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  1. Yeah and they still did not fix it, omg ...
  2. Due to index size restrictions in MySQL, this does mean we need to re-create a handful of indexes to fit within MySQL’s rules. Using a standard configuration, MySQL allows 767 bytes per index, which for utf8 means 767 bytes / 3 bytes = 255 characters. For utf8mb4, that means 767 bytes / 4 bytes = 191 characters. im creating a converter now, i will no longer wait for invision, should be done next days.
  3. my install was a new install and there was an option to set utf8 or utf-8-mb4 ! i chosen the wrong one, now i can not go back wtf ?! this option was not really described well!
  4. yep i just checked the box for UTF-8 tooo, didnt really realize that it can not be undone ................. the converter is a script that can be done in max. 5 hours but i wait until invision does it ...
  5. i would like to see that in the next update!
  6. would be really cool if anyone from invision could spend 5 minutes for that.
  7. its not working for me too...... why there is still no script from invision :/
  8. after several months there is still no solution from invision ...
  9. There is one setting now: Moderate new records But one VERY Important setting is missing: Moderate records changes Without this setting the whole system is useless as the user can post cool new posts and after they get approved they are posting porn stuff in it ... and i dont even get informed about post changes AT ALL!!! do i always have to get there and see if there is changed content ... every hour, every minute? So why dont moderate post changes? Here is a possible solution: after the user changes the post inform moderator save a copy of this post: "set this post for moderation" from now on this user sees only this "edit-copy" of this post, all other users see the original post let the user edit this copy so many times he wants to after every submit, the post is sent for submiting (if revisions are enabled only this revision) no need to hide or delete the original post unit changes are confirmed as its different postID if revisions are enabled => use it insead of postID or always use revisions when wiki-editing is enabled after the moderator confirmed the changes ovverride the orginal post with the new version delete the copy or save a revision inform user => post approved This system right now makes absolutely no sense without changes-moderation. So please make some changes or disable it completly. What you think?
  10. i can tell you, its a lot of work, i better will wait for a converter from invision!
  11. I got something for you: # For each database: ALTER DATABASE database_name CHARACTER SET = utf8mb4 COLLATE = utf8mb4_unicode_ci; # For each table: ALTER TABLE table_name CONVERT TO CHARACTER SET utf8mb4 COLLATE utf8mb4_unicode_ci; # For each column: ALTER TABLE table_name CHANGE column_name column_name VARCHAR(XXXXX) CHARACTER SET utf8mb4 COLLATE utf8mb4_unicode_ci; # (Don’t blindly copy-paste this! The exact statement depends on the column type, maximum length, and other properties. The above line is just an example for a `VARCHAR` column.)
  12. I installed my Forums without utf8mb4, thats pain in the ass. There are several errors resulting in inconstistent Datebase-Tables, empty Threads etc. The Emojis-Fix from 4.0.8 only fixes the Emojis ... How can i reconvert Everything to utf8mb4 ??? As i see there is no Converter for IPS4.
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