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  1. Sorry to be a pain…I’ll check back here later. I did notice I can now no longer edit any of my pasts Posts here. Must be a time limit. 🤷🏼‍♂️
  2. So you are suggesting it’s my iPad 3rd gen with current IOS and my iPhone 7, also with current IOS that’s the issue? I just tried uploading and posting those photos to that Topic on my Mac Pro laptop (2015 but with current IOS) and it worked fine. So if the issue is my iPad and iPhone is there anything I can do about it (change a setting?) since I prefer those two devices and find the laptop cumbersome? I find it hard to believe those devices are now obsolete as far as uploading current gen iPhone photos to my IPB Board. *Oh just occurred to me. Why is it that I can post those same photos on the same iPad to this community Board and they upload and post fine? Doesn’t make sense. Like this one: I’ll go to my Board now and try and Post the same photo. See last Reply there. Thanks.
  3. I can start a Topic and post the black boxes and Post a link here. My Board is Private not public so I assume you will be the only person here that will be able to access that Topic?
  4. First time I’ve zipped files on iPad. Here a couple photos from an iPhone 15 that will only upload and post as black on my Board. download.zip
  5. * I searched for a resolution to this and only found one Topic that was never followed up on or resolved. My apologies if I missed something, Since my daughter got an iPhone 15 all the photos she texts me will only upload and post as black on my Board. (I typically save those photos to my iPhone 7 photo gallery and access them from there.) They upload but appear as black boxes as the thumbnail and when posted. It’s only her iPhone. Photos taken with her iPad and her husbands IPhone 14 upload and post fine. I had her email me photos from her iPhone to my business email and my gmail account. When saved to my iPhone gallery from business email they still uploaded as black. When saved to gallery from gmail they uploaded and posted fine although at a lower file size. Anyhow…I’ve attached a photo here from her iPhone that uploads as black on my Board but uploads fine on this community Board. Now I am truly bamboozled. Is there a setting in her iPhone that can be changed or a setting I can set in my Board software to resolve this?
  6. To muddy the waters…Marc. As previously Posted I ran the Patch fix and not long after that the orange warning message to run the fix reappeared. But there was no fix in the Support area. You responded to go to /admin/upgrade and finish running it there. I was just heading over to AdminCP to do that but noticed that the orange warning for the Patch has now disapeared from my home page and from the AdminCP-System-Support area so did not run the Upgrader. Does that mean I am all set?
  7. Support, I successfully applied the patch yesterday. Today I’m suddenly seeing the same (orange) warning message coming up about a Patch for 4.7.16. This time there is no fix on the Support page. Input?
  8. There it is, that little bugger…I was looking for a “top left box”. Thanks for prompt response.
  9. I just noticed a notice on my Board for a Patch. It says to go to System-Support and apply the Patch from top left box. Ive gone to AdminCP -System-Support and can’t for the life of me find said Patch box. Assistance please.
  10. I received a PM from a Member of my Board that he was suddenly getting a NOTICE about rejected emails from me or the Board. He wasn’t very specific but thought I was asking him to change his email address. I went to his membership data and saw that his email address was in red with a warning icon. When clicked a field opened saying something about this email bouncing off the Cloud Server enough times to block it. Or something to that effect. I should have screen shot that. I was then able to unblock it. I’ve been running this Board for 22 years and this Invision software for 8 years and have never encountered this before. Questions: Why exactly does this email blocking happen to certain email addresses? Is this a new security feature since the last software update? Once unblocked can I expect this particular email address to be blocked again in the future? Thanks in advance.
  11. How’s this going? I’m suddenly getting hit with spam registrations as well.
  12. I’ve been relatively lucky and I think my Q&A questions thwart most spam registrations. Although not completely. Occasionally a spammer slips in. So I change the questions/answers periodically. If a spammer sneaks in I have my Admin functions set for manual authorization. Since I require a few fields to be filled, like Interests, it’s relatively easy to see who is a spammer upon registration and I can delete that account immediately.
  13. Thank you. I was able to log in to AdminCP and finish the Upgrade. I’ll look around and see if all is well.
  14. Support, I attempted to upgrade my Board Software and it failed with an Error and is now stuck on a generic “Upgrade in Process” warning. I can’t access the Board nor AdminCP. Ive sent an email to Support and am waiting for a response. Thank You.
  15. My blood pressure goes up every time the blue or red announcement of an Upgrade suddenly appears on my Board. I’ve hated Software Upgrades since I bought my first desktop Mac way the hell back in the 80’s. Yeah, I’m that old. And during my career as a commercial artist/graphic designer… Software Upgrades were always a hand wringing process. So I have Software Upgrade PTSD. I’m reading about issues doing the auto Upgrade to 4.7.0 here on this Help Forum. How stable is the auto upgrade for someone who only utilizes the Forum app, does not use any third party plug ins, and is totally native to the IPB software…and…uses the IPB Cloud Hosting? Asking for a friend.
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