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  1. jesuralem's post in 500 error when switching to PHP 8 or 8.1 was marked as the answer   
    The phpinfo looks like msqli is enabled :

    OK this is surprising but for some reason changing the sql_host in the conf_global file solved the issue.
    I replaced "localhost" by the hostname of the server and now it works. Maybe my hosting provider is doing something shady somewhere 🙂
  2. jesuralem's post in Registration e-mail not going out was marked as the answer   
    Never mind, i had an anti spammer plugin preventing me from registering with the e-mail i was using for my tests.
    All is ok, i may have a delivery issue with orange.com but this is definetely not your problem.
  3. jesuralem's post in Broken link in e-mails was marked as the answer   
    OK never mind, my smtp relay is actually screwing up my emails...
    I disable it for the moment and will open a ticket with them. Sorry for the false issue...
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