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  1. Hi @Fosters, i don't think you answered my question. Basically what i need is an API that i can call with the sender user id, the recipient user id, and the text of the notification. I do not plan to do "mass" notification sending based on IPS criterias. Do you thin your app can do the job ?
  2. Is there a mnual about how to use the API for this plugin ? Here is an example of what i would like to do : i have a classified ad system on my site that is not in IPS, for instance if a user posts an ad, and there is a comment on it, i would like to post a notification to the user with a link to his ad. Is this doable ?
  3. Ability to post notifciations would be great, so the IPS notification system could be used by the whole site and not limited to IPS.
  4. i might have found a piece of information here :
  5. the other part of the site is actually custom dev from my web agency. Using Oauth or saml seems a little bit overkilling since the site is on the same server and same domain as the forum. For instance just displaying a div or an iframe with the login form would be enough.
  6. Hi, I have another question : is it possible to have a login form on a page from the website that is not part of invision ? The forum is one part of a bigger site, but the whole site uses the accounts of the forum. I want users to be able to login form the other parts of the site. I looked here but did not find a simple answer for this.
  7. OK, this seems great, do you have an estimate of the migration time from vbulletin 5 for a board counting 60 000 topics, 1 220 000 posts and around 80 000 users (i could actually reduce the number of users to 20 000 doing some cleanup, the board is almost 20 years old...).
  8. This is great news ! Two more questions and i would be mostly convinced 🙂 : - is there any way to keep in the profile (masked attribute i would guess) the userid (or ids) of the users in the source systems ? My boards are part of a bigger site that uses the board to authenticate them and manage some of their content. - Does Invision publish the product roadmap ? Vbulletin has a public tracker and it is very useful to have an idea of where they are going.
  9. Hi, I am considering migrating to Invision community, i have actually two boards that i would like to merge in the same Invision instance : - one is on the latest version of vbulletin 5 -the other is on phpbb 3.0.11 I see in the converter documention this phrase : " You can convert more than one set of data into the software. So if you have for example 2 instances of vbulletin, you can import both into the one IPS instance if you wish to do so. " My questions : 1) does this apply also if the sources are not on the same software, and basically would this apply to my case ? 2) if yes, how would duplicate users (same e-mail address) would be treated ? 3) in both cases : would user account be migrated including their passwords or would they have to reset theur password ? 4) Vbulletin introduced facebook, google, twitter login... in latest releases, would there be a way to keep users who chose this in the migration ? Many thanks in advance for your help. Best regards, Matt.
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