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  1. Enhanced Joined Date

    And shows double for me in 4.1 :DDD I am not sure if this is still being supported at all... since June 11th no answer at all....
  2. Member Map

    I got that the first time but after waiting a few minutes for the cache to be rebuilt, it was ok. If you see the option, when refreshing the page, to click on the option to cache the markers, it should accelerate the process. Hope it helps!
  3. (NB41) Social Count Fans

    That would be great! Making it centralized configured it would allow a much easier setup across the different community pages. Previously I had tons of issues to setup the plugin but since the last update, it was super-easy and very intuitive, congrats newbie LAC on the great work!
  4. Member Map

    Great news, thanks a lot! So far so good... the first time I accessed the map was quite slow but after 5 minutes, probably caching all the markers again, now it displays instantly! I will keep you updated of any changes Thanks again!
  5. Member Map

    Impressive! What a productive evening you had
  6. Member Map

    Hi Martin! Thanks a lot for your reply. Please find attached to this message of 3 print screens. They refer to 3 different views of the map when accessing it: one is complete and with all categories and respective number of markers per category; the other is just the members category but no markers were loaded; and the last one is only the members category and respective markers, but other categories missing. That would be great! Thanks again Well, it's only a risk when it happens and it happened to me with another application, the Links Directory. When upgrading the application there was a problem with only that specific table, and I lost more than 1000 links... to recover the database was an option but it would imply to lose hundreds of posts and other content from the community... The export would allow to make it easier to keep a copy of all markers as a backup in case the problem affected only that plugin specific table and not the entire board. I hope I managed to explain it properly. And no, I am not worried about the Members markers since it's related to a profile field, but the additional categories that are possible to create in the application which allow us to create very local markers relevant to the community - it was a brilliant idea and very important for the members engagement! Thanks!
  7. Member Map

    Impressive! Are all markers related to members? Or do you have other categories? Thanks, JB
  8. Member Map

    I have more than 5.8k markers for members alone, and then several other categories with 200+ markers (and growing). I started with removing the new side bar since it wasn't doing anything useful for me, and I believe it made the experience of opening the map quite painful. The issue that I have currently is that usually the map doesn't display all the markers, so you need to force the refresh of the information and reload the page several times until you see everything. I know how to do it and what should be there, but a member of the community might simply access it and see just a small part of the markers. It would be great if we could choose which marker's category should be active by default and which should only show the markers after the member activates the respective radio button. Another huge risk is that today, there's no option to export the markers... so if you come up to a problem with the database or the application, you may simply lose all the markers that you uploaded with so much work... I already suggested to add this functionality to the application, since the import is available but not the export option. Hope it helps. Thanks! PS - just to clarify, I love the application, but I just wish it could have a few more options to make it more powerful and easier to use
  9. Enhanced Joined Date

    Anyone has faced such problem?
  10. Enhanced Joined Date

    I just installed this great plugin, but it displays the date twice.... And how can I translate the "and" after the months? Thanks! JB
  11. Member Map

    Do you believe I could send you my board login details to see if you find the problem? I can't really seem to find the problem....
  12. Member Map

    found this error also I think you quoted my other question by mistake, right?
  13. Member Map

    Also another question... is it possible to include a markers export functionality so that we can always have a backup of the markers?
  14. Member Map

    I made a search and found only an error when a user was using search... don't think it's this but in any case, here's the error:
  15. Member Map

    Hi all, This was one of the first apps I installed and everything went ok. I just noticed that recently, without making any changes to the app itself, it stopped working and the map doesn't load. You can check it here: http://www.aquariofilia.net/forum/membermap/ I updated the app to the latest version but it's still not working... any idea what it could be? Anyone had similar problem? Thanks a lot!