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  1. Another translation, more up to date, was published on the marketplace but i can't find the name of the author...
  2. For minute I did hope this would be available for self hosted because it seems very integrated with how new posts are managed and displayed...
  3. Was an announcement for the new licensing plan? For my setup with only forums it is a 150% increase on a price that almost doubled not so long ago. I am not saying it is expensive given the software but this definitely one more step away from small community owners !
  4. Does this mean that existing self hosted clients get to have all apps when they renew the subscription?
  5. Yet it would be nice to maintain it for new V4 updates.
  6. I already said that but notification management is maybe the only aspect where vbulletin is better than ips. If you have a notification regarding a content, and you read said content directly without clicking the notification, it should be marked as read. Even worse on IPS, if you clic the floating pop up about a notification, said notification is not marked as read. The idea of treating differently the red dot and the bold text is interesting but simply treat notifications independently is enough for me.
  7. I have a hard timing figuring out the whole implications but it is definitely innovative ! Is there a language specific option/filter for those of us who manage non English communities ?
  8. I honestly can't decide whether this is good or bad news, I understand both point of views. My 2 cts (definitely not worth more): - I like the idea that devs will have more freedom, but the risk of security issue is real issue for me. Most of us do not have the money to perform professional security assessment of our sites. I liked the idea that ips reviewed proposed ressources. - the centralized aspect of the marketplace was very simple for community owners, hopefully we will have a viable alternative. - marketplace ressources and discussion is one of the main reason I come here, the impact on this community might be an issue. Globally this looks like another step toward "big customers" who can pay for specific dev and further away from small community owners who try to improve their community for a few $. What is surprising is that it looks like you invested in the marketplace not so long ago integrating it in the admincp and with the compatibility check etc... Also I guess a big part of the costs is about resource checking which is something you implemented not so long ago and actually might explain part of the marketplace activity decrease one the devs part. In the end, we will see how this goes but honestly the 3 months warning is clearly not enough and a change of this magnitude deserve better that an announce in the middle of the summer with a short warning.
  9. You might want to look at you access logs and identify IPs and useragents scanning the site constantly and then ban them. Of course il will be easy for them to change both but if you play long enaough they will probably get tired in the end...
  10. at least have an idea of the horizon ? are we talking 2023 or 2024 (and more likely first or second half).
  11. is there an official timeline for V5 ? I guess developpers as well site owners would like to be able to decide now weither to invest time on V4 developpements or features or to wait. Typically i might not implement a new marketplace app if there is a doubt on it future V5 compatibility. A dev might want to wait for V5 before starting developping a new app.
  12. I do believe pages could really be a killer app woukd it be easier to design pages and to use databases. Right now it looks to me it still requires technical skills to create a nice site with pages and it could be almost no code with a little more love. More globally the search engine could be better if you ask me and uses a lot of resources on the server side, there definitely is something to improve. A real marketplace (multiple sellers for the same product, product catalog automated flow, etc...) would be huge but I guess this would require a lot of dev and it would be hard to compete with pure players.
  13. and yet some of us can't afford a Ferrari, even a rental (plus there are many situation where a Ferrari won't go where your old nissan goes) 🙂
  14. Moving to cloud hosted would most probably fix the issue (except i fou export/import your theme as the faulty links are probably somewhere in its code). But seriously this is like switching car to a long-term rental because you have a flat tire.
  15. I ma just saying that when you mention security issue and without more information I tend to upgrade immediately as there could be an exploit on the site. Maybe you could define the criticality of the security issue, after all CVEs are scored from 0 to 10.
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