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Data at Your Fingertips: Explore Our New Reporting and Statistical Capabilities

Our June release includes enhancements to our various statistics and reporting features included within the community.

Statistics are important for a community platform because they provide valuable insights about user engagement, preferences, and behaviors, which directly inform the platform's strategy and design. Furthermore, statistics enable the monitoring of the platform's growth and user retention, which are essential for maintaining a vibrant and active community.

In our June release, we have made some enhancements to those features that will allow you to more quickly monitor those trends.

Saved Charts

In Invision Community 4.3, we introduced the ability to save charts to allow you to view them multiple times without needing to reset your filters each time. This works well, however there are three notable downsides.

  1. You could only save a chart if there were filters to apply, such as Warning Types, Device Types, Member Groups, etc.
  2. Any specified timescale was not retained in your saved chart.
  3. There was no centralized location to view every chart you have saved.

In our June release, we have resolved both of those issues. Now, every chart can be saved regardless of if there are filters or not, and when saved, will now also retain your timescale as well. In addition to that, we have added an additional My Saved Charts page. This page will show you every chart you have saved, including all filters and timescales that have been selected.

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From this page you can quickly review all charts, temporarily adjust their timescales and filters to quickly see other information, as well as download each individual chart as a CSV directly from this page.

Don't worry, though - your saved charts will also still show in their original locations just as they have in the past.

Content Level Statistics

Later on, in Invision Community 4.5, we introduced an improved Topic View that included various statistical information about the topic including the top comments, popular days, top commenters, and more. This, however, was only limited to topics in the forums, and not the rest of the community. In our June release, we have taken this and expanded it to content in every application. This includes Blog Entries, Gallery Albums, Gallery Images, and more.

Each content item (such as a topic, blog entry or image) will show a new button for those with moderator permissions which opens a full statistics and analytics modal, providing expanded statistical information related to that particular piece of content specifically.

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Clicking this new button opens up the statistics and analytics modal. Our Classic customers will see the following view:

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Cloud Powered Historical View Tracking

For our Invision Community cloud customers, we have expanded our infrastructure to allow for storing historical views for all content.

On the previously mentioned Statistics and Analytics modal, a chart will be shown that outlines the amount of views that content has gotten every single day over a period of time, to allow you to see when specifically content was popular. This chart allows you to view trends for up to a year in the past.

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Additionally, we have expanded this to content containers Forums, Downloads Categories, Blogs, Blogs Categories, Gallery Categories, and more will all report their own historical view trends.

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Finally, these trends can be exported as a CSV file for your own personal processing if desired - and if needed, you can choose to only include certain types of content if you are focusing on one particular section.

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We hope these changes help you to identify trends from within your own community to help you promote and grow it further.

The features and changes presented here are available in the following packages:

  • Saved charts and content item level statistics: Beginner, Creator, Creator Pro, Team, Business, Enterprise, Community Classic (Self Hosted).
  • Saved charts, content item level statistics, analytic report generation, content level historical view tracking, container level historical view tracking: Beginner, Creator, Creator Pro, Team, Business, Enterprise.

If you do not see your product or package listed, please contact us to talk about upgrading your Invision Community.

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