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  1. it's funny because i thought the theme changes were kind of minor when they were announced but it the end this quite a big change. Good change 🙂
  2. I installed it and it worked too remove pms from a banned member. I guess @sound is talking about old PMs from members accounts that were deleted with the anonymity option.
  3. Hi @Andy Millne, the "previous competitions" view could really use a "view all entries" button for each competition. My users are saying that clicking on the competition title is not so obvious, and tend to agree :).
  4. This makes sense but please keep 1.4 compatible with 4.4 as most of us will have to wait several weeks/months before upgrading to 4.5 to get all languages, plugins and apps upgraded. I don't, my competitions have each a specific subject so I don't use a weekly or monthly schedule.
  5. I wanted to report this one yesterday but hadn't my laptop on me. Note that the "vote for" button had the same issue.
  6. Seems to me that what you want is a chat or a shoutbox.
  7. I guess it depends on your niche, I have very poor traffic as my niche is scuba diving and outdoor activities are banned almost everywhere and specially in France b which is my language....
  8. This is great, thanks a lot for the quick correction, I'll try it tomorrow. Just if I can influence the roadmap, the top requests of my users : - a lightbox to see the pictures almost full screen - the exif display option - next/previous buttons to go easily through all entries of a competition. On a more personal note I'd like a watermark option and more configuration options for the front (display the top 3 or just all entries the same, choose the number of entries per row, etc...) Also a quick bug : new comments on an entry are not displayed as unread (bol
  9. Nope, waiting for an answer from @Andy Millne on this and the couple of other things I reported. I honestly don't have the skills to go and change the template manually.
  10. I had the same complaint regarding the fact that the top three are more visible than all other entries in the competition view...
  11. Also a sidebar widget with the X leading photos would me much nicer than the current one because it does not show the photos when in the sidebar :
  12. Hi, i don't know if this has been reported already but when translating the dates format stays US instead of using the system one. In the competition : In the calendar :
  13. Hi Andy, I think you never answered my question 🙂 Now that I waited a few weeks I can wait a little longer, plus with the covid trafic on my site is quite low...
  14. As i said, i thin that if you put me on ignore, you should not see any of my content, not the other way around. Because you are the one ignoring me. What you want is the ability to "hide" from someone, not to ignore someone. As i said these are two different features. I am not saying the "hide" or "block" feature is not worth it, it definitely is, but it should definitely not replace the "ignore" one. You are right, activity from people you ignored should definitely not appear in your activity streams or notifications.
  15. I think the ignore feature work as designed : when you ignore someone you just don't see their current anymore. When you ignore someone in real life, you are the one acting as if they do not exist, and they can see you... So it is the same. What you request is an other feature in my opinion... We can call it block. And I agree users often expect this from the ignore feature. In the end, I just think it would nice to have both features and let the user choose. On a technical aspect, the ignore feature could be reused with a second list of ignored users for each user, containing u
  16. Hi Andy , do you have a timeframe for next version? Just to decide if it is worth waiting out of I would install right away 🙂
  17. I think the best option would be to be able to save several sidebar configurations and choose to which forums each one apply. It would be a pain to have to set every forum one by one for users who have a final configuration.
  18. quick question : is it possible to have a sidebar on the app pages ? I have on on all of my community (well, mostly a forum) so it would be nice to be aligned.
  19. In my opinion you do not have any obligations but it must depend on your local regulations. Most sites I know have a disclaimer in the term of use saying there is no guarantee that the site will be accessible.
  20. Hi, I think it would be nice to be able to make club creation a paid option. For instance x$ per club, instead of just being allowed or not. Idealy we could set a different price per club type : public content is not problem because it still drives trafic but private content has no value for the site. What do you think ?
  21. That is exactly the problem, when the user search for the world fatest cars, he gets the answer on google's page so he won't visit your site. Meaning no income for you and google gets to display his ads... leveraging your content... More than 50% of searches are zero click searches, so even if you are 1st ranked you won't get a click.
    It does a very good job, 2 remarks : - An option to have the popup display again after X days/hours or every X pages for people who have dismissed it would be great. - On my site the "do not track" option in firefox blocks ads and does not trigger the popup, but i guess it is a choice.
  22. I actually see it as a major risk for us as it goes along with Google approach to provide information in the search results instead of giving a link to the site where the info is. In the end the users just don't go to your site, so you don't get anything... I get that Google does not want users to leave their sites but this policy can probably make a huge number of site disappear...
  23. Hi, I am surprised this hasn't been asked before, but an option to watermark the photo uploaded by users would be nice. Maybe with the username and the site name or logo for example. I guess users and admin would like it so they picture don't get "stolen" I haven't bought this app yet but will definitely. I just had a lot of changes on my site and wait for my users to acclimate 🙂
    The plugin does the job and i am very satisfied with it. It was broken after 4.4.7 but the problem was easily solved reinstalling the plugin. Thanks to the developer for the quick help on this.
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