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  1. My server has 12 cores and 32GB of ram, although abviously maybe apache and php configs may not be optimal. @redmak, would you share your settings and/or your host provider ? 🙂
  2. i don't know how many posts you have on your forum but i have "only" 85 000 members and the rebuild is going to take 3 days. I hope you are not in a rush 🙂
  3. OK good to know. I hope i won't have to rebuild too often when i will try and implement custom badges...
  4. support advised me to switch tasks to cron, it seems to be a bit faster but i still have a few days ahead (my estimate was 7 days and is now between 3 or 5).
  5. After the upgrade everybody was a "newbie" so i am rebuilding the achievements manually, is it normal that it takes forever ? I have a reasonnably large board (1.3 million messages) but hte "core-comment" will take almost one week at the current rate...
  6. You should read this topic : We haven't heard from @newbie LAC for a while. We can only hope he is fine or getting better.
  7. I noticed that also, i believe the best option would be to use icons instead of text buttons.
  8. Do you have an idae about when 3.0 might be released ? i really have no use for commerce so it maker this app king of expensive if i have to buy commerce just to use it.
  9. I installed it on my test board, it works but i had to clear the system cache to get it to work.
  10. I really hope we will have some good news from @newbie LAC. Has anyone upgraded to 4.6 with Enhanced Advertsiements installed ? I don't see why it would work but it would be nice to have confirmation :).
  11. It would be great to have a 4.6 version. I have to say i am very disapointed by the lack of evolution of the app, it could be almost perfect with a few new features but it clearly doesn't look like a new version will ever be released. I even offered to sponsor the new features...
  12. I honestly don't give a sh*t about what editor is used as long the user experience is satisfactory, and I think it is at the moment. Of course if migrating to V5 requires as much work as migrating to another editor IPS should definitely benchmark all options and I have no reason to believe they won't. But it is really their problem in the end.
  13. Hi, I am very interested in this app but i have absolutely no use for commerce, do you have a new timeline for the roadmap ? Thanks.
  14. I am using the 4.4 translation on a 4.5 forum, you can check my site of you want to see by yourself but honestly it is largely satisfying. The main things I identified are timeline stuffs like "xxx moths later" between the posts. My forum : https://www.plongeur.com/forums
  15. For instance, when i go on the "registrations" list. IPs are sorted by "most used" so the list basically never change. It would be nice to add a "last used" column with the date the IP was last used, this way we could have a view of recently detected duplicate. Same could be said with the other listings of the app. At the moment, i just don't use at all the app listings as i used them at first and now they are always the same. The app stays very usefull as i check new members IPs and Devices and i can see easily if they are already used by other membres.
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