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  1. Hello, Since the update I have a small CSS bug. The ribbons of the metailles that overlap. With you the CSS code to modify. Thank you Best regards
  2. Hello, I have some display problem: - On the first 3 of the list there are the 3 the same color cut - On the block we have visible cutting boards https://jaimelafeteforaine.fr/competition/2-concours-photos-facebook/ Merci 😉
    I didn’t expect an app like that !! The forms are not sent by email !!! Reading this fact that not the PCmodo.
  3. Bonjour, avez vous trouvée une solution. Cordialement
    Vraiment trÚs bien pour la réalisation de nos articles. Il manque plus que la possibilité d'ajouté les images directement via le module et cela sera le top du top.
  4. Hello, I'm looking for help with displaying a map block that lists all the addresses of a category. How can one recover via the fields addresses is information for displayed on a map? cordially
  5. Hello, How is it possible to add the promote button? Thank you
  6. Hello, Normal that the "Like" function at the bottom right is not displayed with this template? Thank you
  7. Hello; We use your module which is great. Except we have a bug. The title of the page unfortunately is in transparent background. http://www.powerbase.fr/data/major-attractions/twister-maxi-jump-r618/ Thank you for your help.
  8. Hello, No reputation function is not displayed. Using "dispersion" of "IPBFocus" cordially
  9. Hello, No reputation function is not displayed. Using "dispersion" of "IPBFocus" cordially
  10. Hello, It's been quite some time I use your app. It is really very good. When will the reputation system on the videos? I have the same display problem on the videos Brenden Scifleet http://www.power-max.fr/forums/videos/view-235-intoxx/ cordially
  11. Hello, Too bad this is an important function. I join you capture. cordially
  12. Hello, - Unfortunately it is not possible to add a video link with .mp4, is there a solution. - The videos will be displayed in double cordially
  13. Hello, I have a problem with your module. The photos do not appear in the carousel. She referred to a broken link. ex : http://www.power-max.fr/ Thanks for your help.
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