST-SCRIPT <USE ONLY ON A TEST-BOARD> USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!!! 1. Download this script. 2. Upload it to the root directory of your test-forum 3. Run it in your browser by entering <yourforumurl>/dbc.php 4. Copy all of the commands and run all of them on your database 5. Change your /conf_global.php 'sql_utf8mb4' => true, i have not tested this yet at all, it took me 1 hour to create that script, so run only on test forums, it might be that it has to be optimized. dbc.php if would be nice if someone can download and test it on a test forum to see if it works becose i do not have a test forum installed
  9. Due to index size restrictions in MySQL, this does mean we need to re-create a handful of indexes to fit within MySQL’s rules. Using a standard configuration, MySQL allows 767 bytes per index, which for utf8 means 767 bytes / 3 bytes = 255 characters. For utf8mb4, that means 767 bytes / 4 bytes = 191 characters. im creating a converter now, i will no longer wait for invision, should be done next days.
  10. my install was a new install and there was an option to set utf8 or utf-8-mb4 ! i chosen the wrong one, now i can not go back wtf ?! this option was not really described well!
  11. yep i just checked the box for UTF-8 tooo, didnt really realize that it can not be undone ................. the converter is a script that can be done in max. 5 hours but i wait until invision does it ...
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