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  1. I am using the 4.4 translation on a 4.5 forum, you can check my site of you want to see by yourself but honestly it is largely satisfying. The main things I identified are timeline stuffs like "xxx moths later" between the posts. My forum : https://www.plongeur.com/forums
  2. For instance, when i go on the "registrations" list. IPs are sorted by "most used" so the list basically never change. It would be nice to add a "last used" column with the date the IP was last used, this way we could have a view of recently detected duplicate. Same could be said with the other listings of the app. At the moment, i just don't use at all the app listings as i used them at first and now they are always the same. The app stays very usefull as i check new members IPs and Devices and i can see easily if they are already used by other membres.
  3. @Andy Millne, you never answered about my display issue, nor for the feature requests... it is to bad your support is so slow because the app is great and could be even better..
  4. Hi, I love this app but i really think it could be better. At the moment the listings are almost useless to me, mostly because i have an old community with a lot of inactive members, so knowing a member that hasn't come for 10 years had 4 accounts doesn't really matters to me :). I really wish there could be a quick way to check if a new registration or a new post is made from a multi user device or IP. For instance three lists : - latests registrations : username - IP - number of other users with this IP - device - number of other users with this device - latests post
    it does the job, although i would love an option to check existing users, and to manage (block or moderate) posting from vpn/tor & friends. Edit : IPdata seems to overreact and mark as attacker a lot of legitimate IPs, mostly for IP V6, i would recommend to not block registration based on IPdata.
  5. I actually already have a dive centers directory but it is custom dev outside IPS. The tables are on the same DB so maybe i can manage something, who knows. Anyway, very few of the centers in the directory do use the job board so it is not a really big deal.
  6. I have never used pages... But i guess i could indeed do it.
  7. Right now i have a custom dev outside IPS for both classifieds and jobs posting. My community is for divers and diver instructor is a seasonal job so there is a lot of hiring done every year. Ideally it would go both way : - instructors could have a mini resume with certifications, job history, availability periods and regional mobility - dive centers could either search in the resumes or post a more classical job opportunity in a listing.
  8. @Andy Millne Could i have a little help regarding my display issue (i don't have the top three entries, just all entries the same). Also on the feature requests :).
  9. Same here, i am actually surprised such an app does not exist already, there is clearly a lot of interest.
  10. Hi there, I know i am very late on this subject but i have a related question, when we delete a member and we want to keep the content, we only have to options : now i know gpdr requires us to remove all personal information if the user requests it, but our "internet host" status also requires us to store IP addresses of content published by the members so they can be identified if they post something illegal. I would thing keeping the IP addresses of deleted accounts posts qualifies as legitimate interest and thus we do not have to delete them. Anyway, basically what i am
  11. Hi @Andy Millne, there are a few improvements that my users are eagerly waiting for, i am willing to sponsor them if it can speed up the process : - the exif display option for pictures - a vertical widget with the pictures - the ability to create a "video competition" with either embeds from known platforms or direct upload. - next/previous buttons to go easily through all entries of a competition. - a lightbox to see the pictures almost full screen - ability to choose the number of entries per page (in fact my need would be to display all entries on the main pag
  12. What is surprising is that scores if 2 ans 3 are more reliavle than 4 as they have 13/16 and 155/160 actual spammers...
  13. @Nathan Explosion i have a trick question : does this plugin work in other developpers app ? I have "photo competition" from @Andy Millne and i may need to do a video competition. Andy's app allow to set up "files" competition where members can actually upload any type of file. Do you think if they upload a video and i have your plugin installed they will be embedded in a player ?
  14. quick question for @Andy Millne : Also, i may have a need for a "video competition", and i am wondering : Du you think if i set it up as a "file" competition and install a plugin such as "(NE) HTML5 Audio/Video Player" it will kick in and embed the videos ?
  15. i honestly don't care but i have to say i agree with you, this is both useless and unexpected. Plus to disable it you have to take the app offline (i have to say i thought it would mask all my ads...).
  16. I think since the upgrade to last version i have a display issue : Even for old and closed competitions, i don't have the podium or the votes visible : https://www.plongeur.com/forums/competition/3-rentrée/ Changing the setting to display votes does not seem to change anything. Also when the votes are not displayed : - the "other entries" ("autres propositions" in my translation) title shouldn't be displayed are all entries are actually shown there. - I think it would be nice to keep displaying the number of views and comments below the image.
  17. Never mind, did it with the template syntax if elseif.
  18. Hi @newbie LAC, I added an ad above the second widget in the sidebar with the css selector : li.ipsWidget:eq(1) But i have on page where it displays between blocks in the ipslayout_mainarea Is there a way to add a test on whether the add is displayed in the ipslayout_mainarea or in the ipslayout_sidebar and change the code depending on where it is ?
  19. Hi @InvisionHQ, do you have an updated timeline for the roadmap ? I am considering moving my outside classified system but honestly buying commerce just for this seems a little oversized.
  20. I have to say i went on this thread ans was prepared to post yet another reminder and kind of loosing hope, but this is a very nice surprise ! Thanks @Andy Millne ! Now we can start to ask about the new features calendar 🙂
  21. @Andy Millne, sorry to be a pain but do you have any news?
  22. I have two major use cases : - Let everyone know that action has been taken following inappropriate behavior, and so prevent others from having the same behaviour - Inform other members that they should not expect any answer from the banned user either on public discussions, in PMs or anywhere else (classifieds). I tend to agree with @Chippy365 here, we have a reasonable request, and you come telling us we shouldn't have it, maybe we should just consider that we may manage our communities differently than you. I don't drink coke, i don't go tell people who do that it is a useles
  23. It should be fairly easy to do a plugin that displays a "banned" badge on the user's postbit, although i have to say i honestly do not know how to do it. Nobody interested in coding such a plugin ?
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