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Andy Millne

Anonymous Posting

For a very long time Invision Community has allowed community owners to choose how open or private their communities should be. Communities could optionally allow guests to post without registering, they could allow the use of pseudonyms or they could require the use of real names.

This covers a diverse range of communities but feedback from our clients made us realize that some use cases have not been accounted for.

For some types of community, where discussion topics are particularly sensitive, community owners want to make sure that members register with their real details but are given the option to post anonymously where appropriate. For example, organisations dealing with abuse or sensitive topics might want the member to feel safe and disinhibited to post info without fear of being identified by the rest of the community.

With our next release, we are pleased to introduce Anonymous Posting to make this a reality.

When enabled, members will see the option to post anonymously when creating or replying to content.

Pasted Graphic 1.png

Starting a new anonymous topic

Author details for anonymously posted content is hidden throughout the community and instead a default profile picture and name is shown.

Total anonymity is not always desirable however and in some cases it may be necessary for trusted staff members to know who posted the content. Where allowed, these staff members will be shown an option to reveal the content author.

Pasted Graphic 2.png

Author details are hidden but can be revealed by trusted staff members

Anonymous posting can be enabled on a per group basis and also limited to specific forums, albums and categories etc. The ability for staff members to reveal who really posted the content is a moderator permission.

We hope this new feature is a useful addition and where appropriate makes your members feel safe or comfortable to share info they might not have otherwise.

How open or private is your community and what do you find are the benefits or disadvantages of anonymity?

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