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    How can I download this theme because the download button is not displayed?
  1. After a couple of days when I monitored the plugin, I recently found that the statistics did not reset to 24 hours (or daily, I would be interested), but rather the plugin keeps a statistic of the last 24 hours which updates it permanently !!! It does not seem to me a fairly accurate operation, but maybe Pete could make a version that resets every day, it would be perfect!
  2. After seeing the evolution of this topic, I got the desired result from the image below:
  3. If the "X Hours" version is kept, then this plugin should be renamed: "Members Online Today" for X hours.
  4. Adriano, is your point of view and I respect. But, think that there are topics with over 100 pages (for example, some topics on diyaudio.com, even if it does not use IPS software). When talking about the topic with so many pages at a certain time, suppose, I want to refer to a specific post of a particular user. It's much easier to post the topic page URL than to quote that post user because in case of multi-page discussions, when referring to a previous post, many users want to read that page by seeing or reviewing some reactions of users to that post from particular topic page.
  5. Thanks for the explanations but this plugin I would really see it useful if I could identify the real page of the topic where the user named "b" made his post, for exemple: no.25. So, reform my scenario mentioned with a post previous: think of a 100-page topic, each page having 15 posts. In this topic, let's say, ten users briefly named: a, b, c ... At one point I would like to add a reply referring to a topic page where user "b" said the word, is just an example: "Wow". I now use your plugin and see all posts of user "b" as you said. Suppose that 10 pages are displayed with the user's p
  6. I was thinking of buying this plugin but I would like to know if it has the following functionality: for example: a topic of 100 pages is given. This topic has been attended by 10 users, I will call it simple a, b, c .... At one time I will choose to display user posts named "b". Now the interesting part follows: let's assume that I click on a user post "b", after this action opens the page, let's assume number 25, where is the post of this user ??? Or is this plugin just displaying all user posts "b"?
  7. As I said in a previous post: 1) a field with users logged in the last X minutes in the forum + general statistics (usually 15 minutes are used);2) a statistic with users who logged on that day will be displayed Initially, "Who is online" was created to highlight point 2 above (for 24 hours or at least one hour). But this is not enough. For this reason I have proposed point 1 which will turn this "Who is online" plugin into the old "Members Online Today" which was much more useful. But the problem is that Pete understood to turn point 2 into point 1 when he actually had to create bot
  8. Philip Gaines, View my posts quoted below:
  9. @Pete, eventually will follow another update?! If so, then it's good news. @The Old Man, take a look at the image posted by me a few postings ago. I have proposed that the final version of the plugin be the original version of IPB3. So, the final version will have two sections: 1) a field with users logged in the last X minutes in the forum + general statistics (usually 15 minutes are used); 2) a statistic with users who logged on that day will be displayed Point 2 is working, from what Pete told us. So, I think there will be a new update after tweaking.
  10. You did not understand me. There must be a list of users who have logged in daily, whether or not they are logged in at one time. In the picture posted as an example of me, the message (framed in red) is displayed if there were no users connected that day. But if they are, you'll need to have a list, a history. So, a daily history has to be kept, which the new update plugin does not contain.
  11. Pete, you've done a great job so far, thanks, but it looks like the new update does not contain the red side of the image attached below.
  12. @Pete T, that's good news. I think it matters less if you finish it today or tomorrow, when I think it's more important to have a quality plug-in that will please as many users as possible.
  13. I understand, you question was about the language string. Ok. As for the operation, let's see what the new update looks like and then we write down the rigorous conclusions.
  14. Sorry, I missed your last question. Initially I had the impression that Online in the Last (X Mins) or in the past (X Mins) is the same thing !!! So, I would like version, for example, a user disconnect at 1:00 PM. After that, it will be displayed in the list for no more than X minutes, so after "sign out". How do we say it in the last X minutes. Is this name ok? LATER EDIT: However, the list will need to highlight connected users and only those disconnected no more than X minutes after disconnection. And of course statistics with all users who logged in that day. O
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