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Registration e-mail not going out

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Hi there,

I have new users complaining they never received the registration validation e-mail. I did some tests myself and clearly the email is never sent. Also "frogot password" e-mails are not sent either.

If i send a test e-mail to the same e-mail i used for my test registration, i receive it.

In the log of my smtp provider i don't see the registration email but i see the test emails, so it definitely never sent by invision.

I have "AWS Simple Email Service with Bounce Management" by @Jon Erickson installed but i disabled it and the behaviour is the same (this why i use smtp provider now).

I need help !

Just to be clear, some e-mails are going out OK, i received the complaints from the contact form...


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1 hour ago, jesuralem said:

Never mind, i had an anti spammer plugin preventing me from registering with the e-mail i was using for my tests.

All is ok, i may have a delivery issue with orange.com but this is definetely not your problem.

Thank you for coming back to let us know, and glad you resolved the problem

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