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  1. Here is a screenshot, if i try to move (or remove) any widget in the sidebar, the move just isn't saved. I have 2 ads block (basic div) in the sidebar, both are configured like this :
  2. Just so you know, i have 2 ads in the sidebar with your app, and for some reason i wasn't able to edit or move any block in the sidebar, any move just would not be saved. I was able to do it disabling your app and re-enabling it once mu changes were made.
  3. Well it looks like "(NB41) Enhanced Advertisements 1.0.13" screws up the edition and the repositioning of the block. I disabled it and was able to do what i wanted, and re-enabled afterward. Everything is ok now :).
  4. Hi, I have a very surprising problem, i just can't remove the widgets, vhen i go in edit mode and remove it it just comes back when i refresh the page.... Edit : i just realised i can't move them either, they just go back in the same pace. All of this is fot txt blocks in the sidebar. i found a workaroud by displaying the ones i want to remove only to an empty group but is far from optimal 🙂
  5. Quick question as i don't see it mentioned anywhere : is ips gallery required for this app ?
  6. Is it possible to create thematic competitions (like portrait, black and white, outdoor, macro...) rather than by month or by week? The idea would still be to have only one competition open at a time but to make them more specific.
    I only have the Text and PHP blocks but i don't why i don't have the html one showing. Sine i was planning on using this for AD integration it is useless for me.
  7. I would ask what tool we have to verify it. I don't see anything that would do the job. I would also add that we already check a valid e-mail adress so maybe a good solution would be to ask e-mail providers to check the ids on their side...
  8. I have to say politicians are having the same debate in France about the "anonimity" of the internet, mostly in regard to terrorism and to "fake news" and ot the fact that the "gilets jaunes" movement is mainly orgonized through facebook groups, so i wouldn't say the idea is crazy. Plus as i said, everything is already in place to identifiy internet users so it wouldn't be more 1984 that any other rule :). As always this king of rule is mostly communication so they can say "we have an idea" or "we are doing something", the crazy ones are us who are voting for them. In the end this will be just the same as GDPR : it will target facebook and friends but they will manage to dodge the bullet by adding a few hundreds more fine prints lines in their terms of use and the ones really annoyed will be us owners of small communities...
  9. On my community not only we do not require real names but we do not tolerate that users give the name of other users. Of course everyone is free to give his own real name if he likes it. Asking forum owner to verify real identity is just a nonsence, what tool do we have to make sure of it ? are we supposed to ask for an ID Card ? and if yes how are we supposed to check it is not a fake and it is indeed the one of the member ? In France only a police officer is allowed to ask for an ID card... This is typically political BS... If someone posts something illegal we are already logging the IP addresses and have to give it to the authorities, so nobody is anonymous on the internet, and everybody knows it... All the laws needed already exist.
    Love it : @All Astronauts added the referer options per my request and was very helpful. This way i could easily integrate the rest of my site with IPS accounts.
  10. is there any way you could send me some info about how this rest app works (description of the methods for instance).
  11. Hi @Fosters, i think you must be confusing me with semone else, we never exchanged a single PM :).
    It just installed it on my community and it just does not work on 4.3.6. So disapointed i really hoped...
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